Protestor at Lauren Southern event in Oz

To be honest, I do not think that this video should allow us to understand what the protestor is saying. That is promoting terrorism. The person who attempted to attack Lauren and usurped her platform does not deserve to get her message out. Otherwise you are encouraging leftist terrorists to attack non-leftist events to get their one liners to their target audience.




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  1. All the first video was doing was letting the idiot get her message out, from the reaction of the audience I doubt if any of them were receptive to what she was peddling.

  2. Imagine this:
    Someone is coming to my town to speak at a meeting and I don’t like what they have to say and the race they represent.
    I get a group of my friends together and threaten violence to anyone who intends to help them or hire a venue to them.
    Unions, Government Departments and the media help me publicly vilify the speaker and supporters.
    When the event happens my group chase the speaker and supporters around town physically threatening them, we shut down the highway and throw rocks at them. None of us are arrested and public funding used to vilify this group continues.


  3. Oh my. “First they came for the Muslims”??? Evidently and abundantly so, these poor souls have little idea about Muhammadism. If this ignorance were just their problem and Muhammadism was merely and only ever in history, a TV show, what a wonderful world this would be.

    But we know from their contempt and malice, the Left sees a certain usefulness in Muhammadism, as a tool of harm and destruction to be used against western civilization. To them, it would seem that the more Muhammadism agitates against the order, the more the Left stands behind them.

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