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17 Replies to “How the West Lost Its Culture”

  1. I’m not sure that I fully understood his argument, but my sense was that he seemed to be suggesting that some sort of collectivism, tribalism, albeit Western tribalism, should be placed ahead of individualism. But as Peterson has pointed out, ANY tribalism in the long term leads to division, violence, and war – by it’s nature. Western civilization and culture arose and thrived based on the notion that each individual had equal rights and responsibilities – individualism. Being knowledgeable of and taking pride in one’s cultural heritage is of course crucial, but placing one’s tribal identity ahead of one’s individual identity seems to me plain wrong.

    Again, maybe I’ve misunderstood this video and apologies if I have; I’ll have to re-watch it. Here is a link to a video that Vlad had on here a while back: Jordon Peterson comments on the two different worldviews (or thumbnail sketches of reality, as he labels them). The relevant clip starts about at the 12 minute mark.

  2. The American Constition champions the individual. The Self-Actualized Man stand free next to the homosexual/socialist/religious retard. This will alway be. But freedom of individuals is being taken away. Long live the Republic.

  3. Part of what he is saying is correct and part is way wrong.

    Western Civ has was formed by taking the individual out of the Tribe and making them important as individuals instead of as members of a tribe. The United States was formed to take the individuals from various tribes and melt them into a new grouping/tribe the valued the individual and individual rights. A new tribe that didn’t reject tribalism but instead worked to bring all tribes into one new tribe. We were succeeding in this effort that took what was essentially the English culture and melting the better parts of the culture of the immigrants into that base culture that still resembles the English culture but is radically different in some aspects. The new tribe be built valued all cultures but insisted that our new culture be accept as the one everyone lived under.

    One of the things he got wrong was the way he praised identity politics, we in the US want our immigrants to love their old culture but to love our culture, their new culture more. By pushing identity politics he is pushing the idea that there is no need for a common base culture that all love and that teaches love of country. By rejecting this aspect he is in effect saying that our individualism that made the US great is to be rejected. The idea that equal rights under the law is to be rejected for the old Feudal idea of special rights for special people. The leftist push for global domination has forced the idea of group rights over the individual so they can prevent people from looking at themselves as members of the larger national tribe before they look at themselves and members of the smaller tribe.

    The split into smaller tribes that places the tribal identity of the smaller tribe over the identity as a member of the larger tribe was done deliberately by the left to allow them to gain power in their nations and to work to destroy all national identity so they can create their one world socialist government. Using all of the economic failures of history for their role model. For the left to achieve their goal they have to destroy all that has come before. They have to destroy all of the works of the great thinkers of the past because teaching them will lead the smarter students to question the idea of identity politics.

    If we continue down the path the left has cut for us we will be committing cultural and national suicide. This will not allow the left to achieve their goal since this destruction will let the barbarians that the left has brought into our nations run wild and start their white Genocide. This will in turn cause the people who are the trained warriors/soldiers to resist to the best of their considerable abilities. Our cultures, our histories will be destroyed but it is highly unlikely that the left will succeed in creating their one world government and it is highly unlikely the Third World people will succeed in their goal of a White Genocide. We will revert to the smaller tribes and those with common features will ally with each other to fight the other tribes that are attacking the homelands.

    • On my Youtube channel, I went through a period of several weeks where I had to block a significant number of people a day, 3 or more, who left antisemitic comments on our videos. Most of the time, they were totally irrelevant to the subject matter of the video itself, suggesting a policy by think-tanks to try and force a normalization of antisemitism of the public.

      When someone left a statement that at least was a plausible or believable hypothesis in terms of the subject of the video, I would be inclined to leave it and argument would follow.

      But the vast majority was plain nutty, but not random. It was part of a plan.

      So yeah, there is a LOT of antisemitism appearing both from muslims and European Leftists, and even those leftists who call themselves “National Socialists”.

      • When I check Youtube there are antisemitic websites being offered, I kick out as many as I can but more keep popping up.

  4. This has much food for thought, and it will take me a few weeks/months of reflection to fully assess what is said here.

    Yet, there is something that simply ‘jumps out’ at me: individualism IS our cultural heritage.

    Yes, the success of Europe and its technological advancement was fueled by some tribal competitions among the different nation states within Europe – a mostly friendly, though at times sharp – competition among the various tribal groups. For example, Poles and Hungarians bond while drinking by joking about the Slovaks, etc.

    But this is more along the lines of friendly competition, and hardly ever erupts into violence of itself: yes, there are and were European wars, but these were traditionally due to politics rather than ethnic hatreds – though, of course, ethnic strife was often stoked and used during wars.

    But it was in the very Christian philosophy of each and every individual possessing a divinely gifted soul, and therefore deserving respect as an individual first – before any other consideration – that true core European culture lies. Even those of us who have no belief in either the existence or non-existence of whatever it is that ‘divine’ means, even those of us who live apart from religious contemplation, we are all products of the same culture: the culture that recognizes that every individual is important, and more than that…that every individual is more important than any group(s) they may happen to be parts of.

    That is the core of our culture.

    That is what makes it unique – and why it is a danger to the globalists.

    And that is precisely why the globalists are attempting to destroy our culture.

    Sorry, my thoughts on this are just introductory: somethings said here are profoundly true, but the conclusion is profoundly wrong.

    P.S. Anyone who is of mainland European descent: whether you know it or not, there is some Jewish blood in your veins so this distinction between Jewish heritage and European one is artificial at best.

  5. Xanthippa had a simple beauty in her comment.

    These concepts & themes being tossed
    around on the video were not on my mind as a 21 year old lad. Life was a physical thing for me. and I suspect it is for the Notre Dame students being referred to. At 21,
    women were the unsolvable mystery of life .. not the
    Peloponnesian War ..

  6. The comments above this line represent some of the most concentrated eloquence and truthful observation I’ve ever encountered on this site. I wish Eeyore would encapsulate it as an advertisement for this site–to newcomers stumbling through the dark for light. I’ve so little time lately to read and absorb all you’ve posted and commented, and then comes Richard and Yucki and Xanthippa and all the rest of you with your insights and it reminds me how important it is to keep up. And while I know too well that flattery will get me absolutely nowhere with this hard boiled crowd I don’t care. Everyone must be told once in a blue moon that their efforts are worthwhile. Ok. I’m shutting up.

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