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10 Replies to “A Canadian #WalkAway video”

    • This one is good, the man is telling about his red pill moment and urging other to take the red pill and walk away from the Marxist parties in the world.

  1. Encouraging to watch. I’ve always had a suspicion (or maybe just blind hope) that Canada wouldn’t go the way of the UK, wouldn’t fall as far. We sit historically (it seems to me) somewhat between the US and UK culturally, with maybe more slightly more affinity for America (despite the fashionable America haters – just jealousy, as much as anything). Anyway, I’ve thought that there must be a hardcore of people like this fellow who could and would think, and rebel against the multicultural, post-modernist ethos eventually.

    Of course, even if there is, if immigration – both legal and illegal – continues as it has been (and there’s no reason to think it won’t) then such folk as this gentleman will be irrelevant, their voices drowned out by the aloha snackbar crowd, and other imports from the Third World. There is still time for Canada, I believe, but it is definitely running out: we’re not a big country (in terms of population) and can’t take in these huge numbers of immigrants without it irrevocably and catastrophically changing our culture and society.

    • Most Europeans can’t tell the difference between a Canadian and a Yank, our close proximity and the common language that separates us draw us closer together all the time.

      The Illegal immigration will continue until “We The People” decide we have had enough and rebel against the policies that are allowing the illegals to try and take over our nations. Both of our nations are sprinting into a full fledged asymetric civil war, in the States the Government is split between those who want to preserve the nation and those who want to create a feudal system with themselves on top. From Missouri the view of what is happening in Canada is that your government has been taken over by the neo feudal Socialists who control want to take over the world. While there are a lot of signs that some of the Provinces are shifting to political parties that want to preserve you nation and your culture I don’t see many signs that you national government is going to shift. As I said that is the view from afar so I will admit I can be, probably am wrong. I pray you will have an early election that will bring patriots back into power and that you will once again work to preserve freedom in North America.

  2. He’s not the only one but he is among the few with the courage to go public.
    We have a problem: Many Conservatives have a dislike for Andrew Scheer and I don’t blame them.

    Scheer folds at the slightest controversy, he supports Justin and the Globalists, he has nothing much of substance to say, he radiates weakness, and seems not to understand how NAFTA and the economy works. He also seems to agree with M-103 and punishes any Conservative Member of Parliament who criticizes Islam.

    I think the PC leadership contest was rigged in favor of Scheer. Too many inconsistencies re the vote count and despite Scheer winning by 1% over Bernier, the vote tabulation wasn’t verified. And an awful lot of votes were dismissed by the Party, notwithstanding missing boxes of votes.

    People who have their membership card should ask the Party for a new leadership contest.

    • He sounds a lot like RINO John McCain.

      Your points about a crooked election to ensure that a true conservative didn’t win the leadership position sounds like the actions of the Democrats.

  3. After decades of childhood indoctrination, I Walked Away in 1996. Watching a conspicuously guilty Slick Willie force American taxpayers to squander some 30 MILLION DOLLARS creating the Starr Report was simply unforgivable. All of this is backed up by his gazillion dollar LA International haircut and, more recently, the Lynch runway-style tete-à-tete.

    Like with comedian Dennis Miller, the 9-11 Atrocity brought me over to the Dark Conservative Side.

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