While people run shrieking about Trump’s meeting with Russian leadership…

And while we are on to media and leftist hypocrisy…

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4 Replies to “While people run shrieking about Trump’s meeting with Russian leadership…”

  1. Trump is probably better prepared than most. How many times has he walked into a meeting of contractors, lawyers, engineers and architects all with their own goals and agendas? We know he has won more than lost. These naysayers are nothing more than propagandists.

  2. Donald Trump is a master negotiator, he knows more about negotiating the all of the nay sayers combined, what has got the left and the never Trumpers so scared is the idea that Trump is going to come home with a deal so good that they are not going to be able to spin it as bad news.

    • Most Moslems outgrew their infatuation with communism. Brennan is a weird throwback in so many ways. He’s primitive, Cold War-dirty. Like a hit-man thug.

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