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10 Replies to “At last, getting the corrupt and biased FBI agents on the stand”

  1. Strozk is pissy and upset because people are asking him about his massive bias and his massive ego trying to bring down a duly elected President. He thinks of himself as a member of the elite who is above being questioned by the lowly beings who are to dumb to agree with him and allow him to run things.

  2. Strzok’s Narcissistic Testimony
    July 12, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield
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    The FBI’s Peter Strzok had clearly been studying the work of his superior, Comey. His testimony was a stew of self-righteous preening. Caught red-handed, Strzok insisted that he’s a patriot who had been victimized by libels. And if you criticize him, you’re working for Moscow.

    It was a deeply silly and thoroughly offensive performance that was, with equal predictability, applauded by Democrats.

    Whatever else Strzok may have done, he’s anti-Trump and therefore worth applauding.

    Strzok had wrapped himself in the flag, in the blood of a “fallen war hero”, and the entire FBI. The man caught in an affair, insisted that he couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong because his superiors were on top of him. And that also sums up Strzok. He’s willing to bring down the FBI and its reputation to protect his own. Rats don’t get any rattier than that.


  3. Look at the expression on that little rat’s face. Unfortunately, nothing will ever come of these hearings and outbursts. No one is ever going to jail for any of it.

    • Funny, I had the same impression. He struck me as someone confident in their own superiority, so much so that they can get away with any fabrication they can think of to that august body. It goes beyond smug to sociopathy. I have been ruminating on that all day.

      • There is a lot of truth in what both of you are saying, he is a prime example of the leaders of the far left and their high minions in the Deep State. JB is wrong when he says nothing is going to come from these hearings, I doubt if a trial is but given the way the left is acting there is no way out of a civil war and in that war people like Strzok are prime targets for our side. I refuse to accept the idea that the US is finished and that freedom is dying in this world. there a lot of smart tough people out here in flyover country that think the same as I do so we will have to wait and see who is right.

  4. As a retired DEA agent who testified hundreds of times in court, I can tell you this performance by Strzok was unprofessional. He was defiant, arrogant and lied.What an embarrassment to FBI agents in the field.

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