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  1. Richard: I don’t agree with everything or even most of what he is saying but there are a few points that are interesting warning points of a coming econ0omic collapse.

    Crypto Currencies Are a Symptom of Hyperinflation.

  2. Iran’s Two-Front Strategy
    With simmering conflicts on the Golan and in Gaza, Tehran looks to strip Israel of its strategic advantages

    Israel is about to face two active fronts on its borders: one in Gaza, and the other in the Golan Heights. As factions in Gaza fired rockets at Israel, an offensive of the alliance backing the Assad regime was underway in southern Syria, which is likely to reach the Golan soon. While this might appear as random coincidence, it’s more by design: The escalating attacks from Gaza should be seen as part of a coordinated Iranian strategy.

    • They want to weaken Israel so they can fight a two front war that will stand a better chance of achieving their goal of destroying Israel. With Trump in the White House the US will once again be delivering ammo on a 24/7 bases which will prevent the Iranians from winning but if the people they are using are good enough they can hurt Israel.

      What I want to know is how is Putin taking this and what is Trump doing?

  3. Swiss teachers expect too little of migrant children: study (thelocal, Jul 9, 2018)

    “A new study shows that teachers are failing school students with a migrant background by expecting too little of them.

    “Those who demand too little of children, demand less and less of them,” said Markus Neuenschwander, author of the SCALA study, which was carried out by University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern’s (FHNW).

    One of the most surprising findings of the study was that teachers had lower expectations of students with a migrant background even when it came to mathematics, where there is no real different in terms of results achieved compared to students without that background.

    In German classes, where a difference in results could be expected, teachers’ expectations of migrant children were even lower.

    Neuenschwander said the survey-based results meant a vicious circle: teachers’ prejudices were confirmed.

    “The difference in performance between migrants and non-migrants gets larger during their school career,” he told Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag.

    The study’s also results confirm the findings of research carried out overseas.

    “Lower expectations lead to lower performance,” said University of Zurich education researcher Katharina Maag.

    For Neuenschwander, the results of the study are clear: teachers need further education designed to question their preconceptions of migrant children.

    “Most of them are not aware that they have prejudices,” he said.

    A study of 15,000 students published late last year showed children of immigrants in Switzerland are more likely to fail when they start senior high school or vocational training because their parents don’t know the Swiss system very well.

    According to the study undertaken by the universities of Zurich and Bern, a huge 46 percent of teens born to immigrant parents fall behind after age 15. Either they drop out of continuing education, are forced to retake a year or take a gap year. That compares with just 31 percent of children born to Swiss parents.”

  4. Returned Isis fighter held over Örebro shooting: reports (thelocal, Jul 9, 2018)

    “A 31-year-old man with links to Isis has been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with a shooting in Örebro in central Sweden last week, public broadcaster SVT reports.

    Two people died in the Vivalla suburb of Örebro on Tuesday after a shooting linked to gang conflicts in the area, a known trouble spot in the Swedish city.

    Three people, aged 31, 20 and 15, were remanded in custody in the past week on suspicion of murder. The oldest has previous convictions for weapons and narcotics offences and assault, report Swedish media.

    A fourth man, also 31, was remanded by Örebro District Court on Monday. He too has previous convictions and, reports SVT, has links to militant islamist organization Isis.

    The man is one of around 20 to 30 people from Vivalla who have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join terror organizations in recent years, according to SVT.

    The broadcaster reports that the man left Sweden in 2013 and joined a group which later joined Isis when the latter proclaimed its caliphate…”

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