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5 Replies to “Whataburger attacker in jail, teen has new MAGA hat signed by POTUS”

    • Nobody could have asked for a better end to the story.

      Sorry to say, Sassy: Our beleaguered nation needed Trump to invite this young Conservative to a brief tea in the Oval Office as part of overcoming the “clock-boy” bullsh!t that 0bama made such such a mainstay of his (vomit) “administrations”.

  1. Isn’t it amazing? A guy throws a drink in a kid’s face. The President of the United States sees it and sends the kid a signed MAGA hat. This is way different than the 20th century, folks. Marshall McCluhan was right about the rate of societal change increasing constantly as we travel forward in time. Our entire planet is connecting into one big self-aware blob. Amazing!

  2. President Trump handled it just right. He’s president, he’s running the Free World, he already had to weigh in on too many idiotic situations that have arisen, let him do his job. If he had brought this poor kid to the White House, it only would have made it more tempting for the many fascist bullies out there to do more attacks, and more kids would be targets. So easy to pick on a little teenager with glasses!
    I was just reading about the Vendee on Ann Barnhardt’s site, where Mass-going Catholics turned into barbarous savages overnight. It is easy to see how dark the human heart is, how quick we are to allow Satan to take over and we turn away from our humanity.
    Only God keeps us civil.

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