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15 Replies to “Viktor Orban launches project to “reconstruct European Democracy””

  1. Slovakia Backs Hungary on Migrant Crisis: ‘We Are Not Prepared to Suffer for the Mistakes of Others’ (breitbart, Jun 29, 2018)

    “Slovak prime minister Peter Pellegrini backed the stance of his Hungarian counterpart, Viktor Orbán, against EU-mandated migrant quotas and George Soros-backed NGOs.

    Pellegrini is taking over the presidency of the pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration Visegrád Group — the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland, with Austria participating as something of an adjunct member since the country’s new conservative-nationalist coalition took office — from Mr Orbán.

    Speaking during a joint interview on Slovak television, Pellegrini made it clear he would continue the Hungarian leader’s policy of opposition to Brussels redistributing migrants across Europe.

    “Who may enter Slovakia and whom we let in to live here are issues that the Slovak government will decide on, and we shall not accept someone else from Brussels deciding this for us, or some other country dictating to us on this… it’s our right to decide whom we want or don’t want on our territory,” he asserted.

    “I’d like to confirm and repeat Mr Orbán’s words: we are not prepared to suffer the consequences of the mistakes of others.”

    Pellegrini made it clear who he felt had been making “mistakes” in Europe with a number of thinly-veiled shots at Germany’s embattled chancellor, Angela Merkel…”

  2. If there is someone with the political will and vision needed to “reconstruct European Democracy”, that person is Viktor Orban. This leader is, essentially, a one-man antidote to Brussels (and we ain’t talkin’ about no sprouts!)

    • Heroes arise when they are needed. Donald Trump (an anti-hero, perhaps?!) Victor Orban, Matteo Salvini – these people are lights in the darkness and leaders around whom others may rally. The Left clearly recognizes the danger that such people represent to their goals and plans, and hence their unbridled hatred toward them.

      • Trump is more hero then anti hero, he is not the polished politician that we are use to but he is a patriot who is a street fighter. This is why he was elected, he isn’t afraid to take the fight to the enemy and to make them regret starting the fight. We don’t know who is going to win the fight between him and the Deep State but I wouldn’t bet against him

        Comes the time comes the man.

        • [Slightly edited for impact, with your kind assent, Richard. If this is offensive, please NEVER keep in place any personal offense, emkay?]

          (I only wish to empower Vlad Tepes Blog in the very strongest ways.)

          Trump is more a hero than the anti-hero. He is not the polished politician that we are used to but he is a patriot who is a street fighter. This is why he was elected … he isn’t afraid of taking the rumble to the enemy and making them regret starting that battle. We don’t know who is going to win the fight between him and the Deep State but I wouldn’t bet against him

          If I’ve gotten your message correctly, Richard (and I sincerely think that I do) … then it’s really easy to believe that a slowly recovering American Republic could start opening several cans of lovingly supercharged whoop-ass on just about every last world-trade CHEAT whose past two or three decades of economically ransacking our US economy deserves payment-in-kind with push-through treble-hooks that only idiots that cannot find reason enough to (first off) love America enough, forever … second? Who gives a … ???

          • You understand what I was saying, we (the freedom loving people in the US) are supporting Trump because he is out there fighting for what we believe in and with luck will appoint enough people to the courts to shift us back to the small government big freedom that the founders dreamed of.

    • You have to have a leader, the main reason we didn’t have a civil war under Obama was that we didn’t have a leader. Orban is providing the leadership that Europe needs, the revolt against the left and the Islamic Invasion hasn’t started yet but with Orban providing a rallying point for the various resistance groups it probably isn’t far away. This summer is going to be and interesting time, if you are in a position where you stand a good chance of surviving the chaos that appears to be approaching at about mach 2 or faster.

  3. If you’ve not seen “The Plan to Save the World” you must. It’s on Youtube, I think they haven’t removed it.

    If only “Canada” had the wisdom to have a Victor Orban!

  4. In spite of the smear and slander, hatred and demonization, ridicule and threats Viktor Orbán stands out as a charismatic and talented, uncorrupted politician – not even politician but a true statesman from a world gone-by. But this is exactly what many people are looking for these days: a revival of the no-nonsense, trustworthy, patriotic political fervour of our ancestors. As a Hungarian citizen I am so pleased I can actually vote for him!

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