Selective enforcement now taking shape as ‘equity’: Links 1, June 25, 2018

1. People have started to leave nasty reviews of the restaurant that refuses service to people who they disagree with.

(That is just awful to fight back like that. Imagine what would happen if people were to make reservations and then not show up or cancel at the last minute. That would be so much worse. Its a good thing that people haven;’t begun to act like that in response to the stunningly childish and grotesque treatment of executive branch personnel.)

2. Some decent evidence that the term, “diversity” is a code word for perfect uniformity so long as its postmodern or at least Marxist.

3. Maine Waters is an excellent representative of the contemporary political left. There is no pretence of classical liberalism or even reason at all. Its the bold and bare face of hatred and war for all that Western civilization is, played out through individuals as symbols.

4. Muslim businessman who reduced airline passengers to tears with anti-Semitic insults walks free from court after blaming racist remarks on smoking cannabis during Ramadan

(For the double standard in law file. Imagine a British person arrested for “racism”, itself an unacceptable crime designation, and used the excuse he did a line of cocaine for Christmas. Think he would be let off?)

A Muslim businessman who reduced airline passengers to tears with anti-Semitic insults has walked free from court after he blamed his racist remarks on smoking cannabis during Ramadan.


Company director Shamraize Bashir, 34, was travelling back to the UK from Israel with friends when he launched a foul-mouthed five minute rant.

He was heard to say: ‘You know the really fat Jewish women yeah? Their job is to let their husbands f*** them and make babies for them.’

Fellow passengers on the easyJet flight from Tel Aviv urged Bashir to stop swearing,but he responded: ‘I’m not f***ing swearing – you can’t tell me what to do, even my own mum doesn’t tell me what to do.’

One tearful woman was so offended during Bashir’s outburst that she swapped seats with another passenger

(If what they said was all that happened, then it shouldn’t be a crime at all for anyone. But since it is, then it must be applied across the board, although this is a profoundly less satisfactory solution. But the worst possible case scenario is where thought and speech crimes exist, and then are enforced selectively to advantage one group at the expense of all others. And this is so blatantly happening in the UK and elsewhere, that the EDL formed around this one issue along with muslim rape and sex slavery gangs of British children.)

5. Prison Population Tumbles While Courts Told Go Easy on Non-White Criminals, Focus on ‘Hate Crime’

(Equity in prisons now policy in the UK. Best to click over and read the whole article in full in its own context to grasp the full horror of it all. The Mail has managed to demonstrate what the UK is doing in a half-unspoken manner. They have determined what the common crimes are for “protected groups” and reduced sentences for them and increased the criminal penalty for thought and speech crimes which may tell the truth about the groups which commit the crimes in order to achieve a form of equity in the prison population.)

Thank you all, who I will name later as there is a story that needs urgent attention that I must get to right away. More to come, even before this post!



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  1. The left has been trying to foment a civil war for a long time, it looks like they are starting to succeed and some of them are waking up to the reality that they will lose the war.

  2. (That is just awful to fight back like that. Imagine what would happen if people were to make reservations and then not show up or cancel at the last minute. That would be so much worse. Its a good thing that people haven’t begun to act like that in response to the stunningly childish and grotesque treatment of executive branch personnel.)

    Eeyore, this is why really tip-top-end restaurants like Windows on the World (Oops! Inapropos reference, there, Eh?) adopted policies of requiring credit card billing numbers to secure seating reservations (especially for prime-time tables), and did this decades ago.

    No-shows are financially penalized just enough to discourage such déclassée pettifoggery. As Leftists continue to abuse their Constitutional Rights of protest, these sort of disincentive policies will trickle down into businesses of all kinds that eventually become vulnerable to such Liberal shysterism.

    Note: This Leftist abrasion of (not-so) Common Sense, may well trigger a (deservedly) serious retaliation from (not just Conservatives but) political centrists who’ve had their farking fill of these ridiculous, überliberal, billion-dollar, Supreme Court Shenanigans™.

    Our judiciary already has seen this wasteful financial extravagance in the form of “Lawfare” (i.e., petty or nuisance lawsuits) that clog the arteries of our legal system. As the (in)famous personal injury lawyer, Melvin ‘The King of Torts’ Belli—who, incidentally, flew the Jolly Roger above his San Francisco offices—was known to say (after the gas leak in Bhopal):

    I’m not an ambulance chaser; I always get there before the ambulance arrives.

    Rest assured, from all of this Shylock schlock is arising a new class of, “ADA Defense Lawyers”. I have personally attended presentations by these worthy (yet, legally superficial) opponents of the exact extortionists being mentioned subsequently.

    What a priceless endowment that these Predatory Paraplegic Parasites™ have bestowed upon the normal ambulatory public with, yet another layer of lawyers in the legal system. How much more of an eternal and glorious legacy could these crippled, crapulent, chairbound, carotid bloodsuckers leave in their wake than one more class of attorneys? Oh, fecking, flipping joy!

    Note: And, yet, so many ordinary people continue to vacuously wonder why there is such a growing degree of rather unpleasant speculation regarding Europe’s (and the West’s) future. Especially about what form the backlash against Muslims, pro-immigration willkommenskultur morons, treacherous Feminazis, lunatic Abolitionist Vegans, raging queens, and the endless motley crew of irrational, uninformed, propagandized, punks, prancers, prinking poofters, paedophiles, poopy-headed, ovine-humping, Neanderthal PERVERTS!

    [Deep Breaths, now, NR … huff, huff, huff…]

    For a truly outrageous (non-Islamic) example of this profound sort of legal impedimenta, please do a quick review of, “Man sues hundreds over disability violations” (i.e., [TLDR] this semi-paralyzed, self-injured, illegal [finally-deported!] scumbag, was a “serial plaintiff” that made a dishonest living putting small mom & pop operations out of business for picayune ADA “violations”—be advised to take all hypertension meds before reading the following):

    Alfredo Garcia, a paraplegic who has been in a wheelchair since 1996, is a serial plaintiff. The 41-year-old illegal immigrant and convicted felon makes a living suing small businesses in Southern California for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and its California equivalent.

    His days are spent going from business to business looking for violations like a bathroom mirror or a paper-towel dispenser that’s too high.

    Garcia did not want to talk to Eyewitness News about the more than 500 lawsuits he’s filed.

    “The Americans with Disabilities Act is not a new law,” said Morse Mehrban, Garcia’s attorney. “It’s been 20 years since this law went into effect and they’ve had ample opportunity to bring their premises into minimal compliance.”

    So is Garcia a crusader for the rights of disabled people? Or is he just out for a quick buck? It depends who you ask.

    “We knew right away it was a scam — it was something like he just wanted to get some money,” said Martin Del Campo, co-owner of La Casita Mexicana restaurant in Bell.

    Garcia sued La Casita, saying its bathroom mirror was too high. He claimed he ate at La Casita four times, but surveillance video from those four dates shows no one in a wheelchair visiting the bathroom, which has a full-length mirror attached to the door.

    Garcia was shown the surveillance video but he did not even recognize the restaurant as being La Casita. Garcia and his attorney quickly agreed to drop the case.

    “Mr. Garcia targets small mom-and-pop-type businesses,” said paralegal Daniel Munoz, who helped defend the La Casita case and investigated Garcia’s background.

    “Mr. Garcia became disabled because he fell out of an avocado tree while intoxicated. Mr. Garcia has felonies, one for selling weapons, one for selling crack, one for vehicular burglary,” he added.

    In a 2009 sworn deposition, Garcia admitted to violating his probation by snorting cocaine and smoking pot. He also admitted that he’s not a U.S. citizen, doesn’t have a green card and bought two Social Security cards off the street.

    Hidden behind Alfredo Garcia, amidst all of this (second-hand) smoke and (incorrect height lavatory) mirrors is the remorseless, soul-eater of a, “supposed” attorney Morse Mehrban, who operates an entire hyper-active stable of these State-Wide serial litigants as they comb major California cities (and even much smaller burgs; like Bell) for the most innocuous ADA “violations” imaginable—to the tune of millions of dollars per year for him and relative comfort for his disabled, wearisome, wrecking crew.

    In fact, California had to make important changes to ADA-related litigation proceedings in order to jam a stick into the spokes of these wheelchair extortionists. See: “New California Law Targets Frivolous Disability Access Lawsuits“: (from the link)

    This [law] is good news for California businesses. The state reportedly has 12 percent of the country’s disabled population, but 40 percent of the nation’s ADA lawsuits.

    Sorta says it all, eh? Now, plug in the fact that California also has some 40% of America’s entire homeless population, and the current, picture-sized window of opportunity for serial litigation expands to architectural curtain-wall proportions.

    This one single illegal, southern-border-crossing, dirtbag has filed, “more than 500 lawsuits” (GOT THAT?!?). At just the cost of $1K per lawsuit, that’s a half-million dollars right there! Now, imagine all of the undocumented, out-of-court settlements that were (routinely) extorted from made by desperate small-business owners confronted with several tens-of-thousands-of-dollars in potential attorney’s fees (with an indeterminate legal outcome).

    You’d best bet that several tens-of-millions-of-dollars (if not much, much more) have been bled out of California’s small business community by these “greenmail” coercers. Just imagine all of the wealth creation and job opportunities that have been lost due to just this one tentacled lawyer’s damned spoked @ss. Then, multiply that damage times 100X just for the state of California alone.

    NOTE: Now, run that out for all 50 United States (and its possessions), then get ready for a ravening horde of vampiric, 1% types who wouldn’t know which end of a hammer or screwdriver to pick up, much less do and heavy lifting or even breaking a sweat.

    Take care to notice how these modern-technology, medically-enabled, paraplegic leeches don’t go after IBM or GMC. Those industrial giants have legal teams that could squash these scurrying little Code Cockroaches™ (you saw it here first!) like the vermin that they most certainly are.

    It gives a (sane) person pause to wonder how these abject parasites will survive (for even just a few months or weeks) when printed currency becomes worthless, the EBT cards zero out, and people are trading precious metals for food (or ammunition).

    Coda: Remember, emptied firearms will litter the streets while bullets continue to sell for many dollars apiece. Remember, if you’re trading a gun for ammunition, you may as well be eating your seed crop or selling your edged tools.

    • Have several firearms in several calibers, if you have to scrounge for ammo this increases your chances of finding some useful ammo. Also never abandon or sell your firearms, it will always cost you more to replace them then you get for them.

    • Deliciously told, horrible story.
      These lawyers – we must get the correct spelling of their names, all the particulars. They’ve earned a place on The List. Keep it updated.

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