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  1. Italy doubled down on its new tough stance against migrants on Friday, insisting it could not take “one more” refugee and warning the migration crisis could put the bloc’s survival at stake.
    Just two days before a mini summit on the issue in Brussels, Italy’s three-week-old populist government is digging its heels in on campaign promises to stop the influx of migrants, threatening to seize rescue ships or
    barring them from its ports.

    “We cannot take in one more person,” hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini told the German weekly Der Spiegel. “On the contrary: we want to send away a few.”

    Days before the informal talks – called by Berlin and being attended by some 16 EU leaders – Salvini, who is also Italy’s deputy prime minister, warned that nothing less than the EU’s future survival was at stake.

  2. Note: Italy may seize migrant smuggling ships:

    Italy has urged Malta to take in a migrant rescue ship, after earlier threatening to seize the vessel and arrest its crew.

    Italian authorities had said that two ships operated by the German migrant rescue group Mission Lifeline were “illegally” flying the Dutch flag.

    One of them, the Lifeline, is carrying 226 migrants rescued from the sea near the Libyan coast.

    Malta has not yet agreed to open its ports for the ship.

    “We have been in contact with Malta to offer support if humanitarian help is needed by the boat in the next few hours,” an Italian government spokeswoman said on Friday.

    But Italy’s interior minster, while backing the proposed journey to Malta, has maintained that the Lifeline should be seized and its crew arrested.

    He has also suggested the NGO’s second ship, the Seefuchs, should also be impounded.

  3. Tesla to close a dozen solar facilities in 9 states: Documents
    Tesla’s move last week to cut 9 percent of its workforce will sharply downsize the residential solar business.
    The electric car maker acquired SolarCity two years ago in a controversial $2.6 billion deal.
    The latest cuts to the division that was once SolarCity include closing about a dozen installation facilities.

  4. The London Mastaba at Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park: Mike Bloomberg’s Remarks

    Mike Bloomberg delivers remarks at the opening of the London Mastaba on Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park. Featuring 7,506 horizontally stacked barrels, the London Mastaba is Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s first major, public art work in London, and will be free and open to the public until September 23rd, 2018.

  5. A vivid image of “hay balls” in national yellow and blue made by Swedish farmers in support of their national team during the FIFA World Cup in Russia has triggered the ire of leftists, who minced no words when accusing the innocent supporters of racism.

    To support their national football team during the ongoing World Cup in Russia, Torpshammar natives Per Johan Andersson and his wife Katrine created a vibrant image of a national flag made of hay sacks and posted it on Facebook. While welcomed by thousands of buoyant Swedish fans, the image also inspired “anti-racists” to fill the comments section with hatred against the farmer and his wife.

    In addition to being a tribute to team Sweden, the installation was a support initiative against childhood cancer, which didn’t stop the activists from verbally assaulting the patriotic farmer. One particular person went so far as to write “I knew that all the damn farmers were racists.”

  6. A Labour councillor who was forced to resign as a school governor after claiming that Isis did not exist has been appointed to a council committee dealing with radicalisation.

    Safia Akhtar Noor was suspended by Yew Tree Community School in Birmingham after several Facebook posts in which she questioned whether Isis was to blame for terror attacks became public.

    Although the school suspended her and she later resigned, she was allowed to stand for Labour in May’s local elections and won a seat in the Small Heath ward with more than 3,000 votes.

  7. Aid workers at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) traded medicine for sex with vulnerable young women in Africa, former employees of the open borders-backing NGO have alleged.
    Whistleblowers told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme Thursday that the use of prostitutes by staff at the George Soros-funded foreign aid NGO was “blatant and widespread”.

    One of the female former employees, who were speaking anonymously for fear of being blacklisted by aid charities, reported seeing a senior member of staff bringing “very young girls” back to MSF accommodation in Kenya, adding that it was “implicit” they were prostitutes.

    “My colleague, who was staying in the same residence for a long time, felt that this was a regular occurrence,” she said.

  8. (Reuters) – West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justice Allen Loughry was arrested on Wednesday and charged with 22 federal criminal counts including fraud, witness tampering and misuse of government property.

    Loughry, 47, who was elected in 2012, was charged with using a government vehicle and credit card on personal trips, submitting mileage claims for reimbursement for a government vehicle he used and making unlawful personal use of a historically significant desk, U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart said in a statement issued by his office in Charleston.

    “Public corruption is a top investigative priority,” said FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Nick Boshears in the statement. “It erodes public confidence and undermines the rule of law.”

    • What an incredibly well-spoken woman. If only each country being repressed by these power-mongering swinish 1% had even a single voice of such eloquence and determination, it would rock the foundations of this world’s hyper-corrupt star chambers.

      As always, thank you, Richard. China Uncensored continues to swing for the fences and keeps leaving some respectable damage out there at the perimeter. For a number of reasons, this interview was particularly meaningful. As in: THE WORLD IS NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AWAY!

  9. VIP Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Struts Through NYC With His Armed Guards

    David Hogg is now so important he has his entourage, publicists and armed guards. The 18-year-old VIP attended the Parkland, Florida school where a student murdered 17 people in February, then made himself famous with relentless calls for gun control in the wake of the tragedy.

  10. Question: Have you ever met with someone to return a deposit on a real-estate deal turned sour after midnight?

    Real estate deal gone bad led to three Brampton men being viciously beaten: police
    By PAM DOUGLASBrampton Guardian
    Fri., June 22, 2018
    Halton Regional Police say a real-estate deal gone sour was the precipitator of a swarming that saw three Brampton men viciously beaten with bats and sticks on the Halton/Brampton border Wednesday morning.

    And they have now issued an arrest warrant for Rankirat Singh, 20, of Brampton. He is a suspect in the beating

  11. DOJ hits deadline to comply with congressional subpoena

    The Justice Department faces deadline to turn over all documents requested by congressional investigators;

    chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington.

  12. To Help Iran, Angela Merkel Tries to Pull a Fast One With Swift

    As the U.S. moves to reimpose sanctions on Iran, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is working behind the scenes to undermine the effort. How President Trump responds could determine whether his strategy to put maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic will succeed or fail.

    During briefings in Washington, German officials have indicated their goal: to ensure that Iran remains connected to the Swift system—formally called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication—that facilitates global financial transactions. By protecting Iran’s access to the Swift network, Germany hopes to preserve Europe’s ability to pay for Iranian oil, and receive payment for European exports, in contravention of U.S. sanctions. The Germans know that any maximum-pressure campaign against Iran cannot succeed if Iran remains connected to Swift.

    Last month, in light of “U.S. sanctions which could target EU entities active in oil transactions with Iran,” the European Commission encouraged European Union members to explore the idea of sending direct payments to the Central Bank of Iran. Access to the Swift network makes this possible. If such a payment were transmitted, the U.S. could designate the European country’s central bank as a violator of sanctions, blocking its access to dollars and isolating it from the international financial system. German leaders are betting the Treasury Department would not take the economic risk of doing so.

    WSJ, alternate link:

    • Background on this:

      Paul Joseph Watson, Editor At Large of Infowars, has joined UKIP alongside Sargon of Akkad.

      Infowars is a significant force in US politics and is credited with being a major contributor to Donald Trump’s victory. It is a cornerstone of the alt-media and is politically patriotic and broadly speaking libertarian. Alex Jones, the host, is also Christian and defends Christianity as the cornerstone of Western culture. Mr Jones is a big supporter of Tommy Robinson and prior to his arrest helped him establish Tommy Robinson Online by donating $20,000 to Mr Robinson.

  13. CBC – Pope says countries should take as many refugees as they can

    Francis condemns separation of migrant families by U.S.

    Pope Francis urged nations Thursday to take in as many refugees as they can integrate into their societies, but also to invest in places like Africa so migrants won’t turn to human traffickers to reach countries that can offer a better life.

    Speaking to reporters on his airplane as he flew back to Rome after a visit to Geneva, Francis also reiterated that he supports the Roman Catholic bishops in the United States who condemned the immigration policy of separating children from parents who enter the U.S. illegally.

    “I am behind what the bishops say,” the Pope said, referring to the leadership of the U.S. bishops conference denouncing the separations as “immoral.”

    On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump reversed a policy of separating immigrant children from their parents after being detained entering the United States without permission.

    Praise for Greece, Italy

    Francis was asked both about the separation policy as well as Europe’s struggle with a flood of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean from human traffickers’ boats. Italy’s new populist government is trying to discourage more arrivals of rescued migrants.

    He praised both Italy and Greece for being “most generous” in taking in migrants rescued at sea, and said all governments should take in as many refugees as their countries can handle .

    “Each country must do this with the virtue of government, which is prudence, and take in as many refugees as it can, as many as it can integrate, educate, give jobs to,” said Francis, who for years has urged nations to be more welcoming to those fleeing war and poverty.

    “We are living through a flood of refugees who are fleeing war and hunger” as well as persecution, Francis said.

    Francis endorsed European proposals to develop jobs and education in African countries. Italy and some other European Union nations that have borne the brunt of the migrant crisis have been pushing for more development aid to Africa so poor people there won’t risk their lives in the hands of traffickers in hopes of reaching Europe and a better life.

    Turned back to Libya

    “So many European governments are thinking of an urgent plan to intelligently invest in those countries, to give jobs and education,” Francis said with approval.

    He noted that in Latin America, including his own homeland of Argentina, many people migrate internally, leaving the countryside for big cities, only to end up living in shantytowns.

    The pope also expressed deep dismay that migrants on smuggler boats are turned back in Libyan waters, returning them to lawless Libya, where traffickers are based and where desperate migrants are thrown in prisons to face torture and other abuse.

    “The traffickers’ prisons are terrible, terrible, like the concentration camps of World War II,” Francis said.

    Francis’s trip to Geneva was aimed at promoting unity among Christians, including by concretely working together for peace and justice in the world.

  14. Student, 21, who knew Britain’s first all-female terror cell were plotting ‘Mad Hatter’ knife attack but failed to tell police is jailed for two years and told she WILL be kicked out of UK (dailymaill, Jun 22, 2018)

    “A school friend of a woman jihadi who plotted a terrorist knife attack with her mother and sister faces deportation for failing to raise the alarm.

    Khawla Barghouthi was friends with Rizlaine Boular, who planned an atrocity at central London with her younger sister Safaa Boular, 18, and mother Mina Dich, 44.

    Barghouthi, a 21-year-old who came to Britain from Tunisia a decade ago, was jailed for two years and four months today andtold she faces automatic deportation when she has completed her prison term.

    Rizlaine, 22, and her mother have already been jailed while Safaa is still awaiting sentence.

    The Boular’s and their mother plotted the UK’s first all-woman terror attack, which they called ‘the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ in coded messages…”

    • Student, 21, who knew Britain’s first all-female terror cell were plotting ‘Mad Hatter’ knife attack but failed to tell police is jailed for two years and told she WILL be kicked out of UK

      I so dearly wish that this idiocy could be some sort of dual-entry legerdemain instead of the moronic neck-baring lunacy that it is.

    • … coverage of the war in Syria and Iraq as sectarian Sunni-Shia strife.

      Eff almighty! If only it were that simple. Then we might be able to just slowly back away from the vehicle MME (Muslim Middle East) and let the blood flow where it most needs to—which is, basically, all across the Islamo-MENA (Middle East North Africa) region.

      Instead, we in the West are treated to the usual, endless triangulation. Only, this time, Russia is relatively unleashed and Communist China is putting its oar in as well, far beyond its usual, “Uncle Mao’s All-Night, 24 Hour Weapons Dump and Armaments Hyper-Market.”

      Then there’s the natural gas pipeline. The embedded terrorists. The One Belt One Road national body-piercing. The Iranian Forward Operating Bases thinly disguised as Hezbollah latrines. And the shooting, the tire-burning, the bomb-vest kids, the tear gas, the endless pro-“Palestinian” fauxteaus, and the hey, hey, heys … glaven.

  15. Soner Cagaptay:
    Four Things to Watch in Turkey’s Elections

    …If Erdogan wins the elections, he will not just be the head of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and head of state… [he] will become Turkey’s most powerful leader since Mustafa Kemal Ataturk established the country in 1923.

    Here are four things to remember ahead of Sunday’s vote…

  16. It seems that Dr. Turley has become quite popular in our circle. Here is one of his latest on Victor Orban and a resurgence of traditional values.

    • Speaking as a red-blooded Alpha Male with a hypothalamus gland the size of Nebraska, that such gorgeous women (as in the foregoing) and just the slight notion of how hideous is it to make them forcibly conceal their beauty? The most baseline aspect of such a Neanderthal “mentality”, appalls so many levels of Rational Male Mentality that the prospect of quarrelsome smacking about with lots of yobs contributing bits of parking yard “therapy”, is just too alluring.

      Anyone who (against a woman’s will) wants to forcibly cover a feminine body and deprive her of an opportunity to demonstrate to the world, her care and concern for her own outward physical health, appearance, and reproductive appeal is just another writhing, photo-phobic, squirming, palm-frond-maggot waiting to be fried.

      • Ugly, hairy, fat, aging WOMEN insist on covering other WOMEN. It’s no way a purely male tyranny. Not even close.

        Imagine the eldest wife or a mother-in-law exercising dominance over a sexual competitor in a society that devalues all that is female except childbearing function.

        Nasty place, that home-sweet-home. Extended families living together. Lots of housebound, bored, female first-cousins [first, folded- multiple generations].


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