Germany has major military ambitions for Europe: Links 2, June 21, 2018

1. Sharia trumps Canadian law as Muslim call to prayer rings out at Toronto City Hall

In 2015, a unanimous Supreme Court of Canada decision ruled that Saguenay, Quebec’s city council could no longer open its meetings with a Catholic prayer stating that in doing so, those meetings infringed on freedom of conscience and religion.


The court stated that religious neutrality: “requires that the state neither favour nor hinder any particular belief.”

But apparently at Toronto City Hall, what’s good for the Catholic goose doesn’t apply to the Islamic gander because recently, according to The Quiggan Report,


council chambers hosted a religious ceremony celebrating the breaking of the Ramadan fast.

Holding the prayer was the idea of Ward 42 councillor Neethan Shan in conjunction with Toronto Mayor John Tory, and that isn’t the only incident that shows there seems to be a double standard applied when it comes to Islam.

(Video at site and please DO watch the video!)

2. The CBC does a classic communist interpretation of events at the World Cup:

(You would have to be a full on postmodern to interpret what happens in this video as “groping”)

3. World Bank supports genocide against whites in South Africa

4. Looking at even more of the BS about child separation at the border of smugglers and illegal migrants.

5. Ezra Levant comes out four square on the Library banning of Michael Hansen’s film, Killing Europe, and on the side of right.

6. Muslim Immigration Threat Further Confirmed As Brawl Erupts In Maine


The effects of such were unfortunately demonstrated in Mainewhere a ‘bloodbath’ erupted among SomaliMuslim gang members, killing an innocent citizen. It was 30 immigrants armed with bats, steel pipes, rocks, and sticks who “just started ganging up” on eight innocent bystanders for seemingly no reason. While horrifying, to liberals this is just cultural diversity at its finest, as the terror has been suspiciously ignored by the leftist media.

The terrifying ordeal referred to as a ‘melee,’ occurred in LewistonMaine at a Kennedy Parklast week.

7. Secret German White Paper Reveals True Scale of Germany’s EU Army Ambitions

A secret German defence white paper calling for the acceleration of the formation of a joint European Union Army has been leaked, revealing German ambitions to side-line NATO by creating a pan-EU force.

The paper had seen its release date pushed back until after the British referendum on EU membership, apparently over fears that it would play into the hands of those advocating a Leave vote. But a copy has been handed to the Financial Times, revealing the scale of Germany’s ambition for a pan-EU Army – led by Germany.


Germany has already taken steps to merge its military forces with those of the Netherlands, with a number of Dutch units already under German control. But the paper outlines steps to broaden this initiative, bringing the disparate national forces within EU member states under one umbrella – with Germany in charge.

(And its a near cert that once this army exists, no soldier would ever be stationed in his own country. I won’t say why. But Im sure you can guess.)

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, EB., MissPiggy, and many more. Quite a news day.

This is really, really good.



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11 Replies to “Germany has major military ambitions for Europe: Links 2, June 21, 2018”

  1. 3- This means the IMF will bankroll the genocide of whites. It means the IMF will support the concept that no white land ownership in North America is justified over native land claims. It also shows that private money won’t touch markets so distorted by such command IMF economic meddling.

    • You got that right. It is probable that they will support the seizure of land in Europe to give to the invaders in payment for colonization. We are living through the combination of all of the dystopian future novels ever written.

    • It’s quite disturbing. The only satisfaction in the story is the new Black owners won’t be able to keep the farms profitable and running up to par. A profitable farm is not easy work.

      Without the expertise of the Whites, they’ll end up relying on foreign aid for food. Give it a few years and you’ll see. We already see it with the potable water in cities. They’re unable to think medium-term.

      God Bless the Israelis for helping them out. It will be quite interesting to follow the events.

      • Without the expertise of the Whites, they’ll end up relying on foreign aid for food. Give it a few years and you’ll see.

        South Africa is merely the summer repeats of Zimbabwe.

        Stick a fork in them. They’re done…

        We already see it with the potable water in cities. They’re unable to think medium-term.

        As I keep on squawking about, water poverty will drive some of the ugliest confrontations short only of the Arable Land + Water = Food Security Equation™.

        It is almost impossible to adequately plan around people who are semi-retarded. There is no reliable way to anticipate the near- or long-term actions of, what (intellectually) amounts to, a bag of hair.

        Communist China understands this and is remapping Africa like a freshly gerrymandered Democrat precinct in Southside Chicago.

  2. 7- A defacto German army run by neomarxists/fascists. What can possibly be wrong with this? Shouldn’t someone give NATO a dingaling and tell them about the enemy within?

    • From comments made during the campaign I think Trump recognized the danger of the EU but the rest ot the national leaders in NATO (in Western Europe) seem to be OK with Germany taking over Europe.

      Remember that video I posted a week or so ago by a Canadian who said that WWIII would be the US, Russia and Eastern Europe against Western Europe. The news coming out daily are supporting his idea.

      • History repeating itself. Never twice without thrice. EU is the big problem. If countries return to their original currency and abandon the Euro, It will collapse, give it time.

        • Never twice without thrice.

          Dear Sassy, there are few better epitaphs which should be carved into Western Civilization’s tombstone. Echoing down the corridors of (what passes for) Western Communist “Thought” will be the interminable, plaintive cries of, “It just hasn’t been done right, yet!”.

          We’re well past Utopian Communism Rev 3.0 and, so far, all this useless wad of preachy crap seems to do is throw more bodies into the meat grinder.

          Please correct me if I’m wrong.

          We now return you to your regularly scheduled content.

  3. RE; # 2 First the land then their lives, a shocking state of affairs. What could be done but they would ever go for it is a development of new farming lands and government irrigation and agriculture projects .

  4. One Card to Rule Them All

    If this video gives you gooseflesh, it means that you’re a MERE FEW DECADES behind the times.

    If at all possible, please consider renting or whatever is required to watch

    Much like, “Minority Report”, it is (thankfully without Hopping Crom Tuise), a startlingly prescient account of what awaits an unprotesting society that’s willing to accept continuous, 24/07/365&1/4 surveillance.

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