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8 Replies to “it is a serious risk to underestimate the ambitions of Turkey’s Erdogan”

  1. I hope Putin can ride the tiger he is setting on and control both Iran and Turkey, I hope that but am afraid that he won’t be able to control both of them.

    • Iran will be O.K. There’s an ongoing quiet people’s revolution. The mullahs will leave. Since January, Trump has been supporting the Iranians. Something happening behind the curtain.

      Turkey is another story. Putin has no hold on crazy Erdogan, the latter being quite capable of having his opponent assassinated via the military, regardless of who is elected.

      On a positive note, most countries fear Erdogan and Turkey’s economy will not improve if Erdogan is reelected. Turkey’s economy relies heavily on foreign investments.

  2. Erdogan is a bug in islamic world. Islam want all. Erdogan is just opportunist. If Erdogan is dead, there are 1 bil mulims to take his place.

  3. Despite Senate Opposition, Turkey Still to Receive F-35s

    Despite the US Senate voting overwhelmingly to block the sale of the advance F-35 fighter jet, Turkey is still set to receive the jet this week at a ceremony in Texas.

    “Lockheed Martin will hold a rollout ceremony for Turkey this Thursday in Fort Worth, and the two jets will follow-on to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona at a later date,” said Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, reported CNN.

    “Turkish F-35 pilots and maintainers have arrived at Luke Air Force Base and will begin flight academics soon,” he added.
    The military-industrial complex uber-alles.
    (We’re also continuing to arm Iran’s puppet Lebanese Armed Forces, shady deals.)

  4. Anyone who still believes that elections can still save Turkey from Erdogan’s Islamic state is delusional.

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