Increasingly there is the appearance of special, or no rules, for muslims

Yesterday we posted on the standards of desecration of religious symbols, where a British man was killed for a bacon sandwich while serving a year prison term, while a muslim who delivered some  Indian takeaway to a Christian home got exactly nothing at all for actual vandalism of property of the family’s Cross.

Video below again:

Another example of selective enforcement, or more commonly called a ‘double standard’ happened this past week in Germany.

Germany has, wrongfully in my opinion, the most harsh laws against Holocaust denial.

If anyone wants to know what is true about that period of history, the Nazis were meticulous record keepers and there is more evidence of what took place there than most historical events of the 20th century, And if people wish to invent its non existence, no amount of evidence will suffice but forcing one belief will certainly add gravitas to their cause.

On top of that, people critical of Islam or mass muslim immigration in Germany have found themselves visited by police and worse. Many have been arrested for stating their opinions on social media where they are critical of islam or critical of government policies favouring islam.

And then we have this:

German rappers anti-Semitism lyrics probe dropped

Two German rappers will not be prosecuted after an outcry over lyrics about Auschwitz and the Holocaust.


Critics attacked Kollegah and Farid Bang for comparing their muscular bodies with those of Auschwitz inmates, and suggesting a new Holocaust.


But prosecutors said the artistic freedom was guaranteed by the constitution.


The gangsta rap lyrics, while offensive, did not amount to Holocaust denial or inciting violence, they said.

Düsseldorf prosecutor’s office spokesman Ralf Herrenbrück told German media that while the genre might be vulgar, misogynistic and homophobic, it would not be possible to bring charges.


The controversy surrounding the duo centres on two lines in their latest album JBG3 (Young, brutal, good looking 3).

One track includes the words: “My body is more defined than those of Auschwitz inmates.”

Another has the lyric: “I’m doing another Holocaust, coming with the Molotov.”

And so we see even more clearly how this whole thing works from this example than most.

For muslims, all the constitutional guarantees and freedoms of law apply. But for the indigenous, and non-muslim and non communist people of Europe, all the little unconstitutional hate crimes laws and an endless list of highly interpretable set of regulations apply such that we have in effect sharia.

Muslims can say and do as they want, and the rest of us are…



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34 Replies to “Increasingly there is the appearance of special, or no rules, for muslims”

  1. That’s right, Eeyore. There is much to learn from the Chinese: Everything has its opposite in it and is inseparably linked to it (symbiolised in ying and yang). Everywhere, where something seems to us exaggerated (embarrassing love of order, prudery etc.) suggests the suspicion that an opposite move is unconsciously effective. A bald head becomes more recognizable the more one tries to comb it over with the last hair.

    What am I getting at? The worse this cultlike substitute religion becomes with the Holocaust, the stronger the forces that consider it all hocus-pocus. When memorials and museums are erected in every place, it automatically and instinctively inspires mistrust. Especially since all the perpetrators have long since bit the dust. Far-Easterners would say it is time to relax, because pressure creates counterpressure.

    Yesterday I leave over the SS Cap Arcona, which was sunk by the Brits. Thousands of concentration camp inmates aboard. Apparently a “mistake” of the bomber pilots, because German civilians were to be killed. Have these pilots and their commanders ever been called to account? Or is the act justified by the fact that one wanted to bring about “good”?
    “The opposite of good is well-intentioned”, said Kurt Tucholsky who was a persecutee of the Nazi-Regime. Oliver Stone and Peter Kurznick (both Jewish) say the atomic bombs on Japan were completely arbitrary and pointless.

    If one always poking in a wound, it will never heal. In the teaching that the Holocaust “must never happen again”, there is an imputation that it would happen without this teaching. This is a devaluation that declares people to be minor children. People feel the regression and defend themselves against it, partly with absurd theories and actions. So, Eeyore, your words in God’s ears. After all, 25 percent of your readers come from Israel.

    • “If one always poking in a wound, it will never heal.”

      The memory of the dehumanization and slaughter of the Jews, is a memory that every person should learn about: Force any person to be a kufar by beliefs or privileged by physical attributes, deploying sacrosanct laws to make some more equal than others – is Collectivism. Pack Socialism or Herd Socialism.

      The fact that 6-million Jews dying is possibly a religiously relevant figure them, (and was also claimed in the First World War), does not detract from this behavior. Only to a muslim and other fascists is this zealous support of Zionism excruciatingly vexing.

      Thank goodness for Israel. Rotten cowardice for Pakistan.

      “Everything has its opposite in it and is inseparably linked to it.”

      The classic Kinsey Scale deception. The soulless do not have a soul. There is no link.

      “After all, 25 percent of your readers come from Israel.”

      Your Jew-hatred is clear Bernd. Please do not hide it. Be clear with your motives. A smokescreen of pseudointellectualism is not required.

    • Bernd if you are a holocaust denier/antisemite then have the guts to say so or fuck off. WRT the Ancona the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff by a soviet submarine was far worse. Mistakes do happen in wartime and the US navy did the same to allied POWs in the pacific. Germany received exactly what it deserved in WW2 and tough if you do not like it. Germany made it obvious after Warsaw and Rotterdam and Coventry and London that civilians are perfectly acceptable targets (and 10x greater in the east) yet people like you whine constantly when you copped it back. When Germany won in France , Poland, Holland and Belgium it was conqueror’s rules, so perhaps Germany should have won the war if they did not wish to be held to account for their war crimes.

      • I have few questions. Did jews contributed to their own tragedy ? Were they absolutely with no guilt and whole Europe just got insane against them ? Many times in history ? How come many times in history jews had this fate ? What was the reason ?
        If Europe get insane this time against muslims, who’s fault is ?
        As I do know for a fact, what happened to jews was grotesque and brutal. But I also heard from old people stories about this. In old times jews were having social behavior sometimes similar to what muslims do today. After 1946, jews in Europe did changed very much as social behavior. I don’t know if I must blame only europeans for what happened to jews, but I know for a fact, without fire there is no smoke. Now…if you think I am a jews hater, that will explain a lot.

        • Rubbish!….that comment is not even worthy of dissection. As for comparing the behaviour of Jews then and muslims now? that is IDIOTIC and shows how little you know and understand.

          • So, there was never about loyalty to the coutry they lived in, there was not the case of parallel society following own rules, there was not about using international connection with other Jewish groups in order to control trade and finance, and is totally untrue the fact that jews and gypsies were first enrolled in communist party, it is a lie that in my country communism was implemented by Jewish cominternists and agents from USSR, and they were most merciless communists, it is fake the fact that jews were many times involved in espionage against their adoptive countries for the right amount of money? I know, not all jews were the same, some jews were recognised as real help during first world war and they received medals for this. History noted them. I am happy to know that all things are untrue. Idiotic untrue. Thank you.

            • Your colours are showing and very obviously. I think that you really need to up your knowledge a little. Let me test you?
              A question: why are Jews always portrayed in western mythology as being so mercenary? Shakespeare’s Shylock is the prime example.

              • And what that color is ?
                You jump to easy at conclusion.
                You are mistaken eastern ortodox christians with western christians.
                You are mistaken countries who fought against islam for almost 1000 years and remained christian with western countries protected by easterner’s sacrifice who cheat and sold the east christians.
                And Shylock want to be what ? A way to provoke me ?
                We can’t change the past. Good and bad in history, remain in history. We can accept or not the history. But we can build the future according to what we learned from the past, avoiding doing the same mistakes.

              • In order to end this discussion, I will tell you the colors I’m showing.
                My country was ally of Germany during the second world war. Against soviet danger, was the only option. My country was the only ally of Germany that refused to send jewish minority to Hitler, to be “reeducated” at Birkenau or Auschwitz. When Hitler saw that, decided to send his own troops to collect the jews. In few days, during winter, army of my country had to move as many jews possible to a isolated region near the border with USSR, in improvised camps, in order to avoid any contact between SS troops and jews. During that period, between 12.000 and 15.000 (some say 20.000, probably…many jews from Hungary crossed the border to survive) died.
                Now…the jewish minority in my country before and after the war, was almost the same as numbers. If my country executed Hitler’s orders, only 20.000 would be alive if we are optimistic. We are talking about 600.000 – 700.000 people who survived.
                The national anthem of Israel is a song from my country.
                Well…how about this color ?
                So, even if you are jewish, that finger you point on me telling “antisemit”, I suggest you to use it for something else.
                Try to not loose your friends. Think.

                • I have no time for western Christianity and if I were a Christian it would be Russian orthodox or Coptic…the reasons are complex.Seeing as you dodged the question I will answer it: they were mercenary because they had no choice. they were not allowed into the professions and were not allowed to own land. In addition because of the frequent pogroms, they had to be packed ready to move at a moments notice and so instead of the usual paraphernalia that one carries, they took only gold coins and precious stones as with these they could bribe. This made money lending the only sane way with gold and silver smithing not far behind. A Millennium of selection took place here and only those with financial nous survived. I find it so strange that those who insult/dislike Jews are the very descendants of those who made them like this. I do not disagree with 90% of what you posted (Bulgaria?) but you cannot hide your anti-Semitic first post. Jews have NEVER been aggressive in the west or the east as the pogroms taught them that they should never give anyone an excuse for such. Muslims? Just look around. You do not have to like Jews to be their ally here as this is a war. I wont waste any more time on this.

  2. My body is more defined than those of Auschwitz inmates.
    My heart is more refined than immigrant ingrates.
    My soul is more behind the asses of primates.
    My destiny to find the Muther that this relates.

  3. These absurd word creations aren’t even funny. “Kollegah” is supposed to be some kind of Afro-American slang version of the word Kollege (colleague). “Felix Blume was born to a Canadian father and German mother. Blume came in contact with Islam through his Algerian stepfather. He converted to the religion in the same year.”

    Blume (not to be confused with Jewish Blum/Bloom) is in fact a German name according to Wiki, but he looks more like an Oriental. A few years ago so-called rapper Bushido (better Bullshito) was passed from politician to politician as an “intern” in the Bundestag, absurd! Still no AfD. Everyone knew that his Lebanese “Abu Chaker” clan were violent mafiosis and criminals. (Btw: What an insult to all Scots to call such human filth “clans”!)

    A few years ago a so-called rapper named “King Orgasmus One” was on TV in a dispute with lesbian chief feminist Alice Schwarzer, who is responsible for millions of abortions but at least positions herself against Islam now. In “African-American” rap everything is apparently allowed that is otherwise forbidden: antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia, glorification of violence war and genocide, Holocaust denial” etc.

  4. In former times dark-skinned foreigners were offen called “Kanaks”, today a term, which is forbidden publicly. Only Kanaks can call themselves Kanaks. It the same with the N-word in America.

    But obviously this insanity isn’t enough. Left/green “pedagogues” have raised the so-called ethnolect “Kanak Sprak” to a kind of enriching “cultural language”. An insult to every common sense.

    That “ghetto slang” sounds like adults talking with baby sounds.

    For example: Instead of “I go to school” in Kanak Sprak “I go school”. Instead of “I’ll kill you” in Kanak Sprak “I make you knife/kickbox/hospital” and so on.

    If you want to know where all the violence, primitivity and stupefaction came from, you only need not look at their representatives: Lefts and Muslims. With such embarrassing fools, no resource-poor country like Germany can maintain its position as an industrial and scientific location.

  5. Something interesting for English speaking audience: Evil feminist whitch Schwarzer (who hates men and herself) against German-Jewish Esther Vilar. Esther had to flee Switzerland because she was threatened with death by feminists, after publishing a book that, unlike the liberal-feminist mainstream, defended men and denied women their eternal love of beeing “victims of patriarchy”, which is historically flawlessly deceived.

    But the clou still comes: Schwarzer insults Vilar during the dispute as a “fascist” (which shows that aggression is mostly paired with stupidity). She also insulted later the German-Jewish photographer Helmt Newton as “fascist”, because he allegedly “portrayed women as objects”.

    Another absurdity: An erotic portal has revealed feminists love porn.

    Now it’s official:

    Today I read about German porn king Thylmann, who also controls his companies from Canada. But that’s another story.

  6. The arbitur of funny
    His nose a little runny
    His mouth intense and gummy
    Said “shut-up you oaf! No place for play here. I will be king and only I sing!”
    He grumbled away thinking how could they dare
    To offer any play
    Under the counter-jihad glare.

    • As per Michelle’s and my clear intended direction to the person displaying a hidden passive-agression:

      “Your Jew-hatred is clear Bernd. Please do not hide it. Be clear with your motives. A smokescreen of pseudointellectualism is not required.”

      “Bernd if you are a holocaust denier/antisemite then have the guts to say so or fuck off. ”

      Will you please identify your target?

  7. People like Ramzpaul are fanatics and extremists, unlike me. They are just as paranoid as those who accuse me of subliminal “hatred of Jews”. Normally you shouldn’t deal with trolls.

    I mean, everyone has the right to demonstrate his or her stupidity as best he or she can. We’re (still) a free countries. Bt it seems to me that smart minds are becoming increasingly rare, a sign of the times (“Zeitgeist”).

    I don’t know what “hate” really means. Probably some kind of generalization. That feeling is basically strange to me. Hate is for people who don’t experience love in life.

    I don’t care what someone looks like, what color of skin he has, what religion he belongs to, what sexual orientation, even what political direction his opinions are.

    Of course I do not want Europe to become Muslim, that would be a step backwards in its development. But if that should happen, I will not faint now. There are more important things than stopping the doom of the world, e.g. living.

    • “Pseudo-intellectualism” sounds like the expression of an inferiority complex. Known above all by the Nazis, who despised and rejected “Jewish intellectualism”.

      I am not interested in intellectuality, only (life) experience, wisdom, maturity. Music is the space between the notes. Buddhists teach to interrupt the ego, which expresses itself as a spiral of thoughts and represents only a mask of personality (C.G. Jung). To come into feeling with oneself is much more important than “thinking”.

      Eloquence is an art, but rhetorical speakers are suspicious to me. By which I mean exactly what is imputed to me: to accuse others of evil or even deliberately evil.
      I don’t have a “target” either. Aims and wishes at best. But only on a personal level: the further development as a human being. Here it is assumed that I am running a kind of “secret agenda”. That kind of deliberate malice is foreign to me.

      I don’t care whether “the Jews rule the world”. Even if it were as “anti-Semites” and conspiracy theorists claim, my goal is neither to mount them nor to refute them. Whether Jews rule the world is not the subject of my life and not a question I am concerned with.
      I don’t care about Jews as much as I care about Congolese or Brazilians. Since I do not study the Bible, I do not read the Torah or the Talmud. I’m not interested in what’s written in it. Just as I’m not interested in the Koran.

      Dogmatism is an abomination to me. But I’m often suspicious for dogmatists. I often talk to them “too freely” of any convention (today called political correctness).

      Do you have to be a “philosemite” to no longer be considered an “anti-Semite” these days? That would be a development that I believe is dangerous for our freedom.
      I am an observer of the world in which I find myself. I cannot more than describe it and contribute my thoughts to it. As long as the world thinks in “we” and “the others” categories, it is on the wrong track.

      If Muslims want to live their faith, they should, but not at our expense. They should not establish a caliphate here. I’m not a multiculturalist. When Jews promote multiculturalism (for whatever reason), I do not welcome it. But not because they’re “Jews”, because I am not interested in their “Jewishness” (whatever that means).

      As far as I am informed, however, the representatives of multiculturalism in the western world are not (only) Jews. Of course, there are Jewish intellectuals in the media. But to ignore all the other “gentiles” who destroy their own cultures means probably to be an anti-Semite.

      • Bernd, I called you pseudo intellectual – which you have now equated as the attitude of the Nazis towards “Jewish intellectualism”.

        This would not be the first retort to spring to mind to react to someone claiming that there was no masculinity in them, (that they were separated from their father on earth as in heaven).

        You claim the equivalence of Jewish Intellectual in you and the National Socialist in me. The fake-female taking his mother’s place victimized by the fake-male standing in his father’s place. You accuse me of fascism.

        Yet, all those who are so femaled, (having surrendered their souls for peace), will always call anyone with a father within them a fascist. The voice heard – they had rejected and did not want waking up – to rekindle the loneliness buried deep inside. Running and reaffirming themselves outwardly to escape from it.

        “I don’t care about Jews as much as I care about Congolese or Brazilians.”

        The evidence clearly presented here Bernd, is that you do. The head does not match the heart: this is the disconnect is termed “pseudo intellectualism.”

        Counter-intuition, to be fully aware, is to see with the very two brain hemispheres in your head. All I perceive, is the one-eyed king among the blind trying to dominate with memorization of the books they read and did not understand. Trawing and grooming for victims to be impressed.

        You skip and flit superficially like a magpie, and believe this is diverse-thinking. But it is not. It is deflection and avoidance of reality.

        To such a person Islam is OK – because it has no soul. There is no conviction of conscience in Islam. Only submission. It remains counterfeit and brittle. A Pride like all Prides. To earn the Rewards in Heaven of eternal female and boy sex-joining. Exchanging a sense of life out of them for the child not within them. Heads chopped off from the neck up. Life and direction only from their hips.

        However, Judaism is not O.K. Because G_d resides in you. Man does not live by bread alone. Their evolution into Sons of God.

        “When Jews promote multiculturalism (for whatever reason), I do not welcome it.” … “…to ignore all the other “gentiles” who destroy their own cultures means probably to be an anti-Semite.” And yet what of the other Jews who clearly hold the opposite view? What then? Accuse them them of being racists?

        So until you are born again, with the two eyes you came with, to repent and go out face your tyrant, to forgive to separate from them, to become truely master of yourself, to remove all behavioral-addictions for 40 days and nights, then nothing I wrote made any sense.

        But it is a pleasure to reveal such a creature that should be thrown into the pigs.

      • The “them” and “us” mentality is easily observed.

        The Followers of the Way were taught to present their message, and if declined, dust off their sandals and move on.

        The muslims to present theirs, and if declining to submit, cut off heads.

        The Socialists likewise. They imprison non-adherents for fabricated Hate Crimes and then their Communist masters torture and kill.

        The Sexuals just knock on your door and demand your innocent children.

        There is no them and us. Only the blind who cannot see, and if set free, stop interfering with everyone else’s lives. To make not only a freedom for themselves, but also for their neighbors.

        “Jesus says: “Let him who seeks cease not to seek until he finds: when he finds he will be astonished; and when he is astonished he will wonder, and will reign over the universe!”

        So as you have not understood the New Testiment in the tumultuous setting it was in, I will link to the story of Legion, a man with a personality disorder. That he was cured by a person with a soul, is the power of someone with their own voice taking control of someone without theirs.

        No them and us. Only the rabid and the sick to be healed; and it’s only when they want it are they ready to be courageous and face their triggers. Not until then.

  8. Once again the troll shifts the conversation from what was started.

    As I keep saying the rule of law is dead in all European nations and dying in Canada and the US, the left with their identity politics has forced us back to tribalism and once again some tribes have more freedom then others. As the Western Nations drift towards kinetic civil wars we all must remember that after vicious civil wars caused by one group depriving another group their rights there is revolutionary courts that deal out victors justice. In the long run the forces of freedom will win and the Marxist groups and their useful idiots will be in line for victors justice.

    • “Once again the troll shifts the conversation from what was started.”

      This behavior is ridiculous and unworthy of an adult man. In this indirect way, women talk to and about each other, on the quiet and behind closed doors, because they’re afraid of an open confrontation and communication. Trolls want to mob and bully.

      People who have no arguments but still want to collect “points” at the expense of others “talk” like this. Apparently, you’re afraid of something. But that’s not my problem. That’s your problem. No one could take that seriously, only despise it. How to master the Muslim plague with this kind teenager demeanor remains a great mystery.

  9. So to the matter at hand: the muslim standing right outside you door.

    There is no ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’
    There is not even ‘love your god with all your strength, mind, heart and soul.’

    Just a blind submission, never to look up at his bosses, only to look down at every kufar and be king.

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