US to leave the UN HRC at last: Links 1, June 16, 18

1. US to leave the UN “Human Rights Council” imminently.

(Just when you thought President Trump was out of amazing things to do!)

The U.S. is pulling its membership from the United Nation’s Human Rights Council, and cites alleged discrimination against Israel, one of America’s allies.


The U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced the decision this week following previous disputes with the organization over what she calls, “chronic anti-Israel bias,” according to new reports.


Most recently, the Ambassador was one of the few representatives opposing a measure which requested an official investigation into allegations accusing Israel of excessive force.


In December, Haley chastised members of the group for voting in favor of a proposed measure which would have condemned President Trump, regarding his move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


“The United States will remember in which it was singled-out for attack in the General Assembly, for the very act of expressing our right as a sovereign nation,” she said last year, regarding the President’s relocation of the U.S. embassy.

(Please click through and read it all)

2. The following video is correct in its premise. Oz-Rita has been following German news closely and has felt for days that her government and Merkel herself could fall any hour.

3. Muslim protester who hit police officer at Tommy Robinson rally spared jail.

(One of the issues of the EDL under Tommy Robinson was the clear and disgusting, even criminal double standards in law in favour of muslims and against any point of view that reflected British culture and people as they had always been. This is one of the finest examples of that I have seen so far. Imagine if someone dressed to indicate support of what is called, “A far right” position was to clobber a cop with a big stick that was clearly carried for dual purposes. A weapon and a walking stick. We all know it would be years of unpleasant custody inside. But this devout muslim who joined an existing fight gets no jail because the nature of the demonstration was objectionable to muslims. Well I have two words.)

4. Iran still uses a rational definition of feminism. In the West, its part of the cultural-Marxist attack strategy, where every person not a white-straight-male is supposed to form a civilization killing super majority that will be to the detriment of all constituent identities whether they know it or not.

5. The FBI probably need a full overhaul, or possibly dissolution and a new agency with checks and balances as part of the structure.


Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, EB., and SO many more who have been fantastic about watching for news with meaning of important events and sending them in.

The US leaving the UN HRC is so reasonable it almost seems surreal. Most of the world is content with what seems rather than what is and get quite agitated when someone tries to inform them of the truth gap. One might expect that this is a historical constant.

So there will be sputum from people over this, because they refuse to look at who President Trump really is or what the UN HRC really does. But if Trump can survive this onslaught long enough the new meme will eventually take.

One of the previous GOP presidential candidates somewhere in the last 15 years suggested leaving the UN altogether and forming a new, League of Democratic Nations with the G8 + India and Brazil, if memory serves. It always struck me as a good idea in general.

More to come today.

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    Drunken police attack refugee: 14 months prison sentence

    Police insulted and attacked an asylum seeker on a trip to Augsburg. One of the officers is now facing jail. That’s how the trial went.

    Ibrahim A.* 25, a dark-skinned refugee from Senegal, sat quietly in front of a cup of tea that late evening of September 21, 2016 in the McDonalds snack restaurant on Königsplatz. Then a group of five men and a woman came to his table. Some, visibly drunk, sat down with him without question, chatted loudly. Because the African did not make room for the rest of the group, there was an argument. A 43-year-old man from the group pressed a bitten “hamburger” into the refugee’s face and shouted “Black man, go home”. A little later the 25-year-old was attacked even further in front of the restaurant. The shameful scenes, more reminiscent of an attack of racist hooligans, caused an extremely unpleasant surprise when the police arrived: the group were police colleagues from Giengen an der Brenz in Baden-Württemberg.

    The B-shift of the inspection was on a so-called “community event”, i.e. a humid and cheerful excursion, in the Fuggerstadt. For two of the officers, the attack on the refugee now has serious consequences: Criminal Justice Baptist Michale sentenced the main offender, 43, a police superintendent, to 14 months in prison for insulting him and several assault offences – without parole. If the conviction becomes final, the policeman is automatically removed from the civil servant relationship. A second vigilante, 40, has to pay a fine of 14,400 euros (240 daily rates of 60 euros each) for attempted dangerous assault and insult and would therefore also have a criminal record. Disciplinary disciplinary measures are also underway against both police officers.

    The process was already scheduled for November 2017. However, the “principal witness” of the prosecution, the refugee, was missing. Also with the new edition of the procedure. The Senegalese living in Kissing has disappeared without trace – allegedly for fear of having to testify against police officers. His testimony before the Augsburg CID after the incident was therefore now read out in court. The official, now sentenced to prison, later apologized to Ibrahim A. in writing and offered him a “compensation payment” of 250 euros. The Senegalese accepted the apology, but had the money transferred to Caritas for the Kissing Asylum Circle.

    The accused police superintendent only partially acknowledged the accusations made by public prosecutor Yvonne Möller. During the shift excursion they drank beer on the train, later visited a brewery and then some bars. “There was a lot of alcohol flowing, there was an exuberant atmosphere.” Before going to the hotel, they wanted something to eat at McDonald’s. Because colleagues had no seat yet, he said to the Senegalese: “Are you almost done?” But he didn’t understand German, he just looked in surprise. He must have misunderstood something, jumped up, built himself up in front of him. Yeah, then he put a bitten hamburger to his head. “It was a drop-out, I’m ashamed of this action.”

    However, further events remained controversial. As Judge Michale finally stated in the verdict, the chief commissioner then followed the refugee outside, using the restaurant tray to hit the 25-year-old’s head, but he was able to fend him off. When a colleague stepped in and apparently wanted to move the refugee away, the 43-year-old injured the defenceless victim with a punch in the face. The chief commissioner and the second accused then followed the fugitive, had tried to kick him in the heels. Further insults have been made.

    The chief commissioner claims that he “just waved the tray around”, but did not hit it. Whether he had then also struck with the fist, he could not “swear”. The fugitive had been pursued in order to “finally have peace”.

    Several officials involved in the excursion at that time were obviously anxious not to burden the accused in their testimonies. Judge Michale: “None of the colleagues looked so closely anymore, rather looked away if it was punishable”. At least in the last act, the pursuit of the Senegalese in the direction of Fuggerstrasse, the statements of neutral witnesses were available to the court – two taxi drivers and a hotel guest.

    Public prosecutor Möller also noticed the statement behavior of the police colleagues: “Whenever it became critical, they had conspicuous memory gaps. She had demanded prison sentences of 16 months for the High Commissioner and one year for the co-defendant. The two defenders Walter Martinek and Frank Sanwald criticized the interrogation methods of the Augsburg police and did not see the whole event so dramatically. Martinek considered a fine appropriate for the chief commissioner, because “virtually nothing happened.” His lawyer colleague demanded an acquittal for the co-defendant.

    After the incident, the affected officers of the B-layer of the Giengen police had been transferred. The Augsburg investigators had found that the convicted chief commissioner apparently has an antipathy towards refugees anyway. On “Facebook” he had shared an AfD poster directed against the Chancellor and refugees. The judgment is not final. That’s why the policeman doesn’t have to go to prison for the time being. The official will probably appeal the verdict. *Name changed

    (PS: While terrorists, killers and rapists are at large.)

    • Truth: To find out what a man really thinks, get him drunk.
      I imagine he represents the opinion of most police officers of the area.

    • If there was no muslim ‘refugee’ who travelled all the way from Sinegal to Germany, there would be no accusation of racism.

      Troubles only come when you bring them into your home.

      Because things don’t seem to add up. The Catholic Charity, the translated into German written-accusation, the not appearing in court to be cross-examined, the reward money appearing to go back to the charity, and his sudden reappearance – no longer afraid of the police.

      Bernd, you brought this to the table. There are two possible questions depending on the fruit before me:
      1. Were there third-party witnesses, (not the friends), who saw the event unfolding, fo which the German Media or the German court did not investigate?
      2. Does it make you horney, baby, does it? Because there is only she said he said here.

    • The question that arises is: What does Switzerland want with sub-Saharan beggars who neither bring money nor earn money nor spend money, but only want to be completely supplied in order to establish their primitive Stone Age cult called “Islam” here, when even this little princess and diva is so dissatisfied?

      • This question of “sub-Saharan beggars,” is only in your head, Bernd.

        This was not in the video you posted. And there is no one here on this blog who sees anyone by their genetics, only by their slave-mentality for Dhimmitude, Comradeship, and Sexual Perversions. These three fake identities substituted into them by fear from their masters. Abuse children.

        Your trolling and trawling therefore for Hate Crimes is tiresome. What agency you belong to: Special-Person Interest Groups, Government or just a Dissociation of Affection individual, you are not the first or the last here to fake an ‘alt-right’ viewpoint, which you can’t do properly. An SJW attempt.

        There are no pedophiles to be found here. The emotional immaturity of Islam, Marxism and Sexual Identity are the only three who get turned on by vulnerable children. They rape in gangs, passing around horse tranquilizers.. Please go to their websites. You advance nothing in the pusuit to discover why they all look alike, sound alike and act alike. The evidence of souls missing.

    • Sorry, Swiss-Canadian, you’re just second class:

      “This house is gonna appeal a lot to maybe a Russian buyer,
      Middle-East buyer and Asian buyer that wants Mink covered
      walls and probably the best security to find anywhere in the world.”

      The only thing that helps is to marry a Russian oligarch
      or an oil sheikh. Because East Asians won’t marry you.


      Berlin worries about Islamic criminals

      (Photo: Justice Senator Heilmann in a “prison cell”)

      The Berlin Senate wants to focus more on the concerns of Islamic criminals in the future. An “Advisory Council for the Religious Care of Muslim Prisoners” was founded for this purpose.

      “Our aim is to further improve religious care for Muslim prisoners. In addition to the imams, who have already been working in the institutions for several years, and the Friday prayer in Tegel, the advisory board is another important pillar in order to consolidate and continuously expand the offer,” said Justice Senator Thomas Heilmann (CDU).

      Disproportionately many Muslims are in prison

      The committee will include representatives of the Islamic associations and communities in Berlin, the “Round Table for Foreign Prisoners”, the Berlin Islam Forum and the Berlin prisons. “The Advisory Board is a real and important enrichment. It helps to put our previous offers into a more structured form,” praised Heilmann.

      While Muslims make up about seven percent of the Berlin population, the Senate Administration for Justice estimates that the number of Muslims in prisons is three times as high at about 15 to 20 percent.

  2. If USA leaves HR, Canada will probably take its place. The media will glorify Justin and we can expect even more oppression.

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