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  1. Turkey: Thousands of Syrians head home for Eid celebrations

    Thousands of Syrian refugees and migrants crossed the Turkish border into Syria to celebrate Eid al-Fitr that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, as footage filmed near the southern Turkish province of Kilis on Monday shows.

    According to Turkish authorities, more than 74,000 Syrians completed special online registrations to be able to cross the Turkish border into Syria, with a reported 30,000 leaving on Monday morning alone.

    • Turkey: Thousands of Syrians head home for Eid celebrations

      So, Syria isn’t that incredibly, fü¢king dangerous for you “refugees” after all. Eh?

  2. Let’s not polish Saint Bobby Kennedy’s halo yet

    Stand by for a torrent of slobbering stories about Robert F. Kennedy as the 50th anniversary of his assassination approaches Wednesday.

    The main speaker at the official ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery will be Bill Clinton. I kid you not — Bill Clinton!

    Look, of course it’s terrible that RFK was murdered at the age of 42, leaving behind all those kids and Ethel pregnant with the last of them. But since his passing, there’s been even more historical revisionism about Bobby than with almost any of the other liberal icons.

    So, as the gushing from his fawning biographers like Comrade Chris Matthews of MSNBC begins, let’s remember a few things about St. Bobby.

    First of all, he was not going to be elected president in 1968. Vice President Hubert Humphrey had an insurmountable lead for the Democrat nomination.

    Another fact: Before Teddy got kicked out of Harvard for cheating, Bobby was getting expelled from Portsmouth Priory for … cheating. It’s a family tradition.

    More facts: As attorney general in 1963, RFK authorized the FBI bugs on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That’s why he lost the Oregon primary just before he was assassinated. Hoover dropped a dime on him, although of course Bobby had his reasons for signing off on that earlier FBI Spygate

    • More facts: As attorney general in 1963, RFK authorized the FBI bugs on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That’s why he lost the Oregon primary just before he was assassinated. Hoover dropped a dime on him, although of course Bobby had his reasons for signing off on that earlier FBI Spygate

      Too bad that RFK couldn’t have removed more of the Brasso from MLK’s halo.

      That Commie philanderer (despite his superb oratory … just like BHO) still managed to cause more harm than good. Just the sense of entitlement that he implanted in America’s minority communities set race relations back by decades.

  3. Press TV Leader: Nuclear agency must get ready for enrichment up to 190,000SWU as of tomorrow

    Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has ordered the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) to make preparations for enrichment of uranium up to a level of 190,000SWU without any delay.

    Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in a ceremony held at the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum in south Tehran to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the passing away of the founder of the Islamic Republic while talking about Iran’s nuclear deal with the P5+1 group of countries, which is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

    “It seems from what they say that some European governments expect the Iranian nation to both put up with sanctions and give up its nuclear activities and continue to observe limitations [on its nuclear program]. I tell those governments that this bad dream will never come true,” the Leader said.

    Stressing that the Iranian nation and government cannot tolerate to be both sanctioned and be put in the “nuclear custody,” Ayatollah Khamenei ordered the AEOI to take rapid steps to make preparations for starting uranium enrichment “up to a level of 190,000SWU for the time being within the framework of the JCPOA” and take other preliminary steps that the president has ordered from tomorrow.

    US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that Washington was walking away from the nuclear agreement, which was reached between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the US, Britain, France, Russia and China – plus Germany.

    Trump also said he would reinstate US nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose “the highest level” of economic bans on the Islamic Republic.

    Under the JCPOA, Iran undertook to put limits on its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related sanctions imposed against Tehran.

    Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader stated that all measures taken by enemies against the Islamic Republic were the result of their desperation and confusion in the face of the Islamic establishment.

    Enemy’s measures against the Islamic Republic show how desperate they are in their face-off with Iran rather than being a sign of their power, Ayatollah Khamenei said.

    The Leader added that the measures taken by enemies of the Iranian nation may slow down the forward march of the nation, but cannot stop its progress.

    Imam never felt weak, nor showed weakness in the face of enemies, but always stood against them with power, the Leader said adding that when dealing with enemies’ plots, Imam Khomeini never gave in to pure sentiments, but made his moves through well-calculated plans.

    Ayatollah Khamenei further noted that in dealing with enemies, the Islamic Republic of Iran gives priority to domestic potentialities and capabilities of the nation and has absolutely no trust in the enemy.

    “We are well aware of the enemy’s plot and disclose it to people,” the Leader said, mentioning economic, psychological and practical pressures as three major components of enemy’s plot against the Iranian nation.

    The main goal they seek through economic pressure and sanctions is not just to mount pressure on the Iranian government, but is to make the Iranian nation disillusioned with the Islamic establishment, the Leader said, adding that with God’s assistance and through efforts made by officials and people, the enemy will never achieve this goal.

    Ayatollah Khamenei stated that one of the psychological measures taken by enemies against the Iranian nation is to turn its strengths into challenges in order to strip the nation of those strengths.

    The Leader added that when Iran needed enriched uranium for medical purposes, enemies put all kinds of obstacles in the way of the nation to prevent it from achieving nuclear technology. However, the Leader said, Iranian youths managed to master this technology despite enemies’ efforts.

    Referring to Iran’s support for oppressed people of the world, especially the people of Palestine, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that supporting the oppressed is a source of credit for Iran in the world and the country will continue to back oppressed nations and resistance forces in region and support integrity of regional countries.

    As for enemies’ practical pressures on Iran, the Leader added that the main step taken by enemies in this regard is to stoke unrest by exploiting peaceful protests and gatherings that people may hold to give voice to their demands, stressing that Iranian people must remain vigilant in the face of enemies.

    This year’s ceremonies coincide with the holy month of Ramadan with hundreds of thousands of fasting Iranian Muslims descending on Imam Khomeini’s mausoleum south of the capital city Tehran.

    More than 300 foreign correspondents will be covering the event. Iran’s biggest airport, which is named after Imam Khomeini, will shut down for four hours from 16:00-20:00 hours local time while the ceremony is going on.

    Hundreds of foreign guests, including scholars and researchers, are also attending the ceremonies.

    Similar mourning processions are being held elsewhere across Iran, with the participants renewing their allegiance to the ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

    Born in 1902, Seyyed Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini grew to become the iconic leader of the Iranian nation’s struggle in the 1970s against the centuries-old monarchical tyranny.

    Imam Khomeini spearheaded a popular protest against the policies of the tyrannical Pahlavi regime, which was a key ally of the US. He was arrested and imprisoned in 1963 at a time of mounting protests. Upon release, he made a historic speech in the holy city of Qom, where he lambasted the “capitulation law” granting immunity to Americans on the Iranian soil.

    In the pre-Revolution era, Imam Khomeini spent more than 15 years in exile for his stiff opposition to the last monarch, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who the Imam believed was a lackey of the Western imperialist powers.

    While in exile, Imam Khomeini continued to guide the uprising against the Pahlavi regime, which culminated in the victory of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, 1979.

    In the April of the same year, Iranians took part in a national referendum for the country to become an Islamic Republic.

    Imam Khomeini passed away on June 3, 1989 at the age of 87.

    • Iran: Those who attack Iran will be hit ten times harder – Khamenei

      Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said that Iran had no intention of abiding by sanctions and giving up its nuclear activities, during a televised address in Tehran on Monday.

      “Statements made by some European states indicate that they expect the Iranian nation to both endure sanctions and to abandon their nuclear activities which are the undoubtedly future need of the country; and to live on with the restrictions already imposed. Let me tell these states that such disturbing dreams will not come true”,

      said Khamenei, as he addressed hundreds of thousands of people during a ceremony to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the death of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

      “Today our youths have become the number one missile power in the region. Iran will attack ten times more if Iran is attacked by enemy”, he added.

    • Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has ordered the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) to make preparations for enrichment of uranium up to a level of 190,000SWU without any delay.”

      Keep enriching … we’re reloading.

    • Imam Khomeini passed away on June 3, 1989 at the age of 87.

      DECADES after the actual expiration of his psychosocial shelf-life.

  4. Border Wall Construction BEGINS

    06/04/2018 Source: TTN by: TTN Staff

    he battle over funding for the border wall continues, but a bright spot has emerged. Customs and Border Protection has announced construction on the border wall has begun. In San Diego, a 15-mile stretch is getting revamped in order to prepare for the new wall that has been proposed.

    According to The Daily Wire:

    Although approval is still pending on the billions of dollars President Donald Trump needs to build a full border wall along the United States’ southern border with Mexico, work on a 15-mile section of “the wall” officially began on Friday.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection says they’re beginning improvements on a section of the border wall near San Diego, partly in preparation for the existing wall to connect with whatever new wall the Trump Administration has planned, Fox News reports.


    • Construction Begins On San Diego Section Of The Border Wall
      U.S. Customs and Border Protection began work on improving a 15-mile stretch of wall on Friday.

      Although approval is still pending on the billions of dollars President Donald Trump needs to build a full border wall along the United States’ southern border with Mexico, work on a 15-mile section of “the wall” officially began on Friday.

      U.S. Customs and Border Protection says they’re beginning improvements on a section of the border wall near San Diego, partly in preparation for the existing wall to connect with whatever new wall the Trump Administration has planned, Fox News reports.

      The current San Diego border wall was built in the 1990s with material left over from the 1960s and ’70s, including Vietnam War-era “recycled scraps of metal and old landing mat steel plates,” the Customs and Border Patrol told Fox. Since the “cross border threat has increased,” the wall will get an update over the next several months.

      The new wall will be a “bollard-style wall” that is twice as high as the existing wall. CBP is also installing what they call an “anti-climbing plate.”

        • Yes and no, there is already a wall and the new structure goes down as repairs to the existing wall. Having said that constructing the wall through Texas will take time but won’t be much more difficult then in California.

          • Too right, Richard!

            If accounts are properly kept, The Wall™ will go down as one of the best American investments in modern history.

            Remember, Mexico is the biggest loser in all of this current cross-border fluidity. This world needs millions of angry, jobless, young Mexican men bottled up in their home country so that they finally rise up and KILL their corrupt politicians and narco-warlords.

            Additionally, as I’ve noted elsewhere, the trophic cascade and ecological recovery that will occur around (functional) extended lengths of the wall will prove to be an environmentalist’s dream (except for all that “immigration” bull hockey they cling to like dryer lint).

    • Why Italy Is Flirting with Euro Exit and Spain Isn’t

      Easy peasey. No subscription needed.

      Please recall that Italy still has some remnant of a (wealth-creating) manufacturing base that Spain, essentially, never had in the first place.

      None of that naughty, usurious, Capitalistic investment for us, you profiteering Mediterranean bastids, you! We’d rather press olives, make cheap rustic wines, and frizzle tapas while other countries land on the farcking MOON!

      At least Italy had Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Moto Guzzi, Campagnolo, Masi, Bianchi, Cinelli, Pogliaghi and artistic design houses along with (oh, let’s just say): Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, Scarlatti, Clementi, and the castrati that put Madrid to permanent, utter shame; despite Andrés Segovia and all of their tasty small-plates, so there!

        • Don’t forget Beretta, Uberti and their custom gunsmiths that are among the best in the world.

          Nice addenda, Richard.

          The infamous lupara didn’t come outta nowhere.

      • Without Spain there would’ve been no Renaissance in “Italy”.
        What was “Italy”? City-states owned by – among others – the Spanish Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, etc.

        Castillian was the _first_ Romance Language: the first grammar written in 1492. [Ouch, a date that’s a Trigger!] Everything before was just gutter Latin or barbarian hoots & howls.

  5. Bill Clinton: I Wouldn’t Have Done Anything Differently After Cheating On My Wife
    June 4, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Hillary Clinton never broke a single glass ceiling in any kind of office. She wasn’t the first female secretary of state or senator (though her people tried to make it seem that way). And she wasn’t even the only leftist female presidential candidate the year that she was running. Or the only one venally corrupt one.

    But she was the first First Lady to do the “stand by your man” thing after he cheated on her. That’s the glass ceiling that Bill broke for her. And he wouldn’t have done anything differently.

    • Bill Clinton: I Wouldn’t Have Done Anything Differently After Cheating On My Wife

      However repugnant I consider infidelity to be, confronted with a hag like Hillary, I might just feel the same. Of course, the only problem being that Bill and Hill are peas (all urinary insinuations complimentary) from the same, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, pod.

      • Bill normally hides it better but he is a corrupt and slimy as Hillary. With them as parents Chelsea has to be a real nasty piece of work that so far hasn’t shown any sign of having two or three working brain cells.

        • … Chelsea has to be a real nasty piece of work …

          How to disempower her access to all those bazillions of Clinton Foundation bux is gonna be a major priority.

          As Frank Sinatra said about Nancy Reagan, “Dumb … Dumb and dangerous.”

  6. Tamika Mallory Tries to Morph from Anti-Semite to Anti-Zionist
    June 4, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Anti-Semites like to claim that they’re really anti-Zionists.

    But Tamika Mallory’s attempt to shed her anti-Semitic skin by bashing Israel has been a particularly awkward farce. The Women’s March leader ran into controversy palling around with Louis Farrakhan. Instead of condemning Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism, Mallory went on the offensive by getting the ADL allegedly fired from the Starbucks implicit bias training for criticizing her. (The new Starbucks policy is that you can’t kick out black people, but you can certainly kick out Jews.)

    Next up a tour of Israel to give her anti-Zionism some credibility.

    Except that Mallory clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. Her Israel bashing is simplistic and stupid even by the standards of a radical hate group that sticks to dumbed down slogans. Her remarks sound like they’re coming from someone who doesn’t care to do more than memorize the most basic talking points. And barely even bothered to do that.

    But that’s because Tamika Mallory doesn’t care about Israel.

  7. Scotland: “Quran Says Kill People Like You. We Will Kill You.”
    June 3, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Not much attention is paid to the rising Islamic influence in Scotland. Aside from the Glasgow Airport attack, there hasn’t been much in the way of terrorism. And so it’s flown under the radar.

    But it was the topic of one of my first Front Page Magazine articles.

    The likes of Osama Saeed and Hamza Yousaf are the SNP’s new defenders of Scottish values. Osama Saeed was also a Scottish National Party candidate and an adviser to Prime Minister Salmond.

    Osama Saeed, named one of Scotland’s Top 100 thinkers and opinion formers, wrote an article for The Guardian championing the return of the Caliphate. “A restored caliphate,” Osama explained, “is entirely compatible with democratically accountable institutions.” It would be just like the EU, except its leader would be called a Caliph, its law would be Sharia and if the US and Britain are really sincere about helping Muslims, they should support the restoration of the Caliphate.

    In an astoundingly short time, the Scottish National Party has gone from collaborating with Nazis, to collaborating with Islamists. Its talk of Scottish values has become a farce. SNP candidate Humza Yousaf took his oath of allegiance in the Scottish Parliament in Urdu. Jahangir Hanif became known as the Kalashnikov Councilor over a video of him firing an AK-47 in an armed camp in Pakistan. And the SNP has funneled hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Scottish Islamic Foundation

    • Not much attention is paid to the rising Islamic influence in Scotland.

      There’s an ancient Scottish saying:

      The hills, the Devil, and the MacArthur.

      Much like the superb Nepalese Ghurkas, I can only happily anticipate what happens when Muslims run hard up against the Queen’s Own McKamikaze Highlanders.

      (Footage to follow…)

      • It will become the first Sharia state in the UK as the population is so low. That and the certain unemployment are the main attractions for muslim parasites and you can add the lunatic Scottish nationals (still burning over bonnie prince Charlie and braveheart thx to Hollywood) and the Scottish socialists as helpers in this assisted suicide.

        • It will become the first Sharia state in the UK as the population is so low. That and the certain unemployment are the main attractions for muslim parasites and you can add the lunatic Scottish nationals (still burning over bonnie prince Charlie and braveheart thx to Hollywood) and the Scottish socialists as helpers in this assisted suicide.

          Wot in hell?

          You’d think that men who’re unafraid to wear skirts outside of the Vatican would be far less timid about causing such a much-needed ruckus.*

          *At least Bonnie Prince Charlie gave us the recipe for Drambuie™!

          What the fü¢k did Bailey’s Irish Cream ever do for us?!?


          Q: What does a true Scotsman wear beneath his kilt?

          A: HIS SOCKS!

      • A lot of Ghurkas that retire from the British Army take their families and settle in Scotland. The Moslems can run into both at the same time.

  8. Black Victimhood’s White Victims
    What racism in America really looks like.
    June 4, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    “I have a horrible story to bring you about a woman named Sherita Dixon-Cole,” Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King began.

    Dixon-Cole claimed that she had been sexually assaulted during a traffic stop by a Texas police officer. The story, like so many black victimhood myths about police officers, turned out to be a lie. Body camera footage conclusively disproved it. But by then the damage was done.

    The Root had posted a photo of the officer as part of a post alleging a racist culture of police rape. “Black women have always… found themselves at the intersection of state and sexual violence, because this country teaches men… that black women are disposable,” it insisted.

    Behind the pseudo-academic jargon of social justice were the same racial prejudices and tribal fears of victimized women that led to Emmet Till’s death. Only this time the races were reversed.

    And the vigilantes organized a cyber-lynching party by sending hate and abuse to a completely different Texas cop who shared the same last name.

  9. Bolton Calls Former Aide To NSC To Help Drain The Swamp
    Why the deep state is in hysterics over the appointment of Fred Fleitz.
    June 4, 2018
    Kenneth R. Timmerman

    National Security Advisor John Bolton, a Baltimorean who is no stranger to political street fights, has brought on board as his chief of staff former FoxNews political analyst Fred Fletiz.

    No sooner had the announcement hit the wires, than the pit bulls of the Left went on the attack.

    New York magazine called him, an “anti-Muslim wingnut.” The Council on American Islamic Relations, which has been identified in federal court documents as the U.S. branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, demanded his immediate removal. The Southern Poverty Law Center, itself identified as a hate group for its vilification of anything conservative, fumed that his appointment was “alarming” and identified him as the Vice-president of an “anti-Muslim hate group,” a referenced to the Center for Security Policy, which the SPLC has long vilified for its work to expose the advocates of Sharia law in America.

    So much vitriol, so quickly, should tip us off. Why are these harridans of the Left so hysterical over the appointment of a man well-known to FoxNews viewers for his measured and well-informed views?

    Simple. Because Fred Fleitz understands the bureaucracy. He knows where the bodies are buried. And he knows how the Deep State operates.

  10. Anti-Semitism On Full Display At Ben-Gurion Airport
    An academic specializing in “multiculturalism” shows her true, disturbing colors.
    June 4, 2018
    Ari Lieberman

    Holocaust imagery depicting man’s inhumanity to man generally evokes emotive responses that make us question the possibility of a repetition of such bestial behavior in the 21st century. It also evokes questions on how humanity can transform ignorance, bigotry and intolerance into murder and mass genocide.

    A particular disturbing Holocaust-era photo, among the many that I’ve seen, left an indelible impression on me. It depicts a barefoot orthodox Jewish man donning a pair of tefillin (phylacteries) and a tallit (prayer shawl). The man, who was almost certainly murdered shortly after the picture was taken, is surrounded by a group of amused German soldiers, possibly members of the notorious SS Einsatzgruppen, who appear to be reveling in the man’s misfortune and humiliation.

    An occurrence at Ben-Gurion International Airport this past week rekindled my memory of this image. The scene initially unfolded rather benignly with Rabbi Meir Herzl, the director of a Chabad house in the Jerusalem suburb of Pisgat Zeev, approaching businessman Gad Kaufman, and asking Mr. Kaufman if he would like to don tefillin and recite a short prayer.

    This is a rather common occurrence. Chabad routinely performs spiritual community outreach. Some of those who are approached waive them off with a polite smile while others just ignore them. On occasion, those approached respond positively and oblige, and this was the case with Rabbi Herzl’s interaction with Mr. Kaufman.

  11. The B-1 ‘Franken-Visa’ Nightmare
    The little-known visa program that is sabotaging American workers.
    June 4, 2018
    Michael Cutler

    It is important to give credit where credit is due. I have not been alone in voicing frustration over how the mainstream media rarely, if ever, provides accurate coverage about immigration-related issues. Today we will focus on an example of solid journalism.

    On July 31, 2017, CBS News posted an important and hard-hitting investigative news report titled, “Made in America: How the U.S. Auto Industry Was Built with Foreign Labor.” A YouTube video of the report was aired by CBS News under the title, “Foreign workers being used to build auto plants in the U.S.” It is a video that I urge you to watch.

    The CBS News report caught the attention of Paul Mitchell, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who, on May 16, 2018, issued a press release to announce a roundtable discussion into visa fraud that was predicated on the CBS News report.

    Immigration fraud was identified, by the 9/11 Commission as the key entry and embedding tactic for terrorists who sought to carry out deadly terror attacks in the United States. This concern served as the prediction for my recently published booklet, “Immigration Fraud: Lies That Kill.”

    Immigration fraud not only costs lives but American livelihoods.

    This is the brief press release:

    • S’okay. Just keep losing all of your competent emergency response professionals and see exactly where that nice little sh!t-stream takes you…

      Yoohoo, Sweden?!?

      Anyone paying attention?!?

      • Britain is a Third World Country and in Third World Countries political reliability trumps (no pun intended) all.

    • Italy’s deputy PM vows to ‘change EU rules’ with anti-immigration Hungary’s Viktor Orban

      ITALY’S new eurosceptic deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini revealed his intention to work together with anti-immigration leader Viktor Orban to “change EU rules” as fears among europhile Italy may close his borders grow.

      Anti-EU Lega leader Mr Salvini said earlier on Monday he had a “long and nice” call with Mr Orban.

      Speaking at a rally in Fiumicino, near Rome, to support the Lega candidate for the local elections taking place on June 10, he said: “Today I had a long and nice call with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who wished us all the best and with whom we are going to change the rules of this European Union.”

      This display of appreciation would, according to Mr Salvini, show that there is “a lot of support” abroad for the new government, which sworn in on Friday after more than 80 days of political deadlock.

      Mr Salvini, who is also Home minister, added: “We are trying to build a network with other countries of tranquility and safety, of peace and war on terrorism.”

      But a possible agreement between the eurosceptics in Italy and Hungary is set to upset many, including former Home secretary Marco Minniti, a member of the centre-left wing Democratic Party (PD) who already attacked the policies announced by the Lega-Five Star Movement coalition.

      On June 2 he said: “Italy has always cultivated the dialogue between East and West but has never been a country of the East neighbouring the West.

      “We can’t become like Hungary standing at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.”

      Mr Orban’s interest for Italy’s immigration policy doesn’t come as a surprise.

      In July last year he sent a letter to then-prime minister Paolo Gentiloni urging him to “close Italy’s ports” to limit the number of arrivals to the European coasts, a piece of advice that was fiercely rejected by the Italian PM.

      The Hungarian PM, who was re-elected by a landslide on April 8, is currently leading the anti-immigration front in Europe, dealing a series of blows to EU immigration policies that are upsetting the union.

      The leader of right-wing Fidesz approved last week a law punishing any individual or association, including non-for-profit ones, who are caught helping illegal migrants in the country.

      And in 2015 he ordered the construction of a wall between Hungary and Serbia to prevent migrants from entering his country’s borders.

    • FEB 2018 Budapest

      Giorgia Meloni incontra Viktor Orban a Budapest

      L’incontro a Budapest alla sede del Parlamento ungherese tra la Presidente di fratelli d’Italia e candidato premier Giorgia Meloni e il Primo Ministro di Ungheria Viktor Orban per parlare dei rapporti tra Italia e Ungheria, di immigrazione e di Europa.

      “Vorremo maggiori relazioni tra Italia e gruppo Visegrad. Abbiamo parlato insieme di Lotta all’immigrazione incontrollata, difesa delle radici cristiane dell’Europa, revisione dei trattati europei per dare più sovranità agli Stati, politiche di sostegno alla famiglia e alla natalità”, ha detto Giorgia Meloni.

  12. Italy: “The Party is Over” for Illegal Migrants

    by Soeren Kern
    June 4, 2018 at 5:30 am

    Italy’s new interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has vowed to cut aid money for migrants and to deport those who illegally are in the country.

    “Open doors in Italy for the right people and a one-way ticket out for those who come here to make trouble and think that we will provide for them,” Salvini said in the Lombardy region, home to a quarter of the total foreign population in Italy. “One of our top priorities will be deportation.”

    Salvini, leader of the nationalist League (Lega) party, formed a new coalition government with the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) on June 1. The government’s program, outlined in a 39-page action plan, promises to crack down on illegal immigration and to deport up to 500,000 undocumented migrants.

    “The party is over for illegal immigrants,” Salvini said at a June 2 rally in Vicenza. “They will have to pack their bags, in a polite and calm manner, but they will have to go. Refugees escaping from war are welcome, but all others must leave.”

    • The party is over for illegal immigrants,” Salvini said…


      Let me know when the beatdowns begin.

      Until then, it’s all window-dressing.

  13. Khamenei says Iran set to boost enrichment capacity if nuclear deal founders
    Parisa Hafezi
    5 MIN READ

    ANKARA (Reuters) – Iran’s top leader said on Monday he had ordered preparations to increase uranium enrichment capacity if a nuclear deal with world powers falls apart after the U.S. withdrawal, and he vowed never to accept limits on Tehran’s ballistic missile program.

  14. America’s Missile Defense Programs – Part II: Now What?

    by Peter Huessy
    June 4, 2018 at 4:00 am

    The Trump administration is in the final leg of its missile defense review which will be soon be forthcoming. In anticipation of that report, General Trey Obering, a former Director of the Missile Defense Agency, recently gave a “look into the future” and how he saw what he termed the coming “revolution in missile defense”.

    Up to this past year, the legal guidance for our missile defenses has been that they would be limited and designed to stop only rogue state missile threats. However, the 1999 Missile Defense Act was amended in 2017 to eliminate the term “limited”.

    This will now allow the United States to build stronger defenses that are needed, rather than those arbitrarily circumscribed by critics of missile defense, who were insistent when the bill passed the U.S. Congress in 1999 that any defenses be strictly “limited”. Their support was necessary to pass the legislation in the Senate, so at that time, the restriction was accepted.

    Obering stated that the Constitution does not say provide a “limited defense” of the people. The only reason the U.S. provided a limited missile defense initially was: “that’s all the country could technologically and politically do”. Moreover, apparently Congress in 1999 accepted such limits up front in the hope that eventually the law’s restrictions could be removed.

      • Accurately placed, hypersonic, deep-penetration, mobile-launched-missiles that reach global locations in a few minutes or hours of time are going to alter force projection strategies forever.

        • I don’t have video or an article but I have heard two former NASA people say that Rods from God, aka Flying Crowbars, aka Thor’s Hammer has been developed and deployed. The one that I heard that I trust said that he didn’t know for sure but had heard from reliable people this weapon system has been deployed in orbit.

          You have no idea how much I want that to be true.

          • I don’t have video or an article but I have heard two former NASA people say that Rods from God, aka Flying Crowbars, aka Thor’s Hammer has been developed and deployed.

            The only problem being that lifting such an amount of tonnage out of the gravity well is damnably expensive without a space elevator.

            PS: The above linked video clip is a “Must Watch” that I show all of my lecture audiences at local universities, colleges, and high schools. That this lifting device has yet to be built is partial proof that the military-industrial complex would rather have us all, down here in the dirt, scrabbling around like mudbugs.

            I am so far beyond “sick-of-this-sh!t”!

          • Omniscient Twitterati say the Rods have already been developed by – the Saudi Crown Prince + the Mossad – !!
            And deployed by – Little Sparta – the UAE – !!

            And I’ve seen the video clips of these Rods!! That's what the voice-over said they were. With a red arrow pointing at "Rod".

            Except they’re all double-agent infiltrators, false-flags, and such.

            (This tidbit is Thomas Wictor-patented crud.)

  15. The flag from the Gulf State, which features Arabic text considered sacred in Islam, has been cut out of displays at dozens of boozers.

    Staff were forced to take down all the individual flags after complaints.

    Brewer Greene King took the action after they were told it was inappropriate to hang the Saudi flag outside pubs because of the sacred Islamic text that adorns it.

    The text, known as the Shahada, is the Islamic statement of faith and reads: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.”

    Note: this is what happens when the object is treated as the principle it represents – fetishism and idolatry!

  16. Report: Obama Tried to “Take Over” FBI Investigation Into Trump Campaign

    When the Hillary Clinton email investigation was in the spotlight, then-President Barack Obama went out of his way to say that he wasn’t involved in the doings of the Justice Department, that the FBI was its own independent entity, and that he wasn’t exerting any influence whatsoever over the investigation. But even if all that was true as it pertained to Hillary, Obama clearly did not take the same approach when it came to the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. In fact, according to The Hill’s John Solomon, Obama actually tried to “take over” the investigation and run it from the White House.

  17. Under guise of “diversity,” de Blasio announces plans to destroy NYC’s top high schools

    Under the guise of “diversity,” evoking an Ayn-Randian euphemism:

    Mayor Bill de Blasio is promising to push for diversity at our city’s elite high schools including Stuyvesant High School and the Bronx High School of Science.

    He says 20 percent of the seats at specialized high schools, like Bronx High School of Science will be set aside for economically disadvantaged students starting in September 2019.

    It isn’t enough that they have dumbed-down the curriculum and turned education into hard-left indoctrination.
    It isn’t enough that a New York City school held a moment of prayer for jihad terrorists in Gaza.
    Now this.
    If de Blasio really cared about minorities and the poor, why would he deny them school choice and charter schools? De Blasio has declared war on charter schools. This is the demonization of achievement and success, and the exaltation of failure as policy.

    This is the cancer of the left. The hatred of the good for being the good, destroying the best and brightest.

    “Mayor Bill De Blasio Wants to Eliminate High-Stakes Admissions Test for Elite NYC High Schools,” NBC New York, June 4, 2018:

    • Under guise of “diversity,” de Blasio announces plans to destroy NYC’s top high schools

      Go ahead. Ruin your education system and see where that takes you.

      All throughout human history, learning has been the only useful route out of poverty. People have a better chance of being struck by lightning TWICE than winning the lottery, so fugheddibout that Lotto and scratcher shite.

      Destroy schools … destroy civilization.

      As if a few generations of academics haven’t already twigged to that fact.

  18. Remembering Audie Murphy: Legendary Sharpshooter and American War Hero

    By: Teresa Mull

    Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of WWII, perished in a plane crash on this day in 1971. Murphy is remembered for being a physically diminutive man with a colossal spirit and a marksman’s deadeye.

    Murphy was the seventh of twelve children born to a poor farming family in rural Texas. He did his part as a teenager to support his family after their father abandoned them, honing his skills as a sharpshooter by hunting squirrels and rabbits to put food on the table.

      • The true meaning of America, you ask? It’s in a Texas rodeo, in a policeman’s badge, in the sound of laughing children, in a political rally, in a newspaper… In all these things, and many more, you’ll find America. In all these things, you’ll find freedom. And freedom is what America means to the world. And to me.

        — Audie Murphy

        Now I have shed my first blood. I feel no qualms, no pride, no remorse. There is only a weary indifference that will follow me throughout the war.

        — Audie Murphy

        PS: What our nation would have done without mega-heroes like Audie Murphy, Dick Bong, and Chesty Puller continues to stagger my imagination.


        H/T: Richard

        • If that German round or shrapnel hadn’t screwed up his guts so he couldn’t stay on active can you imagine what he would have been like in Korea or Nam? The Army was going to put him through the point so he could take a reduction in rank as 2nd LT in the Regulars not the Reserve commission he held. If he could have stayed on active as long as he wanted he would have worn 3 or 4 stars.

        • One Brit that wrote Western used old western slang for the title of one of his books, the 44 caliber man. He dedicated it to Murphy a 44 Magnum caliber man.

          He was one of my boyhood heroes as an actor before I knew what he was in real life. You still find people like him in the Military, they are cherished for their value to the nation.

          • You still find people like him in the Military, they are cherished for their value to the nation.

            Damn right!

    • Vladimir Putin: …There is such a personality in the United State – Mr Soros, who interferes in all affairs around the world. I often hear from my American friends that ‘America as a state has nothing to do with [his activities]’. There are rumours circulating now that Mr Soros is planning to make the euro highly volatile. Experts are already discussing this. Ask the State Department why he is doing this. The State Department will say that it has nothing to do with them – rather it is Mr Soros’ private affair. With us, it is Mr Prigozhin’s private affair. This is my answer. Are you satisfied with it?

      Armin Wolf: MrPrigozhin, along with 12 other Russian citizens, has been indicted in the United States for meddling in the presidential elections. You and Donald Trump talk so nicely over the telephone, but Trump has been President for a year and a half and there still has not been a bilateral summit between you, in contrast to Bush and Obama with whom you met within the first six months of their presidencies. Why is it taking so long?

      Vladimir Putin: You should ask our colleagues in the United States. In my opinion, this is the result of the ongoing acute political struggle in the United States. Indeed, Donald Trump and I have, firstly, met more than once at various international venues and secondly, we regularly talk over the phone. Our foreign affairs departments and special services are working fairly well together in areas of mutual interest, above all in the fight against international terrorism. This work is ongoing.

      As for personal meetings, I think that the possibility of these meetings depends to a large extent on the internal political situation in the United States. The congressional election campaign is getting under way and then there will be the next presidential election, and the President of the United States is coming under attack over various matters. I think this is the main reason.

      In a recent telephone conversation, Donald said he was worried about the possibility of a new arms race. I fully agree with him. However, to prevent a possible arms race (we did not initiate such a course of events, we did not withdraw from the Anti-Missile Defence Treaty, we merely responded to the threats that arise for us from this, but I agree with the US President) we should think about it, we should do something about it, give corresponding instructions to our Foreign Ministry and the US State Department. The experts should start working in a concrete way. I hope that some day this work in the interests of the United States and Russia, indeed in the interests of the whole world will begin, including between us personally.


      Vladimir Putin: […]Just a second, please, do not rush. Let me speak, otherwise we are going to have a monologue on your part instead of an interview.

      […]One second, please, let me finish. Do you want to fire questions non-stop or hear my answers?

      […]You interrupted me again,

      […]Let me finish, for God’s sake. (Speaks German.) Seien Sie so nett, lassen Sie mich etwas sagen. [Please be so kind as to let me say something.]

      […]You know, if you do not like my answers, then do not ask me questions. But if you want to hear my opinion on the issues that I raise, then you need to have patience. I need to finish.

      […]You are not letting me finish, you are being so impatient.

      • Just a second, please, do not rush. Let me speak, otherwise we are going to have a monologue on your part instead of an interview.

        Will whomever turns off the lights please remember to have this quote carved into the MSM’s tombstone?

    • Putin signs law on countermeasures against US & its allies

      President Putin has signed into law counter-measures that will allow Russia to retaliate against any sanctions put on Moscow.

  19. College Student Who Accused Two Football Players Of Raping Her Could Spend 5 Years In Prison

    In what may mark a major shift, a female college student who allegedly falsely accused two of her college’s football players of rape could serve five years in prison for evidence tampering, which is a felony.

    On Tuesday, jury selection will commence in the case of Nikki Yovino, 19, who accused two Sacred Heart football players of raping her at an off-campus party in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in October 2016. Testimony in the case is expected to commence on June 18.

    Yovino was a student at Sacred Heart when she allegedly told police she had been raped in a basement bathroom, claiming the two men pulled h

  20. New York Times: Wanting to Be a Housewife and Have Children is White Supremacist

    n a classic guilt-by-association move, a New York Times columnist equates goals to be a housewife and mother to racism.

    Racists want to have lots of children so that proves that any white woman who wants to be a housewife and have lots of children must be a white supremacist.

    That’s the kind of juvenile reasoning you get from the deep state PR firm calling itself the New York Times. The writer equates the alt-right throughout her piece with the racist fringe, though simultaneously treating all conservative thought on the internet as the same thing in order to make it seem like a large deal.

    Annie Kelly thus writes about “The Housewives of White Supremacy.”

    In a podcast interview posted last spring, Nicole Jorgenson, a singer and former schoolteacher in North Dakota, explains to her host that she has never been happier since marrying and having children. And yet between cute pastoral anecdotes of growing her own vegetables and making banana bread, it soon becomes clear that Ms. Jorgenson is advocating something sinister — not just a return to agrarian motherhood.

    She lived in Germany temporarily, she says, but left just before “an influx of refugees took over the country.” She just had a child and thinks the new baby is beautiful — but maybe not quite in the same way all mothers do: “I always wanted children that looked like me,” she says, “blond-haired, blue-eyed babies, but I kind of had to say it under my breath.”

    By the time the interviewer begins to gush about how wonderful it is that Ms. Jorgenson and her husband are both of Norwegian heritage — “you guys come from the same blood” — it’s clear what political demographic both women are catering to. Ms. Jorgenson is being interviewed on Radio 3Fourteen, a white supremacist talk radio program; it is interviewing her because she considers herself a tradwife.

    Enter the tradwives.

    Over the past few years, dozens of YouTube and social media accounts have sprung up showcasing soft-spoken young white women who extol the virtues of staying at home, submitting to male leadership and bearing lots of children — being “traditional wives.” These accounts pepper their messages with scrapbook-style collections of 1950s advertising images showing glamorous mothers in lipstick and heels with happy families and beautiful, opulent homes. They give their videos titles like “Female Nature and Advice for Young Ladies,” “How I Homeschool” and “You Might be a Millennial Housewife If….”

    • Wanting to Be a Housewife and Have Children is White Supremacist

      Isn’t there some swift and convenient way to return these miserable little modern-day whiners back to an Australian colonist transport or period of indentured servitude in early, agrarian America? Sadly, I doubt that even either of those cruel experiences would help them to grow a brain.

    • The jobs statistics are totally MEANINGLESS until America returns to a wealth-creating economy.

      Talking about job creation in a strictly service-economy-based environment is like squawking about providing sincere, hygienic, professional health care whilst wading hip-deep in an overflowing cesspool.

      Amazingly, Trump appears to understand this economic prime mover.

  21. Anti-Extremist Muslim Imam Tawhidi Banned From Facebook After Mocking Hamas (breitbart, Jun 4, 2018)

    “Facebook banned anti-extremist Australian Imam Mohammad Tawhidi after he sarcastically mocked Hamas in a post.

    Imam Tawhidi has built a following online as the “Imam of Peace,” a critic of extremist Islam and their allies on the political left, as well as a critic of the mainstream media for their overly-sympathetic coverage of radical Islam. He frequently holds dialogues with critics of Islam on the right, including Tommy Robinson.

    Tawhidi says his Facebook page has been unpublished after he made a post mocking the terrorist group Hamas, and speaking in sarcastic terms about “peaceful Palestinian protests.”…”

    • Anti-Extremist Muslim Imam Tawhidi Banned From Facebook After Mocking Hamas

      All of us should be extremely grateful that Zuckerberg is showing “the white feather” so early in the game. This one smug little turd is capable of doing as much (or more) harm than Bill Gates. Difficult as that may be to imagine.

  22. MI5 Having to Share Intel on Terror Suspects with Police, Teachers, Social Workers (breitbart, Jun 4, 2018)

    “Britain’s Security Service (MI5) will give the identity of terror suspects to police officers, teachers, and social workers in a bid to stop plots and deter extremism, the Home Secretary announced Monday.

    The ‘Contest’ strategy would see some intelligence information handed down to local authorities in an effort to support the management of security risks, in changes which Home Secretary Sajid Javid said would “broaden the system to flag up when those people are behaving suspiciously”.

    The new strategy comes after a number of terrorists engaged in last year’s summer of terror turned out to be known to MI5 but not under active investigation — specifically the March 22nd Westminster attacker Khalid Masood, the May 22nd Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi, and at least one of the attackers from the June 3rd London Bridge and Borough Market vehicular and stabbing attack.

    The strategy document, published on Monday, says: “We will share information more widely and support more local interventions with individuals in our own communities who are being groomed or incited to commit or support acts of terrorism.”…”

  23. People detained for undermining Saudi Arabia’s security confess their crimes (saudigazette, Jun 4, 2018)

    “Those accused of violating the security of the Kingdom admitted their contact with hostile individuals and organizations and the recruitment of persons in a sensitive government body, the Public Prosecution said in a statement…”

    • Those accused of violating the security of the Kingdom admitted their contact with hostile individuals and organizations and the recruitment of persons in a sensitive government body, the Public Prosecution said in a statement…

      With, or without, the assistance of rectal cattle-prods?

  24. Germany and Austria start joint police work to combat illegal migration (thelocal, Jun 4, 2018)

    “The Austrian and German federal police and the Bavarian state police plan for the first time this Friday to work together in their border area to assess ways they can combat increasing illegal immigration and crime. The authorities will start by taking a closer look at rail traffic.

    Austrian and German federal police moreover aim to assess controls along the Brenner Pass – a mountain pass at the border with Italy and Austria. A review of the initiative will be made in three months.

    Especially in border areas, it is important to coordinate measures on both sides of the border, said Thomas Borowik, federal police spokesman in Munich, adding that the officials are keeping a close eye in particular on freight trains…”

  25. Switzerland wants to use Facebook to investigate asylum claims (thelocal, Jun 4, 2018)

    “Swiss authorities are looking into the possibility of using data on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to investigate claims for asylum.

    “The details that asylum seekers publish on social media may allow for conclusions to be drawn that are significant in asylum proceedings – indications about family relations, for example,” a spokesperson for the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) told Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag.

    The SEM has now set up a working group to look at “if, how and under what conditions” data on social media could be used in reviewing asylum applications, the spokesperson said.

    The statement comes in the wake of a case of a Nigerian man who applied for asylum in Switzerland in 2016.

    During a hearing into his application, the man who had no valid identity papers said he was being persecuted in his home country. However, he made contradictory statements about his background.

    When his claims were investigated it emerged the man had not travelled to Switzerland from Nigeria but from Spain. Photos posted by his wife on Facebook showed that he had been living in Mallorca under a different name and had owned a business on the Spanish island.

    Immigration authorities rejected the man’s asylum claim and an appeal based on the fact the SEM had used Facebook posts as evidence was rejected.

    Current Swiss asylum rules only state that authorities may make clarifications regarding an asylum seeker’s identity”. NZZ am Sonntag, noted for example, that linguists are often used to investigate the identity of asylum seekers from Eritrea.”

    • Switzerland wants to use Facebook to investigate asylum claims

      Why do I see such cyber-pyrotechnics in the very-near future?!?

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