Gad Saad video on London Mayor’s anti-white crusade

I left the following comment under Dr. Saad’s video as I feel this is a very important omission he, and Jordan Peterson make.

Gad, not forgetting for a moment that you are one of the great champions of enlightenment values in the world today, I respectfully disagree with you, and as a sidebar, Dr. Peterson, on one aspect of all this.

Both you and Dr. Peterson seem to believe that all these events, from cultural-appropriation and so many other events that are destroying Western civilization at this time are a function of stupidity and not malice. Dr. Peterson even said so in one talk in Ottawa.

It is my belief that much of this is indeed planned and is tactical. In this case, the idea is to identify anything which is an area primarily of the indigenous peoples of Europe, and their decedents in North America and elsewhere, and disenfranchise them using the tactics of Postmodernism. Specifically deceptive use of language. What you lament as being outrageous, wrong and stupid, I see as tactical, planned and effective. We must understand this or we will commit racial, cultural and historical suicide just to avoid being called racist.

The only ideology which is truly not racist, is Jeffersonian liberalism. We must return to that. A culture based on merit, which has racial implications overall, but none individually, as opposed to postmodernism, which is entirely about race and as many divisions as one can make in order to create a majority of minorities, and focus them all in an attack on primarily White males, although often much more viciously in an attack on non-white and non-males who side with reason and Enlightenment/Jeffersonian values.

I could expand this into an essay and perhaps I will. But I hope it suffices to make the point. This is tactical, and its manifestations of a strategy, and its working if even Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad cannot admit what is taking place, or worse, actually do not see it.

I actually think its the latter as both these men likely went to school as kids, then another school, then another school, then some more school, then they started working at schools. So not a lot of real world experience in some ways. Not to say Jordan Peterson are not massively effective in their fields. And that their work is not of value. It really and truly is and both are well deserving of all that they have and more.

But I believe their view of the current war of the red-green axis against classical civilization is slightly naive.

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  1. Your viewpoint on this–that being of a tactical awareness possessed by an enemy, as opposed to actions driven by stupid know-nothings–is a game changer. For if they are know-nothings they cannot be enemies. Their actions are merely misguided and not compelled by malice. And while this may be true, it may be your very last mistake to consider someone to be stupid but who is, in fact, as smart or smarter than you are in the theater of war.

    Old Hungarian saying: “Only the paranoid survive.”

      • Putting it another way: I know I am paranoid, the question is am I paranoid enough to survive?

        Find yourself a copy of the (very) short-story, “Narapoia” by Sci-Fi author Alan Nelson. If you do read it, there’s no doubt that I’ll be able to hear your howls of laughter from here (on the Mississippi’s other shore).

        PS: It’s not a question of whether or not you’re paranoid … it’s a much more matter of whether or not you’re paranoid enough.

        To briefly continue … this debate is way too much like arguing about the electric chair. After all, it’s only about the voltage.

  2. I agree with your analysis, Eeyore. The events happening now to take down our civilization have been planned with malice of forethought and are tactics used by marxists and socialists around the world for years. I saw this first hand in the civil rights movement in the U.S.

    • Thank you, Wolf Woman, for openly stating how this is a case of malice aforethought.

      Far too much preparation and planning has gone into this massive, kennel-worthy, dog’s breakfast of intentionally rendering Western Civilization entirely vulnerable to Cultural Marxism.

      Simply put, there’s no other way to explain it.

      More simply put … watch the fü¢k out, you microcephalic, Limousine Chardonnay and Brie cliques, as you continually roll back gun ownership—even as you intolerably expand the (imported) threats to all Europeans.

      What’s a body to do?

      (Concealed Carry Permit?)

  3. Can someone reach Jordan Peterson with these thoughts as I believe they are correct. He has said he wants to talk to moderate Muslims (if I understood him) well there may be some who are not as pious as others but if they really don’t want to kill us and take over they are irrelevant. There are plenty, plenty who do want the planet to be Islamic. He desperately needs to get up to speed quickly and Dr. Bill Warner of is the perfect man to educate him. Islam is not moderate; there is no moderate Islam. Please get this info to Dr. Peterson!

    • He has said he wants to talk to moderate Muslims…

      No problem. What a great idea! Let’s link Peterson up with Zuhdi Jasser and see how things go. Jasser is a bold and noble advocate for (bwahahahahahaha) “Moderate Islam”.

      As you might tell from my sneer quotes and hilarity, even a most contrite and (conspicuously) earnest supplicant Muslim, like Zuhdi Jasser, has ZERO possibility of halting global Islamic terrorism. Full Stop. End of Line.

      Please ask Brigitte Gabriel about what is “irrelevant“.

      Please see the next reply for a properly rendered, five-minute video clip of Islam being (delightfully) Insinkerated™…

  4. “Speaking to The Independent, Mr Norman, whose job it is to deliver on Sadiq Khan’s pledge to make walking and cycling safer and easier in the capital, said: “There is a problem with cycling and the way it is perceived of getting middle-aged men cycling faster around the city, which is not the objective at all.

    “It touches on something which is a real challenge for London cycling, which is diversity.”

    Mr Norman, the capital’s first cycling commissioner, said he wanted to tackle the “gender divide” among cyclists that had spawned the term middle-aged men in lycra – or Mamils.

    He added: “Even when we have seen the growth in the number of cyclists, we haven’t seen that diversity.”

    Racism, ageism and sexism so easily applied
    Inverts in discussion: Hate Crimes in their stride.
    Opportunity of Outcome, herstory on their side
    Solution would be easier if White Men didn’t ride.
    So what about Religion, their Identity inside?
    Single lanes for women, Transgenders and Gay Pride.
    Rush-hours exclude Brits – enforce the Highway Guide
    Reliance of the Traveller as it is world-wide.

    • Speaking to The Independent, Mr Norman, whose job it is to deliver on Sadiq Khan’s pledge to make walking and cycling safer and easier in the capital…

      An unenviable job at best.

      In fact, one that I am discomfortingly confident about being achieved. AT ALL.

  5. IMO Peterson is treading the tightrope and what he says publicly does not necessarily mean that he really feels that way. The myth of the moderate muslim is a lie but one that is very necessary for him to pretend as there are tens of thousands just itching for him to be sacked and generally destroyed by the MSM and he has said as much. No moderate muslim means that you are a PoMo “racist” and that is a trap for all despite its absolute logic/factual flaws. So while I agree with the rest of your POV I think that Peterson is too valuable generally to not be allowed a little smokescreen. If any of you have ever lost an academic position and been sent to Coventry, financially, professionally and socially, for a supposed academic crime then you will know what I mean. Academia for a non PoMo academic is a minefield on a sewage farm literally and there is no need for a fan.

    • Prof. Peterson is playing this one with extreme caution.
      He’s no where near as naive as he’s trying to appear. It’s not a particularly attractive pose, but it’s the one he’s chosen.

      That’s cool: we don’t need more martyrs.

      • Here’s his web-page, where the former professor of evolutionary biology bills himself as “professor in exile”
        Dr. Peterson has a clinical license — who knows what harm might come to his ability to earn a living if the university were to exile him?

      • It’s not a particularly attractive pose, but it’s the one he’s chosen.

        That’s cool: we don’t need more martyrs.

        Too right! Dear yucki.

        Western nations need Peterson’s logic like the Saudi Arabian peninsula needs more water.

        Only that, Saudi Arabia has fewer chances of getting adequate supplies of potable water than the MARS ROVER. Quelle surprise!!!

      • … we don’t need more martyrs

        Too right, yucki!!!

        I know that we occasionally might seem to disagree, but this is one place where we need every soul there is, on our side. Islam’s “definition” of the word “martyr” is so alien to all humanity that, just this one travesty alone is sufficient motivation to ensure not another single “Islamic Martyr” every again treads Western soil.

        ‘Nuff said…

    • Addendum…. checking around I find that not a few of the anti-islam crusaders on this planet all cling to the “moderate muslim” myth including Tommy Robinson. Geert Wilders and especially Robert Spencer( I had a major conflict on JW with him on that one) . I think that this is a public “survival mode” in action to deflect any possible “racist” attacks.

        • Malca, Michelle – you’ve got it.

          I could not agree more.

          At present, the Counterjihad’s “leadership” amounts to “figureheads”.

          We desperately need people like GoV’s Baron Bodissey and our beloved Eeyore to lead the charge against sharia law’s intrusion into the Western World.

          Only the Worst Sort of Fool™ would remain unthankful.

          Sadly, there are far too many of them available…

  6. I saw this documentary about Marianne Faithful.
    Unfortunately, we still live in fascism, an inverted
    fascism that reverses all the madness perpetrated
    by the Nazis into its opposite, so that we now only
    experience the other side of the same worthless coin.

    • Speaking of, Marianne Faithful:

      One of the Rolling Stones’ most classical productions … and a song of hers which I’ve proudly performed in public many dozens of times. Need I say more?

      It is the evening of the day,
      I sit and watch the children play.
      Smiling faces I can see
      But not for me,
      I sit and watch as tears go by.

      My riches can’t buy everything,
      I want to hear the children sing.
      All I hear is the sound
      Of rain falling on the ground,
      I sit and watch as tears go by.

      It is the evening of the day,
      I sit and watch the children play.
      Doing things I used to do
      They think are new,
      I sit and watch as tears go by.

      Video lyrics to follow.

      PS: Just try and imagine how heart-wrenching it must of have been for an attractive, talented, and fertile, supremely musical woman like Marianne Faithful to have been Mick (heavily bisexual) Jagger’s girlfriend.

      I wouldn’t wish that fate upon Milo Yiannopoulos. Even with, “no kids involved”.

      Speaking as a long-performing musician on a dozen instruments, the mere thought of denying insemination to a goddess like Marianne Faithful makes me (Vomit Bucket™, please, Rita) … puke.

      This song’s sentiments oughta rip the heart out of any regretful, childless person.

        • The irony of a proto-metrosexual like, Mick Jagger, coupling with a (colloquially, “Vestal Virgin”) like, Marianne Faithfull would be ironic if he hadn’t labored with such vigor to undermine Western Morals.

          PS: Mick still puts on one of the best shows in town.

          Incidentally, as a hardcore rock & roller and eclectic musician, composer, lyricist, performer, and enthusiast (as in attending live performances of Led Zep, The Who, Dixie Dregs, The Doors, Andres Segovia, Jean-Pierre Rampall, Eek A Mouse, and The Robert Greenidge Steel Drum Band, much less a list of famous performers that takes an hour to read), you can bet the farm that I detect this sort of weird-sh!t stuff.

          Anyhoo, next up, the Stolling Roone’s version…

            • As a red-blooded (intensely musical) man, it is impossible to imagine passing up the chance of taking a musically-talented and enchanting woman like Marianne Faithful as my mate for life.

              Then again, that’s just the word of an idiot like me.

              • From Shaw’s Man and Superman:

                “TANNER. No matter at all if you have no purpose of your own, and are, like most men, a mere breadwinner. But you, Tavy, are an artist: that is, you have a purpose as absorbing and as unscrupulous as a woman’s purpose.
                OCTAVIUS. Not unscrupulous.
                TANNER. Quite unscrupulous. The true artist will let his wife starve, his children go barefoot, his mother drudge for his living at seventy, sooner than work at anything but his art. To women he is half vivisector, half vampire. He gets into intimate relations with them to study them, to strip the mask of convention from them, to surprise their inmost secrets, knowing that they have the power to rouse his deepest creative energies, to rescue him from his cold reason, to make him see visions and dream dreams, to inspire him, as he calls it. He persuades women that they may do this for their own purpose whilst he really means them to do it for his. He steals the mother’s milk and blackens it to make printer’s ink to scoff at her and glorify ideal women with. He pretends to spare her the pangs of childbearing so that he may have for himself the tenderness and fostering that belong of right to her children. Since marriage began, the great artist has been known as a bad husband. But he is worse: he is a child-robber, a bloodsucker, a hypocrite and a cheat. Perish the race and wither a thousand women if only the sacrifice of them enable him to act Hamlet better, to paint a finer picture, to write a deeper poem, a greater play, a profounder philosophy! For mark you, Tavy, the artist’s work is to show us ourselves as we really are. Our minds are nothing but this knowledge of ourselves; and he who adds a jot to such knowledge creates new mind as surely as any woman creates new men. In the rage of that creation he is as ruthless as the woman, as dangerous to her as she to him, and as horribly fascinating. Of all human struggles there is none so treacherous and remorseless as the struggle between the artist man and the mother woman. Which shall use up the other? that is the issue between them. And it is all the deadlier because, in your romanticist cant, they love one another.”

                The question hangs in the air:

                What then, of the woman artist?

        • Nice voice, coy pictures.
          But vestal virgin?

          She was at the very center of a degenerate era that pushed narcissism to the max: drugs, sex, and rock-&-roll.
          That combination doesn’t make me think “fertle” or “procreation”. More like STDs, child abuse/neglect, and serial abortion.

          Mick Jagger radiated more than double-share sexuality. Half of that might’ve been sufficient for a polymorphus perverse hippy.

  7. I agree with you on everything you said but I also agree with Michelle, we need to know that Peterson does understand the true nature of the attacks but we also need him to remain where he is to conintue with his good work. For this reason he can’t come out and admit that these are deliberate attacks, the way the tide is turning he may be able to do this in the future possibly in the near future but not yet.

    • Richard, in a few short sentences, you’ve deftly outlined one of the most complicated informational strategies that the West will confront for the next HUNDRED YEARS.

      Despite whatever dubious and haphazard congratulations of mine … you’ve got it, man. Oh, farking, joy! Eh?

    • … we need to know that Peterson does understand the true nature of the attacks…

      Richard, in your answer, you’ve asked for more answers than most mirror-fogging people can provide…

      As if that matters…

      Give up any or all inquisitiveness AND LIFE ENDS! . Eh?

    • Meanwhile the verbal filth from famous loud mouthed extroverts who swallowed the blue pill gets ignored or even praised.

    • What happens when famous, loud-mouthed extroverts finally swallow the red pill?

      Excellent question, Johnnyu!!!

      Personally, I believe that there will be a deafening and (nonetheless) resounding sort of gulping-sound that derives from a lot of people, who after purposefully manipulating the (supposedly) Free Market Economy, finally realize that their collective @ss is in a sling the charade has ended

      Especially when they finally manage to realize that their lives (and ENTIRE genetic pool), utterly rely upon the honest and decent endeavors of people who have been enduring this sh!t for a much longer time than we Westerners can possibly imagine …

  8. Why stop there? Let’s have an anti-green crusade: income inequality.

    Why should one adult earning £8,600 per year have to pay the same room rate as one adult earning £60,500 per year?

    The rates should be income based.

    Ex. The Dorchester: From £430 per night

    One adult earning £60,500 per year would pay £430 per night.
    One adult earning £8,600 per year would pay £61 per night.

    Let’s make the sliding rule the golden rule. Why? Because it’s just fair.

    • Let’s make the sliding rule the golden rule. Why? Because it’s just fair.

      Speaking as a dyed-in-the-wool Capitalist and someone who is currently attempting to “live” in this insanely over-priced Silicon Valley, please give thorough consideration to what you may (or may not) think is “affordable housing” or (your) “room rates”.

      Again, please recall that I’m deeply opposed to the government controlling private land use.

      • You don’t like?
        “Let’s make the sliding rule the golden rule. Why? Because it’s just fair.”

        Will this work for you NorseRadish?

        “The race will find that capitalists and communists modify themselves so much during the ages that they end by being indistinguishable as democrats…”
        – T.H. White, The Once and Future King

  9. The fact that all of their actions are planned to destroy civilization is one reason I think civilization will fall, with way too many of their actions the only counter to their attacks does as much damage to civilization as their attacks do. With help from above we will maintain our freedom but I don’t see how we can do that without doing a lot of damage to civilization.

    • The fact that all of their actions are planned to destroy civilization is one reason I think civilization will fall…

      Ya know, Richard, it’s difficult to argue with those sort of facts.

      My Grandpa told me, “Never argue with logic!”

      In this current age of weirdness, I remain forced to question his wisdom.

  10. Sadiq Khan is not on a crusade, he is on a jihad.

    We need to use correct terminology. A crusade is not a jihad.

    • Quite correct. A crusade has a limited and well defined aim. Jihad is total war that will never stop and even in a sharia planet the war vs heresy continues..forever.

    • A crusade is not a jihad.

      Something that is ill-observed by 99.99999% of this sentient world.

      PS: Welcome aboard, warren raymond.

  11. It is clearly apparant that demanding absolute equality in all things creates only this, an infinite need to regulate and to delegate power for doing so. The objective is not fairness at all, the only objective is power.

    • Allow me to add, each new equality fix may create a plethora of new needs to regulate. It is a hydra headed beast whose created existance requires solution by the delegation of ever more power to ever fewer people.

    • It is clearly apparent that demanding absolute equality in all things creates only this, an infinite need to regulate and to delegate power for doing so.

      Only amongst those who believe that Big Government™ can solve all problems.

      Other than that niggling, minuscule, and extremely annoying detail, please carry on…

      PS: Welcome aboard, Alec MacColl.

  12. When the time comes to actually cut the budget this guy’s job could go and no one would even notice!
    I think this is a perfect example of gov’t perpetuating and expanding itself for no useful purpose. The demographic mix of who rides a bike and who doesn’t is of absolutely no consequence in the great scheme of things. Only the gov’t could think this worth note, let alone allocate public funds to its investigation.
    And that, right there, is the problem.

    • I think this is a perfect example of gov’t perpetuating and expanding itself for no useful purpose.</i.'

      Unless you're a near-retirement government employee. That is …

      "The demographic mix of who rides a bike and who doesn’t is of absolutely no consequence in the great scheme of things.

      Again, only if you’re a happy transit-adjacent worker who can save hours of waiting-in-traffic by gulping down (sometimes, potentially earned) government dispensed mass-transit benefits.

      • Gah!

        I refuse to step back in and correct (relatively) minor formatting errors … just so long as there isn’t any “Preview” function

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