Some ideas for this week’s entertainment

Just some thoughts on a few ideas for what may make a great weekend’s entertainment.

Not in any articular order you understand, just as I think of them. Some you have to rent, and some are available free on Youtube and elsewhere.

First, and again not in any order at all, is the 1985 classic, Brazil.

You can rent it here on YT. This film had Robert Deniro acting in it before he could figure out it was actually a treatise against what he personally believes in. Good thing Deniro is a better actor than he is a philosopher.

The second, is Animal Farm:

What a great way to introduce the kids to politics with such lovable characters as Napoleon and Snowball!

Thirdly, 1984. Of course, its hard to take this one seriously since here it is, 2018 and we have really just started to be like this work of fiction. But still, its great entertainment and well worth a family watch:

You can rent it here for 3.99 CDN

This older version appears to be free however:

Fifth, Brave New World.

For those who think enslaving the Human race into brutal submission to irrational and violent authority should be done by the carrot and not the stick, enjoy Brave New World! Where everyone belongs to everyone, sex is never an issue and the main thing is to stay high.

Oh and if you still have a craving for dystopian future novels set on film, there is always Fahrenheit 451. Remember, its not about the book, its about the idea. Burn all the books you want. So long as you do, or don’t remember whats in them. Depending on your position of course. Rent it on YT for under four bucks.

Well thats all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend of great entertainment.

Just one thing about all these movies make no sense to me though.

Why are they all set in England?

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  1. I just watched this 47-minute National Geographic documentary on an American rescue mission in Afghanistan. It gives one pause to reflect on the dedication of the USA military soldiers. A truly exceptional story.

  2. Here is another “feel good” movie.

    “Metropolis (1927) Restored” + many ads
    TIVEY – Published on September 19, 2017

  3. Fahreinheit 451: I always liked the album of Zaine Griff,
    though he sang a little gayish, he isn’t a homosexual, the
    album was produced by German-Jewish Hans Zimmer.

  4. Jarre has not only taken a step towards the Arab world, not only with his concert in the then still undestroyed Cairo. His album “Métamorphoses” was an attempt to invite Oriental culture to become a part of the progressive development of the world. But it was not answered.

    I read an offer to donate blood. The discoverer of blood groups was Jewish. How many Africans, Muslims have survived for decades because of this insight? It is time to push a Stone Age culture that wants to throw us back to the pre-medieval times back into its limits!

  5. Did ya know: Germany fits into Canada 30 times, but has more than twice as many inhabitants? There’s a Bavarian sounding running gag in Germany “In Kanada is kana da”, which means “In Canada is no-one there”.

    • I believe the word, “Canada” is from old Portuguese maps which translates literally to, “Here there is no one. Ca Nada, or Spanish, Aca nada.

      So its less a joke than a fact.

      The real problem at this point isn’t the how many but the who.

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