Stabbing at Ottawa Christian Bookstore: Links 2, May 24, 2018

1. Comment from reader about the UK and the state of rule of law:

Unfortunately the assumptions about a rational justice system in the West have gone out of the window, at least in Europe. It is ironic, in view of the above, that the first cry by a non-Caucasian (usually of a certain group) in any dispute with a Caucasian is usually “racist”.

In the UK laws and police policies are now in place that not only undermine but have dispensed with the Western system of justice. If you are attacked as racist and are white the full force of the law may be thrown at you regardless of any objective investigation of the truth of the matter.

There is a police policy in London UK that merely if anyone says someone is “racist” in the course of a dispute, then the accused person is racist – no investigation needed. “Crimes” supposedly aggravated by racism are likely to result in immediate jail sentences. I speak from experience where an accusation of racism was made against me.

The police carried out no investigation before serving a warning notice – it was just on the say-so of a North African woman. Her allegations were later found by a court of law to be “pure fabrications”. Unfortunately even where the justice system actually works (and unless you have the money for counsel it often does not) it is still undercut by the police state.

Even then the police keep records referring to her as a “victim” and me as a “suspect” – when there was no crime, no victim and no suspect. If this is not the definition of a police state, I don’t know what is. In short, we may not yet have reached a position where Huddud “values” reign in the UK, but we are not far short of it, given the demographics over the next 20 to 30 years.

Caucasians in London UK are in fact already in a minority. Violent crime is worse than in New York. The traditional values of “innocent until proved guilty” and fair investigation have been totally subverted by political correctness – and these people ironically fully know how to abuse laws made with the good intentions of insensate politicians to their own ends against the majority population who are completely blind to what is happening all around them.

2. Extraordinary tweet by Elon Musk:

Article here:

3. Palestinian doubles down on the term, “talking sh*t”

Palestinian  ‘hid SIX phones inside his bottom before deliberately getting arrested scaling the security fence surrounding Jerusalem so he could hand them to prison inmates’

Israeli police arrest a man trying to scale a security fence in Jerusalem
Before sending him to prison a search found six phones concealed internally
It emerged the man had been caught by the border police and released before
The man intended to get arrested so he could disperse the phones to inmates  

Israeli border police have arrested a man who was deliberately trying to get caught so he could disperse six phones to prison inmates – by hiding them in his bottom.

4. Gorka explains reason Obama spied on Trump campaign

5. Stabbing at Ottawa Downtown Christian bookstore and reading room

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  1. 1 – Some people in the US are awake and more are waking up, the left has over played the racist card in the US and it is losing its ability to scare anyone or elicit any type of harsh action by the police. Yes there are still places where it is useful for the enemies of civilization but as I said it has been overplayed and is ignored by more and more people.

    As the left and the invaders of various ethnic and religious backgrounds force us back into tribalism the charge of racism will loose more and more power because it will be expected when people are dealing with those outside of their tribe.

  2. The part the article doesn’t tell you:

    “When asked by Israeli authorities why he chose to smuggle six land lines rather than mobile telephones, the Palestinian man merely scratched his head and muttered, “Oh, right.”

    A Hamas spokesman requesting anonymity later said the organization would try to use smarter terrorists in the future but that they could not promise this.

  3. Update on the Christian Bookstore: it was not a stabbing but a brutal rape

    Ottawa police are investigating after a woman was found severely beaten inside a downtown religious building Thursday afternoon.

    The woman was found bloodied, beaten unconscious and half-naked inside the office at the Christian Science Reading Room at 141C Laurier Ave. West, near Elgin Street. Police believe she had also been sexually assaulted. She wast taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries and remained there Thursday night, clinging to life.

    According to its website, the reading room, which is part of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, “provides a public space for exploring practical Christian healing in a comfortable and healing environment.” The actual church is located on Metcalfe Street.

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