Soros, the evil behind the commie putsch

Oh and LOOK! Its Soros, the Democrats and the LEFT that are interfering in US elections!

Thank you Richard for this one. I have waited a long time for a solid confirmation of what every cell of my being knew was a fact.


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  1. I weary of the blame-Soros/Schwartz meme because it neglects pointing to all people who exercise the economic and speech rights that governments make available. Maybe his moves can shine the light on the back-doors that the people’s government leaves open. Maybe introspection is in order — who would shun buying influence if one had the means and legal opportunity to do so?

    I wondered if taking a look at his WWII survival could shed light on his drive, but all I found were unsupported allegations of war criminality that would have had to have taken place before he turned 14 years old.

  2. I just try to find out who “Dr. phil. Christal Morehouse” is (Open Society Foundations, Freie Universität Berlin, Morehouse Publishing), who is a Bertelsmann lobbyist (“Nymphenburg Talks”, CFR?) and promotes permanently “intercultural and interreligious dialogue”.

  3. The dividing line between “us” (oops, I’ve to generalize!) and “the enemies of humanity” lies between individualism and collectivism. Individual means “indivisible”. That’s why collectivists like Nazis or Communists tend to generalize. On the other hand, there is the danger of infiltration: “Yes, but not all Muslims are terrorists!”

    • How strange is that to speak about individiuals “Right wingers are fascists!” and “Men are sexists!” and “Whites are racists!”, but if it comes to Muslims, who are destroying our whole freedom and societies: “Don’t generalize!”

      • I can tell you what the thinking error of these idiots is;: Muslims are simply NOT individuals! At least not from an intellectual perspective. Neither are Nazis or Communists individuals.

        • Only the emancipation of their collectivist delusion would make individuals of them. Otherwise they remain trapped in their toddler-ego, who needs a strong “leader”, “hero”, “prophet” etc.

  4. Now one could say: church, religion, colleagueship, community is also collectivism, even family, football club and so on. Maybe that’s why I always hated human sports and preferred man-to-man combat.

    The collectvists warn: “At the end of your life no one will wait for you, there is no reward for an existence that is: I did not need anyone, I was happiest with myself! Maybe that’s why I’m such a big fan of Buddhism. My “heros” are Buddha, Confucius, Laozi or the Dalai Lama.

  5. It is always stressed that family ties in Muslim communities are much stronger than in the lonely, emotionally impoverished single society of the West.

    But when a “family member”, who supposedly has to be “protected” in this way, leaves and this mafia gang turns its back, it is murdered out of “honor. It was the same in fascism and communism.

  6. Freedom means responsibility. Freedom means: “There is none but myself who helps me, but also none who blackmails me with his good deeds. If you are looking for a helping hand, you will always find it at the end of your arms.” The whole “welfare system” is a socialist incapacitation of adult people.

    • How would you characterize the Biblical welfare system of allowing the poor to collect dropped harvest and harvest from the corners? That does not sound like incapacitation.

      • your “Bible”: the “truth” – or just man-made?
        Who BENEFITS from it, who does it serve?

        At least it says: “Help youself, so God will help you!” Besides, “love your neighbor as yourself”. Neighbor means NEAREST – not farthest!

        Who among the collectivists loves themselves? Who of the hypocritical clerics who spice up “refugees” like the brood of snakes?

      • As I said, I’m a fan of self-empowerment, not stranger fatigue. Unfortunately, “Western culture” is largely collectivist. Also the eastern, but in a different sense.

        Everything that keeps another person dependent and makes them dependent is a crime against this individual. To spare him the hardships of life is a crime. A child, every time before it falls, to catch it is a crime.

        Stop making other people dependent on you to make them “grateful”. Evil does not come from the self, but from the rejection and abandonment of the self. Learn to say “I”, not “you” or “we”.

        “Have courage to make use of your own reason.” (Kant)

  7. Let’s take a few examples: The languages were always open to outside influences. The English language is a “Germanic language” of sentence structure and origin, but Germanic words are almost a minority. Most English speakers have lost their “Germanic roots”.

    There is a healthy mediocrity between a total artificial language and purism. It is like a carp pond made of distilled water: everything dies in it – just like on the contrary, if this water has no excretion function like a human organism.

    It is true that the “German” words “concern” us, they express something that does not touch us in Latin. As long as foreign words came from our cultural area, it was always fruitful for us all.

    Now, however, with the increasing influence of underdeveloped speakers such a development shows the opposite. Language is impoverished, and with it the speakers are stultified – Heidegger has said: “The language is the house of beeing”. Which means you can’t think without language.

  8. You are welcome, I stumbled onto this series of videos and knew they have to be posted. Soros started his career in betraying people and civilization early and has continued working to ensure personal power to force people to do what he wants ever since. He is old enough that he doesn’t have many decades left but he has been raising his children to continue doing the evil that he has started.

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