A few items on leftism and Islam’s prescribed bad behaviour: Links 1, May 24, 2018

1. David Menzies on politically correct poker. Who gets to be a Royal Flush? NRSAs? (Non reproductive sexual activity groups) or muslims?

(A more complete theory is starting to form for me. I think next Tuesday’s show with Kel Fritzi on BlogTalk radio will focus on what may be the foundational thinking on all this.)

2. I really cannot stand Hitler Bunker spoofs but this one is at least worth seeing.

3. Donald Trump’s most excellent letter to the North Korean leader

4. This is the Dennis Prager show, guest hosted by Sebastian Gorka from yesterday. This is a superb show. Really top tier. But the interview he does with Sharyl Atkisson, really offers clarity on the events around the deep state and President Trump, and the new investigation into Clinton and Obama’s highly illegal, and frankly, even traitorous actions by the last administration and the constitution busting actions by their minions in the deep state.

5. FBI agents who actually care about rule of law and democracy are coming forward now that they are less afraid of what the truth will bring.

6. Imam Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Boy in Mosque, Muslim Community Turned Against Victim

Nottingham Police

A Muslim faith leader in Nottinghamshire was found guilty of three counts of indecently assaulting a young teen boy in the mosque where he preached and taught children the Quran.

Mohammed Rabani, 61, was found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday of the historic abuse which took place between 1990 and 1992 when the victim was aged between 12 and 13 years old, reports the BBC.

The indecent touching took place in the attic of the Sneinton mosque where Rabani had been imam for 25 years. The jury heard that the abuse began after the imam had agreed to allow the young teen to use the loft to smoke and watch movies.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Richard, Bernd, and many many more who work daily to inform us all.

I just did an interview with Diana West I will be editing and publishing this evening, I hope you all find it as informative and fascinating as I do. There is a wonderful sense of perspective when you look at the history of leftist subversion in the US you get by talking to Diana, and it really helps to put the current situation in perspective.


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    • The left has degraded the Western educational systems so much that most people don’t know what the Nazi’s were really like or what they stood for. Sadly it will be a long time before the schools will once again teach the facts and calling some one like Tommy a Nazi will draw the scornful laughter it should.

  1. 4. Dennis Prager has a very good show.
    Sheryl Atkinson Interview – Gorka – Real News
    It seems that Sebastian Gorka is whistling a different tune. It wasn’t that long ago that Gorka verbally berated Diana West on this same issue.

    “Exposing Differences on the “Deep State”
    by Diana West – September 24, 2017


    Our final exchange was maybe more surprising still. I was wrapping up some elliptical but related thoughts on the “Uniparty” and what appears to be its very own security apparatus, the FBI, which, the story goes, seems to have paid a British expert for “opposition research” on Candidate Trump during the presidential campaign — which is sputteringly beyond outrageous. Regarding this (and new examples every day of intelligence agency surveillance and harassment of American citizens, most of which would not have come to light had Hillary Clinton won the presidency as expected), I concluded with my hunch that the Russian influence story was an act of deflection “from all of the terrible things a Trump administration might have found in the Stasi-like security state we are now living under.”

    When Sebastian received a final question from Chris several minutes later, he prefaced his answer with this reply to me:

    First things first. I need to push back on what my friend Diana said. You cannot use the adjective “Stasi” for America today, ok? So, as, as the child of people who suffered under Communism, with a father who was tortured, people aren’t getting shot and put in unmarked graves in America, so let’s pause for a second and let’s take a deep breath, let’s map the problems with our political system but remember it’s still America, and this isn’t, you know, the Soviet Union, and this isn’t East Germany.

    Regardless of why my using the adjective “Stasi-like” to describe the American surveillance state was what we might call a “trigger” for Sebastian, the suffering of Sebastian’s family in Communist Hungary (not East Germany, where Stasi operated) has nothing whatsoever to do with the legitimacy of the comparison, which is hardly original to me. Veteran expert commentators, from NSA whistleblower William Binney to former CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, quite rationally invoke “Stasi” as a historical model for the far more massive and Fourth-Amendment-destroying surveillance capabilities of the modern-day NSA. From Donald Trump and members of his team, to as many 20 million Americans, according to a law suit filed by former intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery, have been identified and monitored and exposed unlawfully by the US government.

    If that isn’t “Stasi-like,” what is?

    It is America’s tragedy today that we must study, not avoid, totalitarian models to better understand what is happening to us in these post-Constitutional days.

    “Judicial Watch Presents: ‘Exposing the Deep State'”
    Judicial Watch – September 15, 2017
    Diana West – Uniparty @ 43:23…Diana West @ 49:56…
    Sebastian Gorka’s push back @ 52:17…

  2. Muslims enjoy flying planes in high-rise buildings or using cars as weapons. In Germany, many young pedestrians and cyclists are dying as a result of frequent “car races” on the road. If you hand a Muslim a knife to cut bread, he uses it to cut your daughter’s neck. You give him a car or a truck, he drives people to death. This is something completely “normal” in Islam.


  3. Jutta Ditfurth is an anti-German “Green” politician who “celebrates” the bombing of Dresden as an event. She has removed the “von” before her last name, she does not want to come from a noble family. Now she tweeted that the defused aircraft bomb in Dresden was “in the right place”, that is, at PEGIDA and AfD.


    German-Jewish professor Gerhard Amendt worked out the convoluted nature of “feminism” and Nazism.




    “Feminists” have banned Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld from the University of Trier because he dared to unmask their ridiculous tales of lies.


  4. I’m losing my shit over the Downfall Hitler bunker parody, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen! I don’t think anyone’s ever cut their own stuff in before, like the map of Luton, and the close up on Adolf’s face as he eyeballs Tommy. The Fuhrer saying people who subscribe to his social media should leave the room has me doubled up with laughter. It’s absolute GENIUS!

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