Leftism, corruption, and the spread of ‘shree a’ in the West: Links 1, May 22, 2018

1. Trudeau Riggs the vote for himself, and tells classic PoMo spin doctored terms to try and make it look more ‘fair’.

2. Photo sent by a reader, taken at 1:00 PM ET in Brampton On.

3. At bloody last:

4. And sharia in Germany proceeds apace.

In Ontario as well as we see in item 2.

5. Masked gunmen with Kalashnikovs open fire on a group of youngsters in Marseille leading to shoot-out with French police

A group of masked attackers in three cars fired AK-47 assault rifles at young people in the French city of Marseille yesterday, local media has reported.


One man is said to be ‘slightly injured’ after the assault, which began at about 5pm and which also included the use of handguns. 


The gunmen – who are still on the run – began firing at a crowd of young people outside the city’s cultural centre.

Shocking amateur footage shows the attackers, dressed in black, firing in the street.

One of the young people – a man – was taken hostage, it has been reported. 

6. German Antifa Far-Left Extremists Release ‘Riot Tourist’ Instructional Terror Handbook

German alt-left Antifa extremists have released a new instructional booklet ahead of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) conference in Augsburg which teaches and encourages “riot tourists” to burn cars, attack war memorials, and target political party offices.

The 44-page booklet was posted to the notorious Indymedia web platform that previously hosted the now-banned Linksunten website, which also posted tutorials on sabotage and other acts of terror and violence following last year’s riots at the G2o meeting in Hamburg.


Within the booklet, titled “Augsburg for Riot Tourists”, and on an external blog site mirroring the guide that features the Antifa logo, the far-left extremist group states: “We are calling for a revolt against the German collective on the occasion of the AfD party conference in Augsburg.”

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, M., Bernd, Johnny U., EB. Wrath of Khan, and many many more who contributed to this site for the benefit of us all today.

Please do send the link out for the Michael Hansen post with his release of his film, Killing Europe, free to all on Youtube. It would be a good thing if a lot of people saw it.

The interview appears to have a hint of his next project built in as well. Something to look forward to, for some of us anyway.


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  2. We had what looked like the ordinary European French rioting in Paris because of Macron, now we have the German Antifa sending out manuals on how to start low intensity war in Europe. Looks like the European civil wars are starting this year.

    Pay close attention, the US and Canada are only one or two years behind Europe on the civil wars.

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