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6 Replies to “…and this is who the left, especially in Canada, is venerating”

    • This journal entry doesn’t have enough contacts for me to make any sense of it. Is this a Canadian Imam speaking? Why the reference to Canada? How well-known is this Imam? Vlad, I also don’t get all the comments referring to i”t is beginning ” in your other posts. You’ve been saying that for years now. When will the revolution of understanding Islam really happen?

      • This is an imam in Iran. It was sent to me by a well known Iranian expat who spent months in Evin prison, over a year actually, for converting to Christianity and refusing the hijab.

        I plan to find out more today, but as she sent it to me, I am assuming he is an imam of some ranking. However its still quite typical of Islamic views. Najis, is a commonly held belief and widely preached in Iran and is part of the everyday zeitgeist there.

        Read Andrew Bostom on that.

        As for revolution on Islamic understanding, I do not remember saying that at all. Please find out who did, and ask them.

      • The phrase “It is beginning” is frequently used these days at the beginning of articles and videos popular in conservative circles.

        I’m finding it tedious and silly, too.
        But if reference to a specific article appears here, the whole title is usually quoted. Makes it easier to search.

        Maybe we can add [sic].

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