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41 Replies to “Faith Goldy attacked by violent masked psycho, daring to call Faith, a “fascist””

    • I don’t know what “JF Gariepy’s” stream is. Also, what does it mean to be ” a bit fashy of late?”
      Should I know what that means Boyo?

            • Faith is rumoured to have had dalliances with Richard Spencer, has done interviews with Storm Front and so on. But your earlier comment was spot on. There was no excuse for the way ANTIFA treated her. It is unacceptable to have a group like that be the arbiter of what may or may not be said, and who may, or may not be where they will.

              ANTIFA are, each and every one of them, orders of magnitude more illiberal than Faith is, even if the rumours are true. And even if they are true, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to agree with her opinions to recognize what a terrible threat ANTI represents to us all and therefore defend her right to do what she was doing.

              • If Antifa weren’t out raising hell and helping the Islamic Invaders destroy the west the White Supremacists would be no threat at all. In fact the would be such a small minority most would not realize they still exist. The left in their attacks on civilization have breathed new life into the White Supremacist movement. Life that slowly leave the movement once the Islamic Invasion is defeated.

                • I agree in part with what you say.
                  However, the term White Supremacy has been used and disabused.
                  Whites are a small minority on the planet. So, how can they be supremacists especially in view of what the rest have done to Whites?
                  Caucasians are a threatened species. If nothing is done in terms of fertility, they are doomed to disappear within 100 years. That’s not long in historical terms.
                  That said: I prefer light-copper skin tones.
                  I think we’re undergoing a cycle of human devolution.

                  • You are right. The term White Supremacist was coined during the end of the colonial empires and the apartheid governments. What the thinking people are learning is that the “minority” races didn’t want an end to apartheid they just wanted to be the ones running the nations.

      • Dude, there’s this newfangled thing called Google, you should really check it out. Will change your life.

        Jean-Francois Gariepy is a tremendously autistic Québécois evolutionary biologist, who’s intellect has made him rise to prominence within Alt-Right “race realist” YouTube circles. Where he now streams daily, often alongside comely nationalist lovelies like the American girl Lauren Rose, or the hot and bonkers but hyper-anti-Semitic animator Emily Youcis.

        Since she was blackballed by Gad Saad from moderating a free speech debate with Jordan Peterson, Goldy has drifted further and further towards what the Leftwing press would characterize as White Supremacist circles.

        Falsely, for sure, but nevertheless that’s what the “optics” look like (yeah, search engines). And of course there’s no excuse for Antifa’s conduct. One shouldn’t have to actually say that on a site like this, Eeyore.

        The Alt-Right gains its support mainly from young shitposters (did I mention Google?) online and they have their own lingo. Move with the times, Daddy-o. Their creed is the 14 words (can’t believe the Ask.com search engine is still going), which Faith intoned on the Christmas streams put out by the Scot, Millennial Woes. If you don’t know what streaming is (live YouTubeing) I really can’t help you, grandad.

        Among the younger males who aren’t sperglords or neckbeards (Bing and DuckDuckGo, are also good, chief) “fashy” haircuts are all the rage. Undercuts popularized across Europe in the interwar years, as sported by Richard Spencer or Martin Sellner. Do an image search for “Peaky Blinders haircut.” Then there’s fashwave graphic art, and electronic music, and more extreme cartoons like Murdoch Murdoch, and so on, and so on, and so on…

        • A little overly sarcastic but informative. Ill look into the biologist you mentioned. I did try and search him on 2 engines when you first posted and nothing came up. Perhaps its because I also searched for Faith Goldy in the same search hoping to find the particular event you mentioned.

          It would be most helpful if you provided links to your claims. Not that I doubt them, but it would be most helpful if you did.

          • Guys, I too thought Faith was ball-achingly hot back when she worked for The Rebel, but times have changed, and I’m not just talking about her unfortunate recent penchant for collagen fillers.

            Eeyore, I think given the torrent of screeds levelled in my direction after an entirely accurate yet throwaway comment, based in actual knowledge of the subject and evidence rather than assumption-based white knighting, the /sarc was well founded and if anything underplayed.

            You’re not specific about what you’d like sourced, but here’s a Reddit on her and Prof. Saad, and a snip of when she crossed the white nationalist Rubicon last December (Millenniyule is a major window into the individuals increasingly pulling traffic). I can’t link to the stream of Goldy and J-F Gariepy, because he simply mentioned in a stream earlier in the week that she’d been booked for sometime over the next few days. Watch his space.



            I’ve the greatest respect for Mr McLoughlin, and his personal sacrifices, and it was a mistake for people to assume, I think, that I was a first-time visitor to this site. Nevertheless, though he’s right that a bogeyman has been used to justify race replacement for 50 years, that bogeyman now exists online and is growing IRL. Many think with more than a little justification, I feel, that political solutions are now impossible and even if they were the liberal/Marxist stranglehold has been so total and so complete for so long, any credible opposition and/or reversal would not be allowed.

            Once you accept the evident reality of race replacement, it is only a hop, skip and a jump to what some feel is its inevitable conlusion: race war, in the interests of mere survival.

            The commenters here may baulk at this or object to it, but it is nevertheless the increasing public space in which these characters and events are evolving, with one crucial addition: this is now also a genuine marketplace.

            As commenters here are evidently dismissive/ignorant of shitposters and streaming, consider the recent case of Count Dankula — surely you must have hear of him? — who was convicted of hate speech and made a public plea for funding an appeal needing £100,000.

            His funding page raised a quarter of a million pounds in less than a day. I know Eeyore has done magnificently for a decade, but he has never shown his face and has very successfully avoided being doxed. I’m sure too, however, that he’s probably noticed in the last year or so a significant drop in traffic. All the sites have, including aggregators like Breitbart and Gatestone which so often used good sites like this as a resource for stories without giving credit.

            Because Facebook fundamentally changed their algorithm pushing down news stories, and Twitter became draconian about content — you can publicly see how much the share counts have dropped — the centre of gravity shifted fundamentally towards YouTube and youth. Joseph Watson — who doesn’t ever say anything particularly striking just rails against the mainstream (his USP is getting his product to the YouTube market *fast* to dominate shares), Molyneaux, Metokur, Survive the Jive, the Duke fan Mark Collett and countless others. Condell who was there first has practically given up on YouTube because his vids were always limited stated by mods. Primarily face-on reporting and polemic and internicine critique with high production values for the low attention span generation, and streaming. Women tend to make far more cash, and in a rightward continuum you could name Southern, Pettibone, Goldy, Tara McCarthy (who was once a vegan advocate and spotted a gap in the market and then went dark when her background came under scrutiny), Dancing Dove, the German Rage After Storm (who was brilliant and nuked her channel when doxed), Lauren Rose, Arya Sattya, Lokteff, Youcis… With the inevitable doxing and/or eventual arrest considered a right-of-passage by the market, and Southern constantly lambasted for not going “far enough.” This shift has also taken place because growing numbers are rejecting TV. And this is all without even mentioning the chans (4/8), and the few British YouTubers whose oeuvre is creating magnificent edited work:



            The comment/critique environment against Islamisation and mass migration isn’t about lone individuals and bloggers, making huge personal and finacial sacrifices and standing alone, any more, but folk trying to make genuine careers, specifically by treading a fine line against ever-vigilant YouTube moderation, when the marketplace is responding financially to things that are aggressive and abrasive, given the downward kinetic geopolitical spiral in the West, with potentially tens of millions of viewers. Which is why J.B. Peterson went so stratospheric so fast, by practically just stumbling into this pre-existing digital maelstrom. This income-avenue took a hit when advertisers pulled the plug through demonetization but has got a massive shot in the arm from “superchats” which allow folk to make donations live while commenting during live streaming.

            Gariepy got his break in the internet blood-sports streams which were very bellicose and GTK (if you don’t know what this means I’m not telling you, as it revolts me). These Warski co-streams often became top 10 YouTube trending items worldwide and raked in thousands of bucks through comments, per night.

            So over the past month J-F’s gone solo, and probably shares the significant takings with his guests, so is getting increasingly good ones. Ezra decided all of a sudden this past week, to establish an identitcal daily donation/comment stream — I wonder why that was, hmmm? And he’s not making anywhere near the same kind of dough, yet.

            I’ve wasted far too much of my time trying to shine a light on this world for you guys, so shan’t comment again, do your own research, and try and swallow the bitter pill: This just isn’t about principle any longer, but people risk-taking and envelope-pushing because, ultimately, there are profits to be made in doing so.

            • Excellent comment. And very well explained.

              It would take me a fair amount of time to properly respond to it, but in summary, a lot of it I fully agree with, some few points I am uncertain and some of it I do not understand enough. But if your overall point is that the internet and resistance is evolving, both technologically and ideologically, that was predicted in my “Agenda and Views of this Site” from around 11 years ago.

              If people won’t listen to reason they will get increasing levels of force until the options are dead.

              And that seems to be where we are heading.

              On that I think we agree.

              Don’t stop posting though. Don’t confuse criticism with lack of value. This post was really good and I am considering making a post of it once I have given Michael Hansen’s material enough top page time.

              • Thanks, man, always a fan. And if you want to post any of the above, of course, feel free.

                When I said I’d no longer comment, I meant solely on this Goldy thread, because a throwaway line necessarily had to evolve into a diatribe and post-rebuttal I’d have little more of value to add.

                Your Agenda was indeed prescient and there’s total agreement on every point you’ve just made.

    • “With respect to Faith, she has gone a bit fashy of late. Appearing on JF Gariepy’s stream this week”

      A reporter had been threatened, spat on, and assaulted by masked Communists.. Do people actually reason this is OK? Has Myspace come back? Has South American culture arrived and we just hadn’t noticed it? That there’s a good day for such behavior because she earned it? A fascist calling their mud-fligging ‘a fascist’ and hopes it sticks? Seriously inverted. Seriously damaged goods.

    • Contaminated for speaking to another person? That’s exactly what Douglas Murray did with Tommy Robinson and EDL. Murray wouldn’t speak to them because then he’d be slandered as being a supporter of them.

      Over the last 10 years I’ve had no trouble running into self-declared Nazis and Fascists on Facebook, Twitter and Gab. The problem is not finding crypto-Nazis, the problem is avoiding the real, self-declared Nazis.

      If Faith Goldy or anyone else doesn’t self-define as a Fascist then it’s none of your business to go round slandering her as such.

      We’ve had 50 years of population replacement in the West, because everyone has been so damned scared of being compared to some bogeyman.

      • Well said Peter and for those who do not know, Peter’s book, Easy Meat, is of such importance that it should alone have been the point de bascule that brought all this nonsense to a screaming halt.

        Anyone who has not read it, should do so. It is one of the most difficult reads ever, despite being a well written book. But it is truly varsol eye-wash.

    • You use particular words such as FASHY. What does that mean?
      I see nothing wrong with Faith Goldy except that she is an intrepid young woman in search of the truth.
      Without those individuals, we would never see what is truly happening.

  1. Does It Exist? Faith Goldy On White Privilege In Canada

    Does It Exist? Faith Goldy On White Privilege In Canada

    • I applaud every single person that defends White people. We’re being slaughtered everywhere, and now even in our own nations that we built from scratch.

      Everywhere we look, everything we read, they’re bashing White people. Schools are teaching our kids to hate the color of their skin. I’m not a Supremacist but I’m starting to understand what the Supremacists are saying.

      Every nation that evicted its Whites has devolved. Almost all scientific/industrial evolution is the result of White people.

      We’re going to end up like the Yazidis who forbid marriage outside their race because of the color of their eyes to maintain the lineage.

      That’s where we’re heading. As to all others, regression is in the works. History tells all.

      Very few of us are Supremacists. But keep on bashing on us and many will head that way.

      • Very few of us are Supremacists. But keep on bashing on us and many will head that way.

        Once the left forces most non leftist into the Supremacists ranks they will discover why they should have read more real history instead of their propaganda. The leftists identity politics is forcing all nations to return to tribalism, this will save freedom but put civilization much further down the road.

        While we are being forced into a Dark Age don’t make the mistake of thinking that all technological advances will stop, if anything they will speed up as the White Tribe strives to use high tech to protect themselves.

  2. Is Faith OK?

    Watching this I don’t see how anyone can think this is going to end peacefully, for it to end peacefully both sides have to be willing to negotiate. AS you saw Antifa and the other leftist militias don’t want to negotiate they are fighting to establish a dictatorship and no opposition will be allowed.

    • There’s a way to talk to them but it must in small inner quiet circles. Antifa got them with questions and rhetoric. We must do the same. I do it, a fastidious process to cultivate the seed.

  3. A simple, single question:

    What are masked individuals doing, spitting upon and physically threatening a transparent journalist who is attempting to gather honest information?

    Put another way entirely:

    What have these Antifa goons got to fear?

    It is more than apparent that many EU governments both protect and legally shelter Antifa’s very worst elements. Only recently have the organs of these same European law enforcement agencies begun to demonstrate any realization that their own officers are placed at extreme risk when immersed in these gooey puddles of less-than-pure-white snowflake excrement.

    What we have here is failure to communicate Communication Breakdown© on an unprecedented level. This lack of socio-cultural interoperability only portends a more massive and incredibly more violent upheaval than anything currently necessary or needed.

    Who’s to blame for this modern-day insistence upon cruel barbarism and idiotic war crimes? The West?

  4. Border War: Attacked by Antifa

    Prime Minister Trudeau’s reckless border policy has led to more than a fake refugee crisis, now civil war is breaking out between citizens on both sides of the debate.

    Here’s the truth about what happened at Lacolle, Quebec and the attack against me at the hands of Antifa.

    • Why didn’t the police try to help her?

      The civil war is not just in Canada, the violence is more open but it is headed to all western nations.

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