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4 Replies to “AfD suing Merkel for her border destruction”

    • Criminal traitor Merkel is not deterred from her destruction by
      loud engines. Behind tax-financed bulletproof glass she hears
      neither cries of rape victims nor “Merkel must go!” shouts.

  1. AfD suing Merkel for her border destruction

    I suppose that “suing” is the most polite term I’ve heard to date for how indigenous European people are responding to Merkel’s “borderless” Continent plan.

    Too bad that these beleaguered burghers don’t get more of a direct say in what happens next. Then there might be scads of far-more-wary burgermeisters when it came to having all of those willkommenskultur hausfraus and their screeches of greeting echoing about when the train full of Afghan rapists pulls into the local station.

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