Viktor Orban inaugural address

Here is an excerpt which is essentially the last twenty minutes of his full address to the legislature, which has most of what is interesting to us.

Below, his full speech.

Much thanks to CrossWare who translated the video for us all. If politicians like Viktor Orban can exist, win and thrive. then we can hope and work for our own futures similarly.

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  1. As always his speeches are very interesting, and the fact that he keeps getting elected shows the desire of the Hungarian people to remain a free and independent nation. It also shows those in the other European nations that they can regain their freedom and rebuild their nations. The struggle to regain their freedom won’t be easy and the fighting will continue for a long time but they can regain their freedom. The alternative to their liberating themselves is for some nation like Russia to come in and liberate Western Europe and then remain as the Overlords of Western Europe. All of the Europeans have to ask themselves if they want and Islamic Overlord, a Russian Overlord or independence to be a free nation with a language and culture of their own?

    In North America we have to decide if we want to remain to independent nations with a common language and very similar cultures? Or do we want to have either a Marxist Overlord to do our thinking for us or an Islamic Overlord to do our thinking for us? Once again the fight to remain free will be long and bloody but the first step in for the maverick Republicans to win in November and the Canadians to find some way to get an adult who believes in freedom as their Prime Minister. After that we have to ensure that Donald Trump wins in 2020 and then we must decide who will follow him? If Hillary had won freedom would have been lost, if a Dem wins in 2020 they will take us back to where we were under Obama. We lovers of freedom must remain vigilant until we once again control the school systems and the entertainment industry so the children will be taught to cherish freedom instead of slavery.

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