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12 Replies to “Observe the targets to know the motive”

    • It could be the Saudis who are active in Syria. They have fighter jets and whatever stationed on U.S. Incirlik base in Turkey. One was even spotted on an Israeli base.

      Pompeo was in Saudi Arabia for two days in meetings with the Crown Prince Bin Salman and others.

      Yesterday, SA’s Foreign Minister and Pompeo summarized their talks of which dealing with the Iranian problem in Mid-East, including Syria.

      They were all very happy.

      Here, they’re blaming Israel, again.


      It reminds me of the T-4 building attack that was also blamed on Israeli missiles, where all was wiped out inside the building. Many people never noticed the roof was intact and the walls were sprayed with artillery and still standing. It would seem it was a Saudi ground assault.


      • Sassy,
        It’s not blaming, it’s giving credit to –
        Israel avoids claiming credit for hits – unlike tards. Otherwise the tardish enemy is compelled to retaliate to save face. When they do acknowledge an operation, it’s for a very specific reason.

        ~~ Beware of The Omniscient-Twitter Bug ~~
        He’s 100% for PTrump, he’s very good on some things, he’s attracted huge numbers. But despite his consistently authoritative presentation, he knows _nothing_ about the Mideast. He spreads disinfo that positively reeks.

        He might be under some ‘Syrian Committee for Something-or-other’ spell. (Wherever they’re from, whoever they are, they call themselves “Syrian” these days.) They use social media personalities in precisely this way. Think White Helmets.

        It’s passed around on conservative websites like mononucleosis.

        • The Israelis didn’t acknowledge an operation. You read what you wanted in their words.

          That said, one week prior to Trump’s visit to SA, he had sent a delegation to carry out talks. When Trump arrived, all had been finalized.

          Trump hired Tillerson because of his Saudi expertise. Tillerson made frequent trips to SA and Bin Salman likewise to USA. What do you think they were talking about? And when Tillerson had accomplished his mission, he went back to his family life.

          There were no media leaks. Why? Because Trump isn’t working with the CIA or FBI. There’s something called the DIA, look it up.

          And remember: Trump is not a war guy but rather a deal-maker. His goal is not to claim credit but rather to achieve his goal. And in that regard, he’ll give all the credit to Kim Jung Un when they meet.

          Note: I read yesterday that Iran now wants to enter into talks with Trump. Winning!

      • PTrump’s social media base circulates wishful thinking, feel-good conspiracy theories about the Middle East. We win, everyone wins.

        The details are different, but you’ve got false flags, disguises, wondrous armaments. Unlimited oil money, boots on the ground – that aren’t ours – and Jews doing their magic thing.

        ~~ Goes like this… ~~

        A Muslim army of 500,000 is engaged in combat AT THIS MOMENT. [Breathless capitals.]

        The finest army in the history of the world has been training secretly in Saudi Arabia. Gulf Arabs! The mighty GCC! Some are disguised as ISIS-looking fiends. Others are in fact: Saudi Wonder WOMEN!

        Magic-vehicles transport them to the battle in Yemen/Mesopotamia/Levant where they obliterate the enemy in minutes. Their weapons are marvels of surgical precision. Israeli!

        Wars only seem to drag on. The enemy is vanquished, but spared ignominious defeat. No collateral damage, only the VERY bad guys die. Infrastructure is spared.

        All hush-hush. Only your Twitter-Meister detects the hand-signs and logos. Shares them with millions of followers.

        Noble Muslims spurn glory so the foe won’t lose face. Because all are Arab brothers who will live together in peace someday. Insha’allah.

        Virtuous, magnanimous, noble.
        @Jayesh al-Islam, theReal-Army of Islam

        • Yucki – Who wrote this? It is obviously nonsense.
          Your 1st comment is a bit cryptic. Who has the huge Twitter following and is pro Trump but knows nothing about the ME? Who is “he?”

          • Welcome to the war of shadows in the Middle East, you can’t tell the players without a game card and when you get one it is probably wrong.

            • I agree re the War of Shadows.

              We’re dealing with a new type of warfare, that of infiltration and converting enemy players (not the leaders) into double agents to the cause.

              The result is almost zero civilian casualties and targets destroyed.

              It’s a process that takes time and it’s been ongoing for one year.

              It explains what happened in Yemen where 19 Houti bases were wiped out as well as the Commanders.

              It also explains what’s happening in Iran where the Mullahs and Ayatollahs are uncertain of who to trust (IRGC defectors and possible double agents).

              Praise must be given to the GCC leg-workers.

              • GCC – baloney. _That’s_ the main feature of the hoax: Pretending they’re doing it because that’s what we want.
                Not happening.
                Wish-fulfilling drivel.

                Puffery is part of a PR drive to make the war in Yemen and the mess in the ME more palatable to People On Our Side. We don’t want to be there, we want our allies to act nice.

                Though it’s been going on for a while, an article I read today describes why we need positive spin:
                Tehran’s Dangerous Yemen Game

          • Recommendations for the “cognitive war”:
            These extend to the “base” that might influence individuals in Congress to view our interventions in a more favorite light.

            Our side messages, too.

            The “GCC story line” is inconsistent with the reality on the ground. The only shared interest is defeat of Iran. That’s “the cause”.

            The scripts are an extra layer of smoke that’s dispelled instantly with even modest knowledge of the region, the map, the languages, and most importantly, tribal affiliations.

            It’s getting more professional: the maps correspond to the topography [sorta], mercenaries who are speaking Spanish are not passed off as Gulf Arabs in [non-Arabic] confab.

            That may not be important to voters who want a narrative with all the elements the decent America 1st Voter demands. A “cause”, “zero civilian casualties”, etc.

            Though I understand the rationale for the cognitive home-front campaign, I find it disturbing. I’ll call it when I see it in Readers’ Links.

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