France and England are attacking themselves this time, so both lose: Links 1, April 22. 18

1. Here is a look at one of the roots of the cancerous postmodern thinking that is at the tipping point of taking down our civilization. The easily proven nonsense that all creatures are ‘equal’ and only environmental factors make the difference. The chameleon, Steven Pinker in his excellent book, The Blank Slate, does a brilliant job of exposing the damage done to science by anti-science thinkers and activists like BF Skinner. I call Dr, Pinker a chameleon because his recent interview on CFRA was a complete exercise in submission to the post-modern and multicultural narrative, as well as a gospel session at the alter of Trudeau. But the Blank Slate is truly excellent irrespective of anything he has done since.

2.  I added this clip to the end of the post on Tan, but as many likely wont see it as I dont think the sites notify subscribers of updates, it really does bear putting in a new post.

It answers an important question actually. Which is why have we not heard about the sharia police which we used to read about here and there within the UK. And now we have our answer.

The actual police enforce sharia now and are damn close to admitting it, but clearly are doing it. This one fine Englishman points it out repeatedly and in non-offensive language, which at least prevented his arrest while on camera. And all that at the intersection formerly known as “Speaker’s Corner” and soon to be known as “Dawa Square”.

3. An excellent and overdue article on dealing with BDS resolutions. Well worth the time to read, and read slowly. This is a summary of ideas all of us have had and posted either as articles or comments, but this is a great summary of a practical method for dealing with BDS. Please absorb, and pass on to anywhere it may be useful.


Do not try to defend ONE point in the resolutionIf you attempt or even open that up, you will immediately be on the defensive; it’s a battle you cannot win, especially in a hostile environment. Even if you can show that “X” or “Y” in the resolution is a lie, they will respond that it isn’t, and you will be on the defensive.

Your entire platform must show that this is a politically (and even religiously) motivated and antisemitic resolution specifically targeting the Jewish homeland of Israel. Then, all of your questions must back that up. Ask how many resolutions the GWU Senate passed to protect the people in:

  • Syria, where tens of thousands of people were gassed by their own government?
  • Saudi Arabia, where state executions of homosexuals exist?
  • Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, where honor killings of women are acceptable?
  • China? Russia? Egypt? Sri Lanka? Kenya? Sudan? Bangladesh? Libya? Yemen? Zimbabwe? Pakistan? North Korea? Brunei? Somalia?

If, with all the horrors and atrocities committed in the world, the Senate is only interested in the well-being of the Palestinians and the condemnation of the Jewish State of Israel, that is defined as antisemitism and targeting a country based on religion and ethnicity.

4. The propaganda from the Islam-communist side is truly stunning. Both in how powerful it is, as well as the amount of out-and-out deception is used. Staggering. And effective.

Al Jazeera on the poor, barefoot migrants that are walking their way into France over the alps and just deserve a chance, right? Even though its cheaper to fly first class than pay a smuggler.

Of course the communist Parliament of France agrees with this brutal and blatant propaganda, calling citizens who are actually enforcing the law, in fact just symbolically, “friends of Marine Le Pen” (as if that was a bad thing) in order to demonize any attempt at the preservation of national sovereignty as [insert cultural-marxist trope here].

You can see that in one of the two amalgamated clips below:

Thank you Ava Lon, M., Wrath of Khan, Perfect Child, Johnny U., NorseRadish and all who contributed today for a robust and increasingly important discussion on the state of civilization.

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  1. Burrhus Frederic Skinner, was an American psychologist who demonstrated animals behavior could be altered by timing their rewards. The hand that feeds, controls the behavior of their prisoners.

    Islam uses their Religion of Booty distribution for those in compliance to Sharia; Marxism uses Taxed Income to be given out to Virtue Signalling Identities. Create poverty, and you have the believer.

    “The behavioral psychologist, Jerome Ulman in his 1990 paper, “Toward a Synthesis of Marx and Skinner,” Behavior and Social Issues, Spring/Summer, Vol. 1, Number 1, argues for a synthesis of B.F. Skinner’s radical behaviorism and Marxism. In Ulman’s view, the natural sciences of social change (scientific socialism) and of behavior change (behaviorology) should be seen as complementary. Furthermore, if they are brought together, then behaviorology can shed light on certain problems in Marxism and vice versa.”

    Getting a dog to submit, lie down and roll over for the rewards in Heaven and Welfare.

  2. The BDS movement, yes we need to go on the attack every chance we can, resist the movements turning our nations into third world hell holes. We also need to resist the various governments turning the police into Sharia police.

  3. France made a new azylum law. Although most of the media call it tightening the law (see Yahoo however what it does not tells is that
    – “people who assist in the stay and movement of people in an irregular situation in France can no longer be prosecuted.” in other words that means smugglers active inside France will no longer be prosecuted.
    – It provides for new rights for persons enjoying subsidiary protection and for stateless persons: the residence permit that will be granted will be valid for four years, instead of one year now, which will save them from heavy administrative procedures every year ( Articles 1 and 2);
    – Asylum-seeking children can now request “family reunification” by bringing in their parents, the text plans to extend this possibility to their siblings (Article 3)

  4. 1. Skinner
    “How Private Property Saved the Pilgrims”
    by Tom Bethell – January 30, 1999


    Bradford’s comments make it clear that common ownership demoralized the community far more than the tax. It was not Pilgrims laboring for investors that caused so much distress but Pilgrims laboring for other Pilgrims. Common property gave rise to internecine conflicts that were much more serious than the transatlantic ones. The industrious (in Plymouth) were forced to subsidize the slackers (in Plymouth). The strong “had no more in division of victuals and clothes” than the weak. The older men felt it disrespectful to be “equalized in labours” with the younger men.

    “19th Century Communists and the Origin of American Public Education”
    by Sam Blumenfeld – July 30, 2010

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