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45 Replies to “SPEAKERS CORNER – TAN “Islam..doesn’t belong in the modern world””

  1. The Mecca of Speakers Corner
    Equal beliefs can share the time
    Muslims bring their Holy Warner
    To Police another Shrine.

    • Thank you Officer.
      “You Appease the Belief!”
      The Nigerian wants to get off with her
      Each serve their female underneath.

        • Personally, I don’t understand him some of the time, but when I do, I generally find him to be right on target with his observations.

        • Perfectchild’s contributions have been an essential ingredient in my Red Pill “cocktail”.

          [Even when they were opaque. And sometimes annoying]

          It’s a way of connecting the news themes of this blog from a psychosocial perspective. There are patterns of thinking that produce predictable, observable behaviors.

          We have Muslims, communists, sex-freaks: disgusting and destructive elements that threaten our very existence.

          Now, the fundamental premise is that every Child is born Perfect. [I’d say, in the image of G-d].
          Yet zombie predators walk among us.

          What goes wrong? What causes the damage, destroys the human? What drives unnatural behaviors? Why do whole groups of people become warped in particular ways?

          We’re here together watching the world fall apart, trying to understand so we can defend ourselves. Sharing some theories, discarding others, later retrieving aspects of them.

          It’s a fluid thing.

          Just let it all wash over you. It doesn’t have to make sense; often it’s just wicked and sly and provocative. Adorned with links to off-the-wall videos, double-edged Bible quotes, and – yes – poems that tickle the fancy of this YankeeKafir.

          Offense may even be intended!
          – TEASING !! –
          So talk back. It’s a challenge and it’s fun.

      • “The Mecca of Speakers Corner
        Equal beliefs can share the time
        Muslims bring their Holy Warner
        To Police another Shrine.”

        The first Mekah was a Safe Space for all religions to be equal.

        This Speakers Corner was a Safe Space where all political voices could be heard.

        Both have been mobbed by Muslims to intimidate and chase out dissent. Praying the territory, to make it sacred ground, so that a mosque will be built on it.

        “Thank you Officer.
        “You Appease the Belief!”
        The Nigerian wants to get off with her
        Each serve their female underneath.”

        The Police marched off Tan for offending Islam. A Nigerian interviewer asked of Tan if the beauty of a female outweighed the Call to Prayer inside her.

        They both look at the outside of the cup. The female form of society, Protecting Peace: Is Socialism. The enamored with the female body, for his own comfort: the Nigerian.

        Drawing on the female, to serve themselves, so that they will all be eaten alive by the first man that was eaten by a woman: Islam.

        “Their Call for Mercies
        From lower consciousness
        Sexual Emergencies
        The Socialist Express.”

        To be a slave, to submit, means their only relationships with women are lesbian ones. A hairy Dom and a hairless Sub. An Adamless world.

        Thank you Po. You did not find the key, so you bitched and stamped your foot. Now the medicine goes in.

  2. Away with Tommy Robinson and his fake East End glottal stops:
    “Oi! Wha-a-lah-ah-i-ow-ya-ow-bah-ohs!” [the colour of his favourite beverage].

    Crap haircut. Crap T-Shirt. Crap Mark Suckerberg wannabee. Enoch Powell weeps to think this low class hood claims him as an idol. “Tommy” even likes that Greek Fag, whose name I refuse to mention on this family blog.

    Did you know that glottal stops are a very Arabic way of speaking, according to the hilariously named David Shariatmadari of The Great Guardian fishwrap?

    Bye for now!

    • Muslims speak ‘ratta-tatta’
      Repeating words to cast out Jinns.
      Socialists fawn and flatter
      Where the Greatest Victim wins.
      But the critics of the latter
      Of the men they once were in;
      Morals do not Matter
      As they cut into these skins.

  3. Sorry… Did I mention that “Tommy Robinson”, born Stephen Christopher Lennon (né Yaxley, 27 November 1982) previously aka “Andrew McMaster” and previously aka “Paul Harris” is not even English, but rather he’s an Irishman and a drunk lout, who’s been sentenced for criminal activities more than once, according to the Fount of All Knowledge,
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Robinson_(activist)#Imprisonment_for_mortgage_fraud who has never lived in London, let alone in the East End? He may have gate-crashed a drunken porn party there once or twice, but I have no certain knowledge of that.

    • Why the animosity? Even if what you say is true, and Im confident he does live in Luton, he is still one of the bravest and most outspoken people in the UK about Islam.

      Certainly one of the first. No matter what happens from here on in, he will be a defacto hero of the movement to expose the facts and start a counter-revolution against the Red-Green alliance.

      So why the contempt for him? Have you done more or even as much for this issue?

      Can you name someone who has?

      • No animosity, Eeyore: just exercising my Falstaffian bent, which has seen me banned from more blogs than I can remember. Yours may be next. I hope not.

        “So why the contempt for him?”

        Eeyore: I’ve never been charged with assault, impersonation or mortgage fraud. I did plead guilty once to drinking underage, but the judge let me off with an admonition, and a “boys-will-be-boys” smile.

        “Have you done more or even as much for this issue?…Can you name someone who has?”

        I can name people – still living – who’ve done far more than “Tommy” for the cause of Western civilization without being hoodlums. I’m thinking only of Englishmen right now: Sir Roger Scruton, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, Daniel Hannan, Boris Johnson (well, maybe not Boris) none of whom would be caught dead in the same room as him.


        • “Eeyore: I’ve never been charged with assault, impersonation or mortgage fraud.”

          Then you do not know how the working-poor have to survive in the UK. It’s either that, or drag your sorry ass onto a dependency of Welfare and Credit handouts. The Sexual Identitists, Socialists and the Slaves of Muhammad tempt them into a life they do not have. Turning their stones into bread, letting angels rescue them, and serving their devil as their savior.

          Our battle for Humanity is alongside the scared and broken who did not sell their souls having made the best decisions out of very poor and desperate situations.

          As to your direct accusations about Tommy, please clarify the facts.

          Entering a country on a false passport? They send you back on the next plane – and your own country does not imprison you. Except for Tommy. Who even came back on his own passport. And fiddling the figures to actually get a mortgage by declaring more income than you have? Used to be legal, a matter of trust, before centralized government got involved

          The way Socialism works
          Is create guilt before the law
          Islam calls these shirks
          Allah’s Mercy you must call.
          Preference usurps
          Any Privilege how small.
          So nothing you inherit
          Will be yours to have at all.


          • SpoiledChild axe (sic):
            “As to your direct accusations about Tommy, please clarify the facts.”

            “Tommy” is guilty of at least 18 offences. Maybe even a dozen, if you count being a drunk on a sidewalk.

            • SpoiledChild axe (sic):

              Without wishing to speak for Eeyore in any way (shape or form), it is seriously offensive to see a newcomer at this web site twist around someone else’s screen name.

              Whether or not I like Perfectchild has ZERO to do with reality. At another well-established Internet site, wracking around with someone one else’s screen name can get you banned.

              Most hilarious of all is how I have been accused of unforgivable transgressions (here and elsewhere) even as I now get all pissy about these minutiae.

              • “…wracking around with someone one else’s screen name can get you banned.”

                Talk to the hand, pal. Been there, done that.
                Like Groucho said: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

        • Ok I see. I wanted to make sure there was no other agenda at work. We get those from time to time and I am protective of this site and its readers, even though I do make errors from time to time.

          I understand your PoV actually. But like the great Shakespearean characters, Tommy is a complicated one.

          Polonius had the best lines in Hamlet as one example.

          And Tommy really has the kind of temperament that put him out there when no one else would unless they had the cover of nobility.

          That English comic actor, Rowan Atkinson actually put it in so many words. Paraphrasing from memory: ‘Only those protected by celebrity have even a shot at saying the truth about what is taking place in the UK now without arrest. Everyone else gets arrested for singing the wrong song or telling a cop his horse is gay.’

          Tommy is an unusual sort of hero and not someone who’s armour is white or shiny for sure.

          But I suspect he is a true believer, and he has put himself out there and has been jailed, arguably for our cause, more than once.

          Again, your facts are correct and your questions are valid.

          But I am questioning how much they matter in this case.

          As a society if we will not listen to the polite intellectuals, and if we will not support the most reasonable who will stick their necks out, then the choices after that go steadily more harsh until we find ourselves begging for a totalitarian government to reestablish some kind of control from whatever side. And frankly this may be the point of all of this actually.

          So it may be time to recognize that the perfect is the enemy of the good, then it becomes the enemy of the adequate, and then of the effective, until the search for perfection causes our extinction.

          Because there is no one clean enough and well spoken enough to represent our views.

          • “That English comic actor, Rowan Atkinson…”

            Sorry, Eeyore. Again, no animosity.

            Rowan Atkinson? You mean https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/rowan-atkinson-left-shaken-but-not-146119“>the serial car crash perpetrator? A bloody id’jit, as they say in Ireland, what, what?

            But no. But yes. You, Eeyore, remind me more of the bass violist, Jack Six, in this clip at the 7:18 – 7:19 mark. Eeyore (RIP) had very sad eyes, as does Six.

              • So basically all you do is apply critical theory to people who actually do things. Have I got that about right? I mean you attack people for irrelevent things in order to negate what good they do.

                Which is 100% a Frankfurt school tactic. Is that what you are about?

              • “So he crashed his car.”

                Twice, actually. But see here: I just paid you a compliment, in case you missed it. Jack Six (RIP) was great.

                “Critical theory”? I don’t know for sure. You didn’t give a link. But is “critical theory” what people mean when they speak of the ongoing slow motion invasion of Canada by left-wing lawyers and academics who use words instead of the scimitars?

                  • I think you’re an stand-up guy, that’s all. Am I wrong having a bit of fun?

                    I remember an acquaintance of mine, a doorman named Vlad, who saw mummy dead in her apartment on 15 August 2003 – the day of the last great power blackout in Ontario.

                    Why do I mention that? What does it have to do with anything? I don’t know.

                    As the Great Rodney King once said before drowning in a swimming pool (cf: your YouTube) “Can’t we all just get along?”

                    I won’t be back if you tell me to get lost 🙂

                    • Am I wrong having a bit of fun?

                      Yes, you’re wrong. Your fun is at our expense, abusing the hospitality of this blog.

                      You want the satisfaction of having another door slammed in your face. Eeyore’s unlikely to obilige. Just… because.

                      Spare us your obscure links to your private jokes. Use them to pleasure yourself by yourself.

                      That’s really where it’s at for you.

                      You and your hand.


    • Words Of Comfort To Be Scratched On A Mirror

      Helen of Troy had a wandering glance;
      Sappho’s restriction was only the sky;
      Ninon was ever the chatter of France;
      But oh, what a good girl am I!

      Dorothy Parker

  4. The Socialist have been playing the log game and have removed the right of self defense from the Europeans, with this right gone they are now destroying (for all practical purposes have destroyed) Freedom of Speech. With the police enforcing Sharia law on all who dare raise their heads above the crowd it is save to say that civilization has already fallen and individual rights and freedom don’t have far to go.

  5. We are long past the time when we can insist on any kind of purity in those who fight alongside of us. We are playing catch up in this stage of the war and any and all who will put themselves at risk to fight the common enemy are welcome.

    During WWII a British safe cracker who was in the pen on one of the channel Islands convinced the Germans he was a supporter and was sent back to Britain to spy. He turned himself in and spent the war sending false info to the Germans. He received a pardon for his good work. I can’t remember his name and my internet searches aren’t providing it.

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