What are the odds?

Anyone else notice a conspicuous trend of Churches and Cathedrals mysteriously being vandalized or outright burned down, on or near Easter weekend?

Here is one from March 27 in Ottawa Canada:

Here is a post from this site, May 2, 2016, where FOUR Churches/Cathedrals burned down

And as posted earlier today, a “wave of attacks on Churches across Canada this Easter weekend.

Anyone finding any news links from anywhere in the world showing attacks on Churches or mysterious fires or vandalism, PLEASE post them under this item in the comments. This, like the huge number of mysterious pig farm fires in Ontario, must not go unnoticed.




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  1. Islam has been killing Jews and Christians for centuries, and no one has lifted a finger to stand up to the Muslims. If you don’t stand for Christ, you will bow to Allah the Satanic Moon god, but don’t worry Allah is not our Christian god, Our God is our protector and provider. Their Jesus is the false prophet the bible states will come into the picture in the last days. Muslims who follow Muhammad are fooling themselves that they will be rewarded for killing innocent people and children. Our Jesus is stronger then their Allah. If Allah is greater, than why can’t he destroy the infidels himself? because Allah is only as powerful as the fools that follow him. I’ll stick with the creator of my world, I don’t care what world the Muslims came from but they will be sent back soon when Jesus comes to settle the Judgment. Muslims, repent before your days on this earth are done. Love one another and stop trying to find sex slaves.

    • Christians have stood up to them for a long time, it wasn’t until the last half of the 20th Century that the left managed to convince people that standing up for your culture and religion is evil. This let the Islamic world make massive gains, according to what I am seeing around the world this is about to change and while Civilization and possibly freedom is disappearing from most Western Nations so will Islam once the Europeans start fighting back.

  2. From behind this paywall
    many vandle attacks on churches in New Brunswick https://prnt.sc/j0a8et

    The New Brunswick RCMP is investigating a string of church break-ins over the Easter weekend.

    Const. Robert Taylor, of the Minto RCMP detachment, said investigators are looking into three break-ins that occurred on the evening of Apr. 1 and into the morning of Apr. 2 at the Village of Chipman’s Christian Life Centre, the Second United Baptist Church and the United Church of Canada.

    “We have no suspects right now,” Taylor said Tuesday morning, adding that the RCMP is still examining the scenes and completing reports on the crimes.

    Chipman Mayor Carson Atkinson said he was disappointed to hear about these incidents.

    “The village council is very concerned about that. It’s amazing that somebody would think about breaking into churches, where they really have no money,” he said, saying he’s been informed the thieves didn’t receive any money for their troubles.

    “All they did was a little bit of structural damage. For those people, when the RCMP finds them – and it’s only a matter of time – they’re unemployable in their area and we really don’t want them around.”

    He said it’s pretty low for people to break into places of worship.

    “That’s the sad reality for those people – that they don’t understand how things work, how people consider them. They are the dregs of society,” he said.

    Atkinson said this isn’t the only recent break-in for the community. On the evening of Mar. 9, and into the morning of Mar. 10, a person, or persons, broke into the Village of Chipman’s municipal offices, he said. An RCMP spokesperson confirmed that break-in.

    “It was a small break-in – more damage than anything else. They got a little bit of money,” Atkinson said. “Subsequently, we’ll be ensuring there’s more surveillance. That’s how we’ll be dealing with it – more surveillance and tighter security.”

    Taylor said it’s difficult to say whether the church break-ins are connected to the forced entry and theft at the village hall, but that’s an angle the RCMP is still exploring.

    “Obviously, if there are unsolved break-and-enters, that person is possibly a suspect [in the church cases],” he said.

    Rev. Gerald Burke, of the Second Chipman United Church on Main Street, said the break-ins were a big blow.

    “They broke in through the back door of the church. Then they broke into the church office. They threw papers all over the place. They broke into our balcony, which had a locked door,” Burke said.

    “They were obviously just looking for money because they didn’t take anything. They threw stuff all over the place in their quest for money.

    “It’s quite upsetting that people would come in and do this,” he said. “There’s never any money kept in the church.”

    More to come…

  3. If I caught someone vandalizing the churches in my immediate area I would beat them to death. A few days ago I posted a little video of my colonial community. Even though I am not of the faith of these churches I would consider it an attack on my long held culture and I would still beat them to death!
    Funny how no one has vandalized our churches…

  4. The dhimmi in chief, the South American redistributor of (other peoples) money, the odious pope impostor in Rome, Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio, doesn’t seem to give a shiite.
    Those who are not of the faith don’t seem to care either, but for those who see these wonderful historical buildings as our cultural heritage, like I do, these developments are heart wrenching.

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