Immigration issues, leftism and Islam and organized chaos: Links 1, April 3, 2018

1. President Trump on the bulge of illegal invaders from Honduras headed to the USA

Daily Mail link related but from different PoV

2. Italian news video on various busts of muslims for the usual activities.

3. Trump supporter subjected to a “nasty attack” and a “possible hate crime” because she is a trump supporter.

4. Danish comic mocks Swedish commie culture.

5. Venezuela’s former VP, now Minister of Education explains that communism is great and works perfectly but the reason there is no food in the supermarkets is that people eat too much.

Venezuela’s former Vice President turned Minister of Education Elías Jaua claimed in remarks this weekend that the country’s depleted supermarkets would be full of food if people did not eat so much.

In a televised speech, Jaua said that, although Venezuela’s malnutrition crisis was a “timely issue,” it had “not at all affected people’s fundamental right to access food.”


“A growing demand and possibilities to acquire food by the Venezuelan people are what has presented a great challenge for our country to produce more and more food every day,” he said. “If the Venezuelan people did not eat, surely the shelves would be full.”


“Thank God there is a Bolivarian Revolution and our people have a right to eat meat, chicken, milk, that they did not have ten, 14 years ago,” he alleged.

6. One of about 6 important reveals on the Democrat use of Pakistani Muslim spies as IT security people during the Obama admin. Please see the Reader’s Links post for today and yesterday for the rest.

7. French leftists riot over anything. Probably in order to create so much chaos that the public beg for anyone to take over and hey presto! Communist/Nazi totalitarian rule to restore order. Here they are rioting over proposed changes to mass transit, I think.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Michelle, Richard and all who took the time and effort to discuss these issues and send in links of significance to the reality of today, to help counter the ludicrous anaesthesia of the government-media complex narrative.

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  1. Links related to caravan – 2017
    (all from search engine — apparently the creators want these to be locatable)!topic/frontera-list/k6sZ8ne1dO8

    Where: Caravan from Ri?o Suchiate, Tecu?n Uma?n (Guatemala), to Tijuana (Mexico). See route here.
    When: April 9, 8:00 am-May 7, 2017.
    Media contacts:
    Mexico – Irineo Mujica
    (+1) 602-551-4931 Mexico – Cristo?bal Sa?nchez
    (+52) 1 5537485628 USA – Alex Mensing
    (+1) 775-560-4904 USA – Roberto Corona
    (+1) 858-201-8117
    Donations in the US:
    Bank of America – Pueblo Sin Fronteras – [ ]

  2. This 2017 press release appears to include an account number for a BofA account to accept donations to subvert the US border controls, such as they are.

    posted by
    [claiming] endorsing organizations
    Arte Sin Fronteras
    Border Angels
    Casa del Migrante Caborca
    Casa del Migrante Sonoyta
    Centro Comunitario Monseñor Romero
    Centro de Ayuda Humanitaria Chahuites
    Centro de Dignificacion Humanana
    Cultura Migrante
    En Pie de Lucha Performance
    Albergue Hermanos en el Camino
    Hogar de la Misericordia
    Humans en el Camino
    National Day Labor Organizing Network
    Proyecto Cultural Caminante
    Pueblo Sin Fronteras Centroamérica
    Quinto Sol Cultural Work
    Sin Fronteras Radio
    SOA Watch
    Todo Por Ellos
    ?Voces Unidas Por los Inmigrantes

  3. One of the businessmen that I deal with on a regular basis has as his address an MS-13 hotbed. He is young enough to have children in the school district and I wonder how he is navigating the illegal alien presence in his community.
    In 2015 Obama dumped over 1,000 “unaccompanied minors” into his community. that means into his school district. After 6 months, the local gov’t is charged with paying for these people. So, the citizens of this municipality are paying for these people who shouldn’t be here in the first place, degrading their educational system as well as all their health facilities. Parks and library decline due to the stress on the budget.
    I applaud Pres. Trump for stopping the immigrant hoard from infiltrating our country. This has to end. I am all for sending the army to our southern border to stop this infiltration.

    While I am terribly sorry about the poverty in their home country, I don’t think the long term answer is to import them here.

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