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    • Thank G-d.
      There are 70,000-75,000 Jews still in South Africa.
      We’ve got to get them out.
      It’s really hard. People always try to hold out till the last minute.

  1. A Pakistani TV show known for his extreme views and hate speech has been barred from entering the U.S.

    Orya Maqbool Jan who hosts TV Show “Harf-e-Raz” on NEO TV claimed he was stopped from boarding a flight to the U.S. by Pakistan’s airport authorities. Jan claimed the “American narrative in the Muslim world had failed and is closed to its worst defeat in Afghanistan”, he added “if they [U.S.] want to take revenge by stopping me from going to the U.S. then I have no interest in visiting the U.S. anyways. ”

    “I am very happy that they wrote a letter and stopped me from boarding the plane”

    Jan who started off his career as a writer is known for his extremist views. In October 2016 he along with a mob of over 100 people stormed the office of Pakistan’s Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) after a hate speech complaint was filed against his program. Similarly, in October 2017, Jan claimed that minority Ahmadis deserved to be killed.

  2. At Duke University, ‘a temper tantrum over a Muslim led conversation about ills of Islamism (Islamic theocracy) and solutions that can be found in Americanism’

    A liberty-minded American Muslim is slated to speak April 2 at Duke University on the “ills of Islamism,” and the Muslim Students Association there is furious about it, saying the speaker’s words will “harm us” and “makes students on this campus unsafe.”

    Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a medical doctor, is founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, which describes itself as “a think tank dedicated to protecting American national security against the global threat of Islamism.” Jasser is also author of “A Battle for the Soul of Islam: An American Muslim Patriot’s Fight to Save His Faith,” as well as founder of Take Back Islam and co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement.

    Jasser’s talk has generated heated protest from Duke’s Muslim Students Association, which has denounced the Muslim reformer and his planned speech. So intense is the controversy surrounding this event that the Alexander Hamilton Society had revoked its sponsorship and the remaining sponsors — the Duke Political Union, College Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty — renamed the talk from “The American Muslim Identity: Patriot or Insurgent” to simply “The American Muslim Identity,” the Duke Chronicle reports.

  3. Four members of a Christian family were gunned down in Balochistan on Monday, police said, in the latest attack on the minority community.

    The family was traveling in a rickshaw when armed men on a motorcycle intercepted them and opened fire in Quetta city, the capital of Balochistan.

    A woman was rushed to hospital. Her father and three cousins were killed.

    “It appears to have been a targeted attack,” provincial police official Moazzam Jah Ansari told Reuters. “It was an act of terrorism.”

    The attack comes a day after Pakistan’s Christian community celebrated Easter on Sunday. Around two per cent of Pakistan’s population are Christians.

    Balochistan, a region bordering Iran as well as Afghanistan, is plagued by violence by Islamist sectarian groups linked to the Taliban, al Qaeda and Islamic State. It also has an indigenous ethnic Baloch insurgency fighting against central government.

  4. Doctors and security personnel at a hospital in Pakistan reportedly killed and tortured a Christian man with medical scissors and scalpels and seriously injured two other Christians who survived the ordeal, triggered when they demanded care for their pregnant family member.

    This gruesome attack involved more than one doctor, and also security personnel, those who are mandated to protect and heal. This open, barbaric gang-up against the Christian family is a systematic and troubling “norm” in Pakistan.


    I hate to blow my horn but… this is where I live, literally up the street from these scenes.
    I am tremendously proud of our country but more importantly the role my community took in shaping it.
    I am also a huge supporter of our historical association that gladly lends their expertise to anyone that wants information.
    A few weeks ago Brian Kilmead of Fox and Friends came to our neighborhood house (the carriage stop hotel and bar along the Kings road) to talk about his recent book on Andrew Jackson. He said something interesting.
    He said that some historians when faced by “outsiders” like himself hoard info and will not share under the guise of “hey, I figured it out and that info is mine.” The Three Village Historical Society welcomed him with opened arms and even gave him introductions to historians further out on the island.
    His appearance here last month had to be pay back for the good will that our community gave him in writing “George Washington’s Secret Six.” A story about our community and the pivotal role we played in the American revolution. I was sitting there thinking to myself that you came all the way out from NYC to Setauket to talk to 100 people?
    A more comprehensive history of the community can be found in the TVHS publication “Setauket, the First Three Hundred Years.” It is really interesting, even if you are not from here.
    And guess what, we entered into a reasonable contract for this land from the Setalcott Indians. No one “stole” it. Even the Setalcotts agree. We have a “pow wow” festival just down the street from me every year. I can hear the drum beats on a summer night. No one has ever protested or raised any objection because it is pretty clear that we bought the land fair and square.
    Watch the video I have linked to.

      • thanx Yuck.
        Our ancestors bought the land fair and square. And no amount of “hey hey ho ho” will change that.
        Guess you don’t know that we are currently under attack.
        I’ll save it till Patriots Day.

        • Sure, we’re under attack. Every which way. Every dimension of identity is threatened, requires a fight.

          Passover orgy of Jew-hate saturates the media. Israel is likely to be at war very soon.

          Patriot’s Day is the Marathon Bombing plus 5 years.

          I’m not handling it very well right now. Very dispirited. Impossible to discharge all the anger, so I get depressed.

          I wonder how the creatures in some of the videos keep up their angry pitch. Maybe it’s partly an act – a role that doesn’t correspond to anything deeper than audience response.

          • To a large extent they are actors playing a role and once the cameras are turned off they revert to a lower level of hatred. No one can operate on high all the time, you have to drop to medium or low to rest and save what is left of your sanity.

            • They don’t mind displacing anger, either. Anybody’s a target.

              Kids are supposed to learn from the family how to channel anger, express it appropriately. It starts with the Terrible Twos, NO, and toilet-training.

              I’m a little repressed, I guess. Turns into depression. At least I’m aware of it, working on it.

  6. Turkey may hit targets outside its borders at any time: Erdo?an (hurriyetdailynews, Apr 2, 2018)

    “Turkey is capable of carrying out operations against groups it deems terrorists without any “approval” from foreign countries, President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has vowed.

    “These days Turkey is finding terrorist organizations outside its borders and is entering their dens. They try to escape but we pursue them,” Erdo?an said at an event to mark the opening of new schools in Istanbul on April 2.

    “They escaped to [Syria’s] Afrin and [Iraq’s] Sinjar. We have told Baghdad [the Iraqi government] that either they should deal with it or we will do it. We are not thinking about waiting for any approval from anyone for these [kind of actions],” he added, referring to Turkey’s “Operation Olive Branch” in northwestern Syria’s Afrin and the presence of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the northwestern Iraqi region of Sinjar.

    Ankara has made several calls on the Iraqi government to clear PKK militants and their affiliates from Sinjar, particularly since the Turkish military completed “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria’s Afrin. “Operation Olive Branch” lasted for 58 days from Jan. 20 and aimed to drive the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) out of Afrin.

    “In Afrin 3,872 terrorists have been neutralized,” Erdo?an said, implying that the militants in question either surrendered or were killed or captured.

    The Turkish General Staff stated that 46 soldiers of the Turkish Armed Forces and 163 members of the allied Free Syrian Army (FSA) were killed during the course of the operation as of March 18, shortly after they had taken Afrin…”

  7. MEMRI TV – We Have Started a Workshop Training U.S. Imams How to Avoid Incitement and Hate Speech

    ( 8 min 25 )

    During his February 2 Friday sermon at the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center in New Jersey, Imam Mohamed Moussa, Secretary-General of the Tri-State Islamic Council, called on preachers and Islamic teachers to be mindful of what they say in sermons and schools and to avoid anything that could be considered incitement to violence.

    His remarks came against the backdrop of several inciting Friday sermons, including from the New Jersey area, published by MEMRI in recent months. Imam Moussa warned that there are “institutions of Islamophobia” with “budgets in the millions, whose only job is [to monitor] us,” and said that “every [Islamic] institution must make sure that anyone speaking on its behalf… is knowledgeable, informed, and responsible.”

    He suggested that mosques be required to only hire preachers who have been instructed by the Tri-State Islamic Council on what they are allowed and not allowed to say. The Tri-State Islamic Council invited all the imams in the area to a workshop on this issue that was held on February 1. Imam Moussa said that 45 imams attended the successful workshop.

    He further said that the supplications to Allah to “count [the Jews] one by one, disperse them to the very last one, and not leave a single one of them” – which many preachers recite by heart – are illegal in America and should disappear from the sermons. Imam Moussa’s sermon was posted on the NHIEC YouTube channel.

  8. ‘All-inclusive’ Europe weakened by leftists promoting mass migration – Czech ex-president (RT, Apr 2, 2018)

    “Europe has been weakened by a “leftist utopia” which promotes the idea of mass migration and tries to turn Europeans into “dependent clients,” former Czech President Vaclav Klaus wrote in his new Eurosceptic book.

    The migrant influx “is comparable to the ‘barbarian’ invasions of the ancient world that caused large-scale regression in the development of Europe which it took several centuries to overcome,” Klaus, who served as the president of the Czech Republic from 2003 till 2013, wrote in an introduction to his book ‘Europe All Inclusive’, released earlier in March.

    Some of the main culprits behind Europe’s crisis are none other than left-wing parties, according to Klaus. “Europe is weakened by the leftist utopia of trying to transform a continent that was once proud of its past into an inefficient solidaristic state, turning its inhabitants from citizens into dependent clients,” the former top official stated.

    The European continent and mainly its “integrated” part is “riddled with hypocrisy,”“pseudo-humanism” and “ultimately suicidal, ideologies of multiculturalism,” according to the former Czech president. These ideologies “promote the notion that migration is a human right, and that the right to migrate leads to further rights and entitlements including social welfare hand-outs for migrants,” he said.

    Klaus denounced “the current European elites” who irresponsibly defend and disseminate such ideologies. “The consequences of such activities do not yet fully and directly affect them or their families. Their leaders probably think that will never happen because their era will not be followed by infamous Biblical floods,” the prominent Eurosceptic concluded.

    Yet this wave of migration is “still far from reaching its peak,” predicts the 76-year-old, whose Eurosceptic views have been articulated in numerous articles and speeches. He insists that the current migration crisis is a serious and “severely underestimated phenomenon.”

    Left-wing political parties across Europe have recently suffered a number of crushing defeats in elections. Eurosceptic, anti-immigration and anti-establishment outlooks seem to be ever more appealing to the public than leftist viewpoints.

    The Italian political scene was the latest to see voters ditch the ruling center-left and boost anti-establishment forces. Political experts believed the shake-up was rooted in the issue of migration.”

  9. Twice-Deported Child Rapist Released by Police WITHOUT Notifying ICE

    storia, OR – ICE says that a twice previously-deported illegal immigrant raped a little girl, and then was released by the police department before immigration officials had an opportunity to take him into custody.

    Authorities said Anastacio Eugenio Lopez-Fabian had been deported back to Guatemala by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on two occasions before he came back again, and got arrested for having sex with an underage girl.

    Lopez-Fabian, 24, was arrested by the Seaside Police Department on Feb. 16 after an investigation determined he’d had sex several times with a girl under the age of 14, according to The Daily Astorian.

    He was charged with harassment, fourth degree assault, two counts of second-degree rape, and three counts of third-degree rape.

  10. zero hedge – Saudi Crown Prince Admits Saudis “Financed Terrorist Groups”, Blesses Israeli Statehood


    the atlantic – Saudi Crown Prince: Iran’s Supreme Leader ‘Makes Hitler Look Good’

    In a wide-ranging conversation, Prince Mohammed bin Salman also recognized the Jewish peoples’ right to “their own land.”


    Fox News – Wise for the US to form strong alliance with Saudi Arabia?

    • jihad watch – Saudi crown prince: Islam “was not about conquering, it was about peacefully spreading the word”

      “Islam is a religion of peace. This is the translation of Islam.”

      No, the translation of “Islam” is “submission.”

      “For 1,400 years, Muslims have been trying to spread the word of God. In the Middle East, in North Africa, in Europe, they weren’t allowed to spread the word. That’s why they fought to spread the word.”

      This is a novel excuse for the jihad conquests, but clearly Mohammed bin Salman is working from the stipulation in Islamic law that Muslims should live peacefully with non-Muslims unless the non-Muslims put any obstacles in the way of the spread of Islam. In that event, the Muslims have the responsibility to wage jihad in order to clear away the obstacles.

      His claim, however, is utter nonsense. In my forthcoming book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can preorder here, I trace the history of jihad worldwide from its beginnings to the present day — this is the only book to have done this. I show that in the places MbS mentions — the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, as well as in India and elsewhere — the jihad was an unprovoked attack on non-Muslims who had not placed any obstacles in the spread of Islam, or had anything to do with it at all.

      “But you also see that, in a lot of countries in Asia—Indonesia, Malaysia, India—Muslims were free to spread the word. They were told, ‘Go ahead, say whatever you want to say, the people have free will to believe whatever they want to believe in.’ Islam, in this context, was not about conquering, it was about peacefully spreading the word.”

      This is outrageously false particularly regarding India. As I show in The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, the jihad in India was especially bloody, because the Hindus were not “People of the Book,” and hence had only the choice to convert or die, while the “People of the Book” were given the third choice of living in submission to Islamic law. The Hindus were granted honorary “People of the Book” status rather early on, simply because there were too many of them to kill, but the jihadis nonetheless treated them and their houses of worship with stunning and sustained brutality.

      Mohammed bin Salman is counting on people in the U.S. not knowing that history, so that he can manipulate them more easily. Don’t allow him to fool you.

      more :

  11. Trump slams DOJ, FBI for ‘slow walking’ release of documents to Congress

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses President Trump’s tweet blasting the DOJ and FBI for “slow walking” the process of turning over requested documents regarding alleged corruption to Congress.

  12. Mueller’s investigation could impact midterm elections: Victor Davis Hanson

    National Review columnist Victor Davis Hanson on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and how his investigation can affect the midterm elections.

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