Interesting collage

I look forward to comments from Americans or those more familiar with TV to tell me who and what the people and organizations here are, and any deeper meanings of this.

Sadly, well joyfully in truth, I gave up “TV” many years ago except what streams on demand, so I don’t know who these people are or the meaning of this beyond that some stations clearly have a script its anchors follow.

So please do comment.

Thank you Xanthippa, EB.

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    • Thank you. I did manage to watch the first 2 episodes of Roseanne actually.

      I suspect its a trick of sorts. I think the whole thing is a plot to rub Trump supporter’s noses in cultural-Marxism.

      I couldn’t even make it to the end of episode 2 as I was getting so pissed off with the obviousness of this little plot of hers. It does explain why the NYT and other leftist media is so enthusiastic about it though, and not Last man Standing, which actually was a non-leftist show.

      My guess is she hates Trump so much that she hatched this to try and either piss off his supporters or turn them away from him.

      We should know by the mid terms when the show starts pimping the democrats for some craftily written reason that makes it look like she is still supporting Trump.

      • Sinclair Broadcasting owns a large number of TV stations around the nation, it looks like the big bosses are ordering the local talking heads to use the same script. I think you are right when you said I suspect its a trick of sorts. I think the whole thing is a plot to rub Trump supporter’s noses in cultural-Marxism./em> it was this and it was a chance to program the useful idiots in a paradigm about how dangerous telling the truth about the propaganda media is to democracy.

      • I did not watch the show yet. I do not have cable TV. I hope that You are wrong about Rosanne. But who knows. Can’t tell anymore. You are right about “Last man standing” Tim Allen.

      • I saw the Portland, OR, version (shown in the collage) as I walked through the break room at my workplace last week. I don’t watch any local news but I know the characters, and it made me laugh out loud! Fortunately, I was the only one present at that time…

        And, I could not be paid to watch Roseanne. She was always a foulmouthed, vile creature, and I won’t watch her no matter who she is touting. (And now, especially, with a ‘trans’ grandchild?! No way.)

    • Local stations aren’t owned by the network but by individuals and often corporations, the Sinclar group owns a lot of local stations from all networks. As long as they don’t own all or most of the local stations in one region no one cares. this is one of the reasons the local stations seem so much alike, they are owned by big corporations that set the editorial police of the station.

      • Think of them as fast food franchises, one man/corporation may own franchises from several different fast food companies. This is why so many people are getting their news from the net, avoiding the corporate bottleneck that blocks so much news.

  1. not that complicated…corporate writes the local anchors stuff…saves a shitload of money, and keeps whatever their policy is clear.// (like it or not)..they are competing at all times with cnn fox etc, one must remember…it is after all first and foremost a business, with a bottom line for shareholders…. as for Roseanne…well time will tell…it is hard to believe her complete 180. but the show is at this point still a ystery…sure there is a black grandchild, a trans grandchild, and a gay daughter,,,,but roseanne understands sit com world, so I am waiting to see where this goes….it could also be construed to show that republicans are not horrible people,…are tolerant and understanding,,,and make us more human…to simply decide one way or other is as folly as their side is to quickly judge….it might be a trick or perhaps it is not….but in my family we have different points of view , but are still very loving family members and friends, but with constant bickering….we have troubled kids, good kids, kids who are single moms, siblings with multiple wives,,people who have cheated …life is complex and roseanne understands how to portray it in a sitcom…maybe you should watch MORE tv to understand the world you live in….or not

    • I believe that it was during Bill Clinton’s term he signed a bill undoing all the independence in media laws, and allowed Clear comm. for one example, to buy up nearly all the radio stations in the US effectively destroying the indie music scene.

      • I vaguely remember that, prior to that a corporation was limited in the number of news papers, TV stations and radio stations they could own.

  2. I refuse to pay cable.I have never had cable .When I was offered internet I got the stupid channels that came with it.
    No money from me ever.
    I stream for the last 10 years starting with Netflix .I was one of their first clients.Still am.
    I cannot imagine people giving money to this useless robots.
    I grab my news , no one “ informs me”
    There are 2 thinks that would definitely not exists if all people would behave similarly.
    Malls will be close, people will live within their means and TV cable would not exists.

  3. Sinclair isn’t run by communists like the rest of the media, to include other large companies who also own large numbers of local stations. It’s especially rich to see PBS, who distributes commie swill in virtually every single television market in the US, whining that Sinclair is doing what they’ve been doing for 50 years. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have so many stations owned by one company but where is the competition for PBS? The commies are whining about Sinclair pushing their style of coverage across a lot of local stations but when have the commies ever complained about the fact that nightly nooz broadcasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS all appear in the same market and they’re all singing from the same commie song sheet and have been since the 60’s? In effect, Sinclair is competing as if they were a new “network” along side the usual suspects and because they’re not commies, the usual suspects are squealing like stuck commie pigs.

    What you saw in that video was in effect a network editorial from network management. If you were to record all of the other networks’ nightly nooz program on the same night, you would see shockingly similar content from channel to channel. In fact, a lot of the lead stories on those other networks are determined by what was on the front page of the NYT (who also owns the Boston Globe nyuk nyuk nyuk ).

    So as usual, the whining about Sinclair is just more newspeak from the usual commie suspects. The old joke about “How do you know a commie (Democrat) is lying? A. His mouth is moving” applies in spades here.

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