Focus on the depth of the communist government-church alliance in Germany: Links 1, March 31, 2018

1. The poster boy demanding government removing a basic right of Americans turns out to be as honest all the rest of the leftist leaders today.

2. Turkish leader recited muslim prayer at Hagia Sophia, a clear provocation and a signal that the relationship with the secular West is dead or dying.

(Fox has a little copy-paste to go with this)

(Hopefully some decent analysis will show up for this meaningful event. This is not nothing. Since Ataturk there have been arrangements in place saying that the Byzantine version of the Vatican will not be used as a mosque.)

3. Cardinal Marx preaches in Germany:

Here is a frame from the video above:

Notice the fellow on the right, or on Merkel’s left side.

Here are some of his ‘sermons’:

4. Weirdly related:

5. Emergency operations activated in Michigan as Chinese space station hurtles towards Earth

(Could Dearborn be getting a high speed delivery of Chinese?)

6. A little truth about climate science.

Thank you M., Michelle, Xanthippa, EB.,

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16 Replies to “Focus on the depth of the communist government-church alliance in Germany: Links 1, March 31, 2018”

  1. Regarding the German government’s collection of religious tithes: it is both worse and better.

    If you do not declare a religion, it is presumed that you are Catholic and a 10th of your earnings is tithed by the government and given to the RC church. I do not know how this would be handled for people who self-declare as Muslims.

    Many Germans may not even be aware of this arrangement, that a 10th of their salary is deducted by the government, so it goes unquestioned. However, there is a possibility to ‘opt out’ of this arrangement, but one needs to take positive action and notify the government that they do not wish for their religious taxes to be deducted from their salary. At which point this stops.

    At least, this was true the last time I spoke to my German friend, which was a few years back, so that may have changed…but I suspect we would have learned of this change in the news.

  2. 5- Double order of Sum-Guy? Tragically, the Chinese have not yet stolen from NASA the technology that prevents the separation of tasty, succulent sauces in zero gravity, so Dearborn will likely disappoint with the tip upon payload delivery. For the love of Confuscious, China, up the espionage, will ya?

    Or maybe Dearborn has somehow displeased Allah, and he has decided to splatter a shitty Chinese “Space Station” into the joint just to punish the tards. More like a space Go-Hut I bet… After reverse engineering the international space station, second-in-command Chinese rocket scientist Larry (Pudding-Face) Pow was overheard commenting that it looked remarkably like an IKEA bunk bed. This was before lead scientist Bobby (The Hammer) Ho realized that it was, indeed, the blueprint to the bunk bed that their Hunan military hackers had cleverly stolen. Ultimately, however, the two senior scientists agreed that the bed would probably fly better than their “space station” so they decided to ignore the whole mix-up. Both men have received the Communist party’s highest honour for devoted service. The honour includes a night out for three to an All-You-Can-Eat Ethiopian buffet, and a copy of Richard Simmon’s third Christmas motivational album on vinyl.

    Or maybe, just maybe, Allah is having some kind of 1400-year emotional crisis and wants to leave Islam? Hmm? Huh? I was going to say maybe it is a middle-aged crisis but this doesn’t go down quite as well as a Chinese “Space Station,” does it? Who can ignore the high symbolism of a glorified AMC Gremlin slamming into Dearborn, of all places? Is this the poor fella’s way of lashing out? Or what about Muhammad? Boy would it be neat to be a fly on the wall while Dr. Jordan Peterson had that dingbat on the patient’s couch. Maybe then the good doctor would get up to speed on this whole deal, and would prescribe the blood-thirsty little stinker about a hundred pounds of lithium. Just for starters. And a pack of smokes to calm his nerves.

    Alas, it is only I blowing smoke as I wonder what all of the gods have in store for us on this extra special April Fool’s. When did it last fall (no pun intended) on Easter Sunday?

    • You wrote so much…. Does your history hurt you ? I am reduced to absolute nothing when I hear islamic call in that Cathedral. I have pain.

      • Sorry, man. I’m sorry you feel that way. But sometimes a little dark humour let’s the sun shine in. You’re not Muslim or a commie. You’re allowed to lighten up.

        • Dark humor ? When we talk my history ? When we talk my family sacrificing life against islam ? I wish you live one day in Afganistan.

  3. I am ortodox. When I hear in the greatest historical ortodox cathedral of my history call to islamic prayers, in what was Constanipole, I am psychologically down, and psychosomatic capable of all . I am ashamed and revolted. My blood boils. It is like a raper of your mother claim you are his servant. Well…you are westerners…you don’t understand.

  4. All this happening today is a normal result of all stupid actions in the history. Today west is bound to material, money. History, traditions, culture and common sense has nothing to do with money. Probably this is the biggest gap between west and east. We live the present we deserve.

    • From what I see, the founding fathers of the United States took the most unmaterialistic notion possible–freedom–and built the greatest nation in history based on it. No one else accomplished this monumentally spiritual and tangible feat. I dare say such is the very root of my irreverence, and again it is not my intention to insult. But even as the West has lost its way, it has not in its entirety as evidenced by the very existance of this blog. You’ve written off a hemisphere which you may one day need to save your bacon, so to speak. I have been to your church in Constantinople. It is breathtaking.

      • Many people are taking his attitude but he is forgetting that it was his people who lost their nation to Islam, his history is a lot dirtier then ours.

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