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7 Replies to “A disturbing video exposing the Marxist inspired racism in Oz”

  1. Lord, save us from arrogant ignorance, those who are willfully blind and do not have the courage to see the truth, and those who love the Leviathan and the Behemoth. Amen

  2. Pay close attention to what is happening in South Africa, the White Genocide will spread from their to all other nations.

      • Maybe, but in the US we will fight back against the genocide. There are people in South Africa getting ready to fight and Australia is allowing the refugees in. The political situation in Europe is changing so don’t bet all you have that the west will do nothing.

  3. It does not end there as all selection boards for university faculty entrance discriminate blatantly against white male heterosexuals in Oz. Now if you land in a hospital you will be very lucky if you can understand your new intern examining you. Naturally, for every one difference between them and white heterosexual males there is a mark boost (this is because the government extra funds them for such graduates). The standing joke is that the disabled(10%), ethnic(10%), gay(10%), female(10%) engineering student will only have to enrol and attend lectures to pass. Employ them at your risk(yes I know, only 40% but that will pass you if your attendance is good)

    • Change is coming, probably violent change in the form of civil wars, we have tried the peaceful political solution and so far this has failed in most of the Western Nations. The signs are there that a large number of civil wars are about to start, it takes a large level of desperation to rebel when your ancestors allowed themselves to be disarmed. This doesn’t mean there will be no rebellion it just means the rebellion will start later and be bloodier then if the people were armed. It also means that in the nations where the rebels win there will be a period of revenge like the “Terror” that occured after the rebels won the French Revolution.

      What you have to remember is no groups/nation is defeated until they say they are defeated. To defeat a nation you have to break their will to resist, something that the West hasn’t done since WWII, the current destruction of Western Civ is going to force us to fight the wars in a way that will destroy the invaders will to resist. Things have gone so far in the direction of not doing this that to win the war things will be done that are currently considered war crimes.

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