Gazans stage provocation in partnership with world-media against Israeli state

Using an expected world-wide media blitz of selective enforcement as is usual for Gazanian death theatre against Israel, the beginning of what is likely a 2 week lethal play of victimization in response to the incendiary and rock throwing provocations of the muslims of Gaza has begun.

This article will be updated with news stories, videos and analysis as it comes in, till something deserving of a new post happens across our awareness.

Caroline Glick on Hamas’ partners on the war against Israel:

Freebeacon article:

Breitbart offers this explanation for the events at the Israel Gaza border:

More to come on this.


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10 Replies to “Gazans stage provocation in partnership with world-media against Israeli state”

  1. Ron I don’t understand the situation. Why don’t the surrounding Muslim countries help to absorb the Palestinians and settle them? I’m sorry if this seems like a dumb question. Seems like a better option than what they’ve suffered for so long.

    • The answer is simple. It is a vicious thing that other muslim countries are doing. First they invited the muslims of Israel to leave so that they could wipe the Jewish Israel off the face of the earth and then put the original muslims back.

      Well, 1948 and that didn’t work so well for the muslims, did it?

      So what do you do with all these angry, idiotic muslims? They are not of the tribes that belonged in the Arab states, so those tribes and peoples didn’t want the ex-Israeli muslims in their countries. So they (the arab-muslim countries) now have a huge ‘refugee’ population which they can parade in front of the UN and the world as a giant “Boo-hoo, woe is us” moment.

      The Arab-muslim countries don’t want these ‘palestinians’ in because they’re not of their blood. “Ew. Ick. You lazy goatherders. We don’t want you rubes and imbeciles here. You’ll cause problems. See, World, how horrible the dirty Jews are? See? They won’t give any land to these poor refugees. Never mind the rocket launchers, the infiltration tunnels, the mortars, the cannon, the murder squads that we have encouraged the ‘palestinians’ to use against the Jews. Nothing to see, Move it along. Be a good Kafir and believe our story…”

      Yeah, not so much. Every time Israel (a state that has lots of muslims who support the state) gives an inch, these idiotic non-refugees (they willingly left before the fighting started and they weren’t oppressed, so self-exilers is all you can really call them) stir up trouble and death. With the media willingly only giving positive press to the ‘Palestinians.’

      Does it sound to me like I have no sympathy for their plight? Well, duh. It is like leaving a city because you don’t like them and their services to go live in an adjacent town and then bitching because the city isn’t giving you the same services while you are badmouthing and sueing the city.

      It is a Crimea moment. Crimea River.

      Israel has given the ‘poor people’ chance after chance after chance. Which the ‘poor refugees’ have screwed up every stinking time. Screw it.

      Is Israel totally innocent? No. But are they as non-innocent as the ‘palestinians’? Oh, hell no. It is like comparing a house-cat kitten to a tiger with rabies (rabid tiger being the palestian ‘refugees.’)

      Not to mention, the poor muslim exiles are now such a collection of evil, vile, bitter, poor, uneducated and insufferable pack of idiots that no sane country wants them.

      • Thanks Andrew for your explanation. I had hoped that Ronnie would answer this simple, even naive question on the subject. –Lots of room for him. Not his style I guess.

        Some years ago I remember the head Rabbi of New York telling his people to be quiet. –Can’t remember his name. As i recall he was responding to what he thought were some Jewish people being overly strident in their accusations of antisemitism at every turn. They were using the label less to foster empathy and understanding than to gain leverage and advantage by imposing guilt. Even if this were not true the perception of it among non-Jews was clearly not a desired outcome. This would result in resentment and intolerance, he reasoned, which was hardly an ideal outcome for anyone. We are allowed to practice our religion, to be free and to live our lives in this country, he said. Is this not good enough?

        Now, we see leftists (including left-wing Jews) accusing conservative Jews of antisemitism. We see anti-Israel, pro-palestinian voices like Ron’s pretending they’re truly caring, and not in fact using the Palestinians as leverage to further their globalist agenda. Maestros of linguistic and moral inversions like George Soros are really not that clever in his arena once you see the trick: see the obvious and state the opposite to suit your ends. Obama made a fairly successful career out of it. Dupes like Ronnie gobble it up and wash it down with the buried biases their daddies gave ’em. It’s a clever trick to cast doubt even on the most obvious facts. George Orwell spent his career trying to show us how this trick worked and how dangerous it is. He saw PoMo coming from a mile away.

        Is it true, Ron? Are you just about power?

  2. UN Security Council sets emergency meeting on Gaza clashes

    UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. Security Council has called an emergency meeting to discuss deadly clashes in Gaza between Palestinians and Israeli troops.

    Kuwait requested the closed Security Council session, scheduled for Friday evening.

    Fifteen were killed by Israeli fire on Friday after thousands of Palestinians marched to Gaza’s border with Israel with the intent of crossing into the Jewish state. Hamas organizers have said there will be six weeks of daily protests against a stifling border blockade.

    It was the bloodiest day in Gaza since the 2014 cross-border war between Israel and Hamas.

    The Palestinian Health Ministry said more than 750 were wounded by Israeli fire.

    The Israeli military said thousands of Palestinians threw stones and rolled burning tires toward troops deployed on the other side of the border fence.

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