Why Lauren Southern was banned

This is important.

“Racism” is, as it was designed to be, a catch-all phrase giving the state the power to arrest and destroy anyone, at any time, for any reason while utterly obliterating the concept of the institutions of state being in existence to defend the individual rights and liberties of the individual.


Police in the UK to offer a robust response to a woman who is protesting the cutting of a tree with a toy trumpet.

I hope she didn’t have any bacon on her. She could be facing real jail time.

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6 Replies to “Why Lauren Southern was banned”

  1. Jesus is Gay
    And Christians have no say
    Allah is Gay
    And the Socialist have their way
    To arrest and intimidate
    Imprison and capitulate
    “The truth’s where there’s no debate” –
    Is that not what they say?

  2. I am not sure how to word this but here goes.

    Both the cop and Lauren were right, he has a duty to stop any activity that is going to cause a riot. She has a moral duty to point out the selective enforcement of the laws and the discrimination against the non Moslems who have their free speech and other rights curtailed or taken from them because it might offend the Moslems. If the Brits has shown some moral courage when the Islamic Invasion started this problem would have been avoided. The left in Britain (and elsewhere) decided to use the invasion to take over Europe and eventually the entire world. Their actions designed to seize personal power over all other people is causing WWIII , a war that I don’t see how the left can win.

    I said I don’t see how the left can win the war, I also don’t see how civilization can survive the war and with the return to tribalism we (the Europeans and those of European descent) will return to justice systems that are multi tiered.

    • The thing is, Muslims and leftists have successfully turned the UK police into defacto sharia police.

      They run cover sometimes by convicting people like “Dankula” in order to make it look like they also care if Jews are offended, which of course will only bring more hatred down on Jews, but overall this is about one thing. The use of the institutions of state to implement sharia in order to avoid Islamic violence.

      Using your reasoning, which is not at all faulty, we could argue that the police action was to protect her from what would have been horrible for her and possibly fatal.

      This of course means that the whole concept of the machinery of state of a democracy is to protect the rights of the individual, is simply over.

      And unless people fully understand that, they won’t even have a choice of whether or not to fight to get this back.

      We here at this site generally hope they will. So we choose to illustrate and inform, and the case of Lauren Southern was one of the best illustrations of this I have seen since the Texas cartoon contest we saw set up by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.

      There is now clearly different laws which apply to one group of people and then there are the rest of us.

      The medium to long term projection for this is simply awful.

      • They are the Sharia police, the police in all of the European dominated nations are Sharia police to one degree or another, even those in the US. If the police were to enforce the old Free Speech standards they would have brought in several hundred people in riot gear and told the Moslems to shove it. I don’t see how this can end in a peaceful manner.

  3. “Britannia rules the waves.” One finds it hard to believe it could ever have been so when one sees British police turning out in numbers to remove an old lady blowing a trumpet from a tree removal site. At first I thought I was watching a Monty Python sketch.

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