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3 Replies to “Affirmative action muslim cop in jail awaiting Murder trial”

  1. Without meaning any disrespect for the victim or her surviving relatives, the USA is fortunate to have such early example to draw from.

    Officer Noor is precisely what should be expected from his cohort of rapid-assimilation intakes. Somalia is one of the most dysfunctional nations on earth. Believing that such a culture of corruption can be shaken loose from some random “immigrant” in just a few years is totally delusional.

    • PS: If you think 1960s-era Affirmative Action was bad, just wait for this latest round of preferentialism. Back in the 1960s, all modern Liberals wanted was equality of opportunity.

      With the unlimited mollycoddling of Leftists, Affirmative Action beneficiaries are now learning to demand equality of outcome.

      This very easily could be the death knell for Western Civilization.

      • It is probable that the mass immigration of people who refuse to assimilate into the host nations has already killed Western Civilization. We are fighting to preserve what remains of Western Civ and our freedom, the things we will probably be forced into to save our freedom will probably destroy what is left of civilization. We have allowed so many Islamic Invaders into our nations it will be a long hard bloody and very barbaric fight to remove the invaders. This removal won’t occur in a couple of decades but hopefully it will happen before more then a Century passes.

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