Freedom lovers, protect your sense of smell: Links 1, March 11, 2018

1. More on the saga of the swamp-creature attempted hijacking of the Ontario PC party.

[…] As the candidate of the establishment, Elliott’s refusal to concede in many ways amounts to sabotaging the first days of Ford’s leadership.


What makes this even worse is that all candidates – including Christine Elliott – promised to support the new leader and work to unify the party.

Elliott is now going back on that pledge.


Kathleen Wynne must be laughing at all of this, as every day her main opponents are divided is another day her chances of victory get even higher.

This continues a disturbing trend that we see whenever populist leaders are voted in by the people: The establishment takes a long time to announce their victory, and then immediately undermines the elected leader even after they’ve won.


That can’t keep happening.

Doug Ford won it fair and square, and Elliott needs to concede and fulfill her promise to support the new leader.

(I’m afraid I disagree with Spencer on one point. Doug Ford did not win it “fair and square”. He won it despite what appear to be grotesquely unfair tactics and subversions of the system AGAINST HIM. Like Donald Trump, he won it despite far leftist and Islamic collusion, or certainly what seems to be the case from what we saw under Patrick Brown. All those interested in Canadian politics, are well advised to follow The Rebel.Media, and Spencer Fernando. They seem to be nearly the only journalists left who consistently follow the old school rules of reporting unfashionable truths, and separating fact from opinion.)

2. Top 10 from The Rebel:

(Please do take the time to go through all of this one. It has items of serious importance beyond the shock and horror of it)

3. Mob of Migrants Terrorise Small Town Fair Sexually Harassing Women and Fighting Locals

A group of ten young asylum seeker men are said to have terrorised a local fair in the German town of Steinfurt by sexually harassing young women, fighting with local teens, and threatening ride owners.

Most of the incidents occurred at or around a bumper car ride that was set up for the town fair. In one incident at around 6:30 pm, a 22-year-old migrant molested a young girl on the upper body and legs, Der Westen reports.

The migrant, who was visibly intoxicated, also tried stealing one girl’s mobile phone and was told to leave the fair by security.


It came to light later on that the man had molested two other young girls earlier that evening. […]

Gangs of young migrant men have terrorised many fairs and music festivals in Germany since 2015 including the “Breminale” festival in Bremen in 2016 where 24 young girlsreported sex attacks.


In the same year at the Oberhausen music festival, a 66-year-old woman was stabbed by an asylum seeker yelling “Allahu Akbar” in a random attack.

4. Russians claim to have successfully test launched the new Mach 10 hypersonic missile from MIG fighter. (Range 2KK. Hardly unlimited)

5. BPS repost.


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  1. 3. Mob of Migrants Terrorise Small Town Fair Sexually Harassing Women and Fighting Locals

    One can only hope that Germans eventually will learn to simply “cluster up” on these immigrant filth and stomp the living crap out of them. A dozen or two of these “festivities” would see a precipitous decline in all further molestation.

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