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    • Interesting.
      China’s going to shove out ALL the local Pakis, set themselves up a spot all their own. That’s a pretty big concession.

      India hasn’t made much progress in Chabahar, the nearby port on the coast of Iran. Doesn’t relish sharing such close quarters with China, but seeks access to Afghanistan. Times change:

      India Attaches ‘High Priority’ To Ties With Iran

      • To put it in Chinese slang they want to make a necklace of pearls around the Indian Ocean so they control all of the choke points where they can control what gets in to India. India is trying to build bases that will counter this but they don’t have as much money (aren’t printing as much) and are having a hard time finding people who are willing to sell them fighters and other weapons at bargain basement prices. India is probably praying that the US move against North Korea soon and that China moves against us. That would give them a real big ally to destroy the necklace of pearls. China on the other hand is trying to decide if they (the Chinese Communist Party) can survive as the Chinese government if they let the US and South Korea have Kim. They are pretty sure that if they don’t move against us we will stop at the Chinese Border and not invade. They also know that if they move they will be fighting the US, South Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan and probably Nam, the Philippines and possibly Laos and Cambodia thrown in with an upraising in Tibet.

        Which is the most dangerous, move to help North Korea or let North Korea be destroyed?

      • Interesting.
        China’s going to shove out ALL the local Pakis, set themselves up a spot all their own. That’s a pretty big concession.

        Without China’s help Pakistan can’t win a war with India, the only one they have fought and won was the first one when they broke off from India after the Brits pulled out. The wars they have fought since have been disasters for Pakistan and they know that India can take them without resorting to nukes.

        The question is can India reach the Paki nuclear storage areas before the warheads can be mounted on missiles and fired at India?

        The Indian Army says they can and some in the Indian Government and Army are saying that it is time that West India be brought back under the control of the Indian Government.

        What India is worried about is getting into a war with China before it gets more ships, planes and tanks and before the new units are well trained. They need others to hit China to draw some of the Chinese forces away from the regions that will become battle zones. How many they will get depends on how scare the other nations are and how smart they are. They know that China can take them one by one but don’t know if they can trust the other nations if the join together to fight China. That is why India and the other nations want the US as part of the alliance.

        Then there is the question of what will Uncle Vlad do? I think he will set out the war until he sees who is going to win and then come in on that side. Part of the reason I am saying this is the xenophobic nature of the Russians and the way they dislike the Chinese.

        But I could be wrong.

        • I don’t know.
          Seems India’s got enough trouble clawing its way out of socialist asphyxiation.

          They’re trying to become more self-sufficient in food, improve water conditions, domesticate some of their tech. NOT export so much of their human capital – huge issue.

          – – And build a military that’s just short of pathetic right now. Barely able to police even Jammu/ Kashmir.

          • You build your military to meet the demands of your enemy not limit them because of budget issues. China is pushing in the Mountains, Pakistan is pushing in the Kashmir region. Add that to the Chinese expalsion of bases in the South China Sea and their attempt to build bases at all of the choke points into the Indian Ocean and you have a very good reason for India to build up its military.

            A lot of their problems are aggravated by the US weakness brought about by Obama reducing the size of the US military and then giving the surplus vehicles (including tanks and self propelled guns) to various companies to scrap out. We are now faced with building new equipment to replace what was destroyed.

  1. HAMBURG – Germany: Far-right and anti-fascists face off for 5th week

    Hamburg witnessed far-right protests for the fifth consecutive week but was outnumbered 3-1 by anti-fascist demonstrators.

  2. In Egypt people told me how much they hated “those who call themselves Palestinians.”
    – – “drug-addicts, sister-sellers”.
    – – “We lost our dear Sephardic neighbors, got lazy beggars instead! It was all Nasser’s fault.”

    [Everything was Nasser’s fault. Still is. He expropriated immense properties from the ruling class, caused lots of grief.]
    Arthritis? Nasser! Lose your keys? Nasser! Your son doesn't call enough? Nasser!

    Here’s an article by a leading Arabist in Israel:
    Why do the Arabs hate the Palestinians so?

    The Arab world, for many reasons, is not at all interested in giving the Palestinian Arabs a state. The Palestinian Arabs don’t really want one either, because why kill the “refugee” goose that lays the golden eggs?

  3. CNN – Jailed model offers Russia meddling info for US asylum

    From behind bars in a sweltering immigration detention center in Bangkok, a self-styled “sex coach” who claims to have detailed insider knowledge of Russian meddling in the US election says she wants to cooperate with US investigators.

    The catch? She says the US government needs to grant her political asylum.
    Belarus-born Anastasia Vashukevich claims she has proof of Russian interference in the 2016 US election in the form of more than an hour of audio recordings and photos of meetings.

  4. UN Chief Appoints Bloomberg As Climate Envoy

    U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed former New York mayor and billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg as his special envoy for climate action.

    • “New Historical problems with the Qur’an – new Webinar”
      Jay Smith was invited on to John McLatchie’s Zoom Webinar to discuss 5 historical problems with the Qur’an:
      “SHOW MORE”
      So, what then is new in this video? It is the material on the Sana’a manuscript’s very early Radio Carbon dates, and especially the new findings of the discrepancies in the lower layer of the Sana’a manuscript which are all new to this discussion and help to solidify what we already know of the problematic dates for the other manuscripts.

      But most significantly, by introducing all 5 areas into one singular talk Jay proves that the Qur’an does not come from God, nor from Muhammad, nor even from Uthman, but was a man-made document which was still being created and changed into the 8th and 9th centuries, and then finally written down into the Qur’an we have today in 1924, barely 94 years ago.

  5. U.S. Circuit Court: Employers May Refuse Applicants with Dreadlocks

    Is denying a person a job due to certain looks wrong? For example, people with a lot of tattoos may be turned down from certain jobs that are looking for cleaner image when it comes to representation. Should that be illegal?

    I don’t think so. You have the freedom to look how you want, but employers also reserve the right to not hire people that do not have the tidy look that they are seeking.

    THe 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of employers being allowed to refuse employing a person due to them having dreadlocks. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against Catastrophic Management Solutions, but lost.

  6. Gang Funeral Violence Is a Chicago Thing

    The Sheriff has created a task force dedicated to “solving” the problem of gang funeral violence in Cook County.

    The headline says that the new task force will “fight” gang funeral violence. But it is obvious from the story that the goal of the task force is to avoid fighting anyone. There are already laws against violence, against waving firearms in public, firing shots, and against reckless driving. Why not enforce those laws? What’s stopping them?

    It seems that the gang violence that contributes to gang deaths leads to gang member funerals, which are then opportunities for more violence.

    CBS Chicago reports, “Cook County Announces Task Force To Fight Cemetery Violence.”

    “People, literally, are jumping on other sides of the road, driving next each other, weaving in and out of traffic, guns being waived out of cars. There’s been shots fired from vehicles, as well,” Sheriff Tom Dart said.

    As a result, Dart is creating a new task force to tackle the problem.

  7. Russian Spy Clings to Life After Being Poisoned by ‘Unknown Substance’

    A former Russian spy fell critically ill after being exposed to an “unknown substance” while shopping in Salisbury this weekend.

    Russian authorities convicted Sergei Skripal, 66, in 2006 of sharing state secrets with British intelligence. Despite being widely reviled in his home country, he received refuge in the United Kingdom four years later as part of a spy swap for ten sleeper agents planted by the Kremlin in the United States.

    Concerned bystanders rushed to help Skripal and a still-unidentified 33-year-old female companion shortly after they both collapsed, “seemingly frozen in place” while in the center of a crowded outdoor shopping center.

    The disturbing incident comes just over a decade after the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy, who was poisoned by radioactive polonium in a London hotel.

  8. U.S.-Funded UN Commissioner in D.C. to Promote Leftwing Agenda in Guatemala

    The head of a U.S.-funded global commission operating under the famously corrupt United Nations (UN) is in Washington D.C. today to promote his leftist agenda in Central America. The Colombian attorney and former judge, Ivan Velásquez, runs the UN-backed International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a controversial body known to utilize measures that threaten the impoverished Central American nation’s sovereignty. Officially, the CICIG claims to strengthen the rule of law. Like many leftwing global organizations, its stated purpose is to protect “the right to life and to personal integrity” of citizens from vigilante groups that “commit illegal acts” — those linked to “agents of the State or [with] the capacity to generate impunity for their illegal actions.”

    The reality is that Velásquez appears to be part of a broader effort launched under Barack Obama—and apparently supported by the Trump administration—to destabilize moderate and conservative governments abroad. Judicial Watch uncovered details of a similar initiative in Macedonia, where the Obama administration spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government by colluding with leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros. In Guatemala, the Obama administration meddled to protect guerrillas backed by communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped oust an attorney general that was replaced by a sympathizer of the guerrillas, Claudia Paz y Paz.

  9. YouTube promoting terrorism: Prosecutor (saudigazette, Mar 5, 2018)

    “Saudi Public Prosecutor has accused YouTube of playing a big role in recruiting terrorists by spreading videos of Daesh (the so-called IS) leaders that encourage young men and women to join the terror group.

    The prosecutor made his point during a trial of a 10-member terror group accused of opening fire at security patrols on the outskirts of Riyadh three years ago.

    YouTube is considered the third most popular social media networking site in the world, according to Alexa ranking. Its toolbar collects data on Internet browsing behavior and transmits them to the Alexa website, where they are stored and analyzed.

    Founded as an independent company in 1996, Alexa was acquired by Amazon in 1999. Alexa website is the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting. According to its website, Alexa provides web traffic data, global rankings, and other information on 30 million websites. As of 2015, its website has been visited by over 6.5 million people monthly.

    A special criminal court in Riyadh started trial of eight Saudi and two Yemeni terror suspects last week. The militants received instructions from Daesh leaders through a site on the YouTube.

    “This is the reason the Saudi Public Prosecutor accused the famous social media networking site of promoting terrorist ideology, recruiting militants and giving them electronic instructions,” a source said while speaking to Al-Madina Arabic daily.

    Dr. Abdul Raziq Al-Marjan, a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, said: “This shows that YouTube has not yet implemented the UN Strategy to Combat Terrorism.”

    He said YouTube has a track record of promoting terrorism. It published the speech of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi two months ago and the company later closed the website that published the speech. About 500 people listened to that speech within 4 hours.

    “This means the closed website was not influential,” Al-Marjan pointed out.

    YouTube later closed the main website where 42,000 people viewed the speech within 18 hours, although the company was given instructions to close the site and remove the speech, he pointed out.”

  10. EXCLUSIVE: Huge rise in Britain’s secretive arms sales to Saudi Arabia (middleeasteye, Mar 5, 2018)

    “The UK has been accused of concealing the true extent of its support for Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen by overseeing a vast rise in the use of secretive arms exports licenses, Middle East Eye can reveal

    The dramatic new figures on the opaque open licence system, which keeps the value of arms and their exact nature out of the public domain, come as Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince and chief architect of the war in Yemen, is due to visit London on Wednesday to meet Prime Minister Theresa May.

    The UK has used standard arms licences to approve more than $6.4bn in arms to Saudi Arabia since the start of the war in Yemen in 2015, including advanced jets and munitions.

    But figures seen exclusively by Middle East Eye show that the government has actively overseen a more than 75 per cent increase in the use of secretive “open licences” to approve additional arms sales to the kingdom, including vital parts for the jets striking targets in Yemen…”

  11. Gang leader will not be deported: Danish High Court (thelocal, Mar 5, 2018)

    “The leader of an organised crime gang known as ‘Loyal to Familia’ (LTF) will not be deported from Denmark, the country’s Østre Landsret high court decided on Monday.

    Shuaib Khan has avoided deportation after the higher court upheld a sentence of suspended deportation in a case relating to threats made against a police officer.

    The gang leader’s custodial sentence was also reduced to 60 days, which have already been served.

    In October, the LTF leader was sentenced to three months in prison and suspended deportation. Both Khan and the Danish Prosecution Service appealed that decision…”

  12. Australia will continue training Burma military despite Rohingya attacks (asiancorrespondent, Mar 6, 2018)

    “THE AUSTRALIAN defence department plans to spend over US$300,000 on training programmes for the Burmese military in 2018, documents released under freedom of information laws, and reported by The Guardian, show.

    Expenditures include money for English lessons, event attendances and training courses. The funding will also secure Burma’s (Myanmar) participation in the Pirap Jabiru multilateral military exercises in the region that Australia cohosts with Thailand.

    Burma’s military, also known as the Tatmadaw, has faced accusations of ethnic cleansing and genocide for its so-called “clearance operations” against the Rohingya community in Rakhine State. Since August 2017, almost 700,000 refugees have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh, citing mounting violence from the military, including mass killings, rape, and burning of Rohingya villages…”

  13. NR: This is what monumental hubris looks like. That a flaccid and ineffectual leader like Bush 2.0 thinks Trump’s more decisive manner somehow is less statesmanlike is a solid indicator of how low the bar has been set in Washington DC.

    George W. Bush: Trump ‘Makes Me Look Pretty Good’ by Comparison

    The younger Bush has a history of criticizing Trump in public. In an October speech at the George W. Bush Institute, he slammed the president’s nationalist ideology, all while arguing that globalism and foreign intervention is key for the U.S. to succeed in the future.

    “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, and forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America,” he said.

    All the while neglecting to notice that immigration no longer works. This is nothing but soft-pedaling of the “diversity is our strength” meme. The point being that diversity never was our strength. America’s true strength came from “the melting pot”, in which all immigrants wanted to become real Americans.

    Due to idiotic cultural relativism and “separate but equal” Liberal drivel, the melting pot is shattered and so-called “diversity” is destroying America. Bush 2.0’s support of globalism is a crucial indicator in terms of showing where his true allegiance lies.

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