ANTIFA riot, smash stores and property in Hamilton Ontario

Don’t know anything about this yet. Its basically just happened.

Thanks TL and Steph for the heads up.

Mob dressed in black damages stores, vehicles on Locke Street

Hamilton police spent most of Saturday evening on Locke Street investigating damage caused by a group of about 30 individuals, dressed in black clothing with their faces covered, who walked down the street carrying a banner that said, “We Are The Ungovernables.”


The group began setting off fireworks and smoke bombs, damaging vehicles and throwing eggs and rocks at store windows and homes in the neighbourhood.

Several storefronts had their windows smashed by the mob, and police say early estimates indicate about $100,000 in damage.


There were no injuries suffered by citizens or officers.

Insp. Paul Hamilton said police were initially called to a “mischief in progress” at Durand Park on Park Street South just before 10 p.m.

March 4, 2018- A group of masked protesters carrying a banner reading, “We Are the Ungovernable” marches down Locke Street Saturday night.Photo Courtesy of Carmela Oliverio

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As soon as videos surface they will be posted.

Thanks to M. a few have:

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35 Replies to “ANTIFA riot, smash stores and property in Hamilton Ontario”

  1. Pay close attention to the sign about being the ungovernable, this is the start of the far left in Canada trying to bring about a total collapse of government. I don’t know how well they will succeed but if this effort lasts through the summer the civil war will be going strong.

      • That is the thing that has saved the world from a total take over by the left, they always move too fast. This action before they have turned more or the ordinary people into willing serfs is going to be what saves us, not without a lot of fighting but what saves us.

        FYI: Hitler started WWII with 65 subs and almost starved Britain out of the war, if he had waited until he had double that number he would have starved Britain into surrender before they could build up the Navy needed to protect the conveys. At the end of the war Germany had aboutr 400 subs and they had to be very worried about being detected.

        • Hitler lost because the US entered into the war. Without the US Hitler would have won. This is the sad bottom line, this is how evil can win. The Hamilton situation is just the beginning of anarchy the anarchist pushing.

      • Not necessarily.

        If the policing continues the way it has: ignoring and not punishing these thugs for their acts of violence and destruction, while arresting anyone even daring to criticize them, it will not take long before they succeed.

        That this was permitted to happen at all is a sign that they may have selected the proper time to attack indeed: with just enough time to descend into chaos before the 2019 elections for Justin to declare martial law and scrap the elections altogether.

    • Pay close attention to the sign about being the ungovernable…

      That is the first image that really caught my attention.

      These little thugs may be ungovernable by the likes of Potato Boy, but there politicians in the global community that would crush these wannabe gangsters like cockroaches. As in, the more “ungovernable” you are, the more you invite some serious (read: abusive) “governance”.

      The level of entitlement displayed by these spoiled rotten punks is simply off of the charts.

  2. OT/ Just a caution:
    Check the _sources_ of videos. Click through to YT, see the associated website. There are so many junk outlets that look ok – but are junk. They may have something of value, but keep a ton of salt on the side, or they’ll skew your perspective.

    Putin TV – RT, Sputnik – has worthy stuff unavailable elsewhere. His budget for media is astronomical: He’s got people on the ground everywhere. It presents the alternative perspective. [That’s you and me.] Even so, he trys to pass off video-games for missile-test clips – and not everybody sees through it. Salt, salt.

    Press-TV – That’s Iran.
    TRT- This looks like Turk-TV.

  3. Just a bunch of punks who live in their moms basements, telling the rest of society that they’re not happy. Capitalism is bad, except when they have a tummy ache and there’s no stores around (employing good working people), for their mommy’s to go buy them medicine. Antifa is nothing but punk thugs, who need to be taken to the wood shed.

      • Then why do police consistently do nothing at all about them?

        The police are (now) in no-win situation. They have allowed Antifa to gain such notoriety—which, in these times, translates into credibility—that for the cops to start bashing some heads would be used as proof that law enforcement is truly Fascist.

        Antifa needed to be strangled in the cradle and, instead, was allowed to violently careen about to the point where appropriate response suddenly required some serious counter-violence. The same applies to Germany.

        In conjunction with relentless media-bashing of Conservatives, Antifa is able to paint itself as “anti-Nazi” and slot effortlessly into the MSM narrative. As a consequence, giving Antifa thugs the good old “wood shampoo” would then translate to being “pro-Nazi”. This sociopolitical turd has no “clean end” by which it can be picked up.

        Fairness has no place in this quagmire. The Progressive narrative long ago discarded the ethics necessary to operate legitimately. Now, it’s all about short-circuiting perceptions, taking situations out of context, while lobbing soft-pitches to your ideological kinfolk and pitching hard ball to anyone who might disagree.

        • You are right, it will take the people who love liberty organizing and fighting back before anything will be done to stop the punks. But most of the leftist governments will go after the liberty lovers rather then the leftist thugs.

    • Some of these jerks will be identified as local yokels. Maybe somebody with a baseball bat could have a nice little chat with them.

    • Most severe punishment should be meted out for them so they would think twice to do it again. Unfortunately the Liberals are unable to do it because of the hard leftist cultural-Marxist ideology. Under our boy-wonder PM the situation will get worse.

  4. Sad,sad,sad… Idiots.. Why harm.. Family run businesses to make a point… Really.. They would be pissed of if someone violated thier personal property… Get out and Support local/ Locke street!!!!

    • Cowards!
      Insurance won’t cover these losses, the down time.
      Why take it out on these people? Why not Starbucks or Nike? Or your-mama?
      This is just wrong!

  5. You know what.. Locke,street thugs… Why wear masks, why run and hide..if your true to your convictions man up speak loud… We,have freedom of speech.. Witch real men fought for you to have…So ya show your faces..even spend your day in court if you truly believe in your cause… PUSSIES .. Punks gutless punks..that’s,all you are..

  6. Another Kristallnacht ?
    Smashing store windows in the middle of the night is what fascists did in 1938 !
    Fascists ? Antifa ? No difference.

  7. It’s starting, with the unfiltered Imagration from war torn countries, ( thanks to two-faced trudeau ) soft terrorist group have finally started to tare what pathetic society we have built here.

  8. Proud Boys in Hamilton Have formed because of this very event. Proud Boys are anti-racist, anti-homophobic, pro free speech & Western Chauvinists! We range from conservative to libertarian. We do not accept past gang members, bigots, misogynists or thugs. We believe in self-defense, but do not condone unprovoked violence.

    Canada is the land of strong and free! Let’s keep it that way!! We need more strong men of all walks of life, all races, gay & straight, lawyers, plumbers, fathers etc.

    If anyone has any questions about how to join or if you want more information e-mail:

    Thank you,
    -V.P. Hamilton Proud Boys Chapter

    • What you say here, 100% reflects my experience with the Ottawa Proud Boys, who dissolved their chapter because of deliberate Soviet like, disinformation about them. One of them has a girlfriend who is an Asian muslim, although by identity, not religion in any meaningful way.

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