Geopolitics, Islamic schools and more Google BS: Links 1, Mach 2, 2018

As I mentioned the other day, work and minor computer problems are slowing down posting a little bit for a few days. But as it always is, the Reader’s Links posts are like reading STATFOR unfiltered before presumably Obama ruined it with the CVE.

Here are some worthy items however, but by no means all, or even the ones anyone may find the best or most important.

1. F16s to b built in India? There seems to be a great deal of serious military build up in India. Quite interesting. Much in the Reader’s Links post on this.

2. This is really a must see.

3. Comey, Obama sitting in a tree..

4. Look who’s suing Google now!

Wilberg v. Google – Recruiter that was fired for refusing to discriminate by James Damore on Scribd

Thee have been many many posts on this site about James Damore and the issues with Google, Damore’s and general posts on Google. But I would like to offer a new perspective based on this additional suit.

Google is a company that is so powerful, it cannot help but be corrupt. It is simply systemic. Nothing can have that much influence, power, wealth and so on and limit itself to the good of the public, the constitutional laws or other laws of other nations which serve it, (unless its another corrupt entity willing to act with great force of course) and continue the activities which brought it to where it is.

As a consequence, it must go, or at least be brought down to below an existential threat level to one which preserves individual liberties.

The fact that Google is consciously abandoning the merit principle for cultural-Marxism, identity politics and equity, is a suicide note. And we should encourage it. In fact we should demand they employ the entire island of St. Lucia as their R&D department.

This has the extra bonus of not hoovering up all the world’s talent.

In a rational world, the best brightest most capable people are our most precious resource. The problem solvers. The people who develop more better things that let us all enjoy our lives more, produce higher quality goods more efficiently and so do less environmental impact.

We need those people at Start up companies that maybe can’t afford to pay what google does to kids right out of college. Cancer will not be cured by google. But some genius kid in a garage with a few buddies he hires with options and a bank loan…

I truly hope that Google continues to hire for absurd reasons and change its policies to ones that all reason and experience tells us will fail. Its time for some fresh ideas to be developed.

5. Putin explains his new toys. Is this for real? Is it for the home crowd? Does it make any difference to one of the things below this video in item 6?

6. Lockheed Martin awarded US$150 million US Navy laser weapon contract

Lockheed Martin has won a US$150 million contract with options for another US$942 million to develop and manufacture two high-energy laser weapons for the US Navy. The new systems will combine Lockheed’s first-of-a-kind High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance (HELIOS) system for defense against Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV) with long-range Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and is expected to be delivered for installation on surface warships by fiscal year 2020.


The HELIOS laser weapon builds on Lockheed’s in-company research on its ATHENA system and the ALADIN laser, as well as the US Army/Directed Energy Joint Technology Office’s Robust Electric Laser Initiative (RELI) program, the US Air Force’s Laser Advancements for Next-generation Compact Environments (LANCE) program and the US Navy’s High Energy Fiber Laser (HEFL) program.

Assuming it can acquire and fire a lot faster than this of course.

Thank you all who sent in materials. 


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5 Replies to “Geopolitics, Islamic schools and more Google BS: Links 1, Mach 2, 2018”

  1. “In a rational world, the best brightest most capable people are our most precious resource.”

    The problem with meritocracy – who gets to say what and who is good/best/brightest ? Meritocracy is utopian tyranny also, and Marxism is a kind of meritocracy. An unaswered question is what are the ethical starting points ? One component is to resorct the historical and historical rights. If these are denied (as Marx and Merit do), all rights and freedoms are destoyed.

    • Hi Vexi la Regis.

      You ask, “The problem with meritocracy – who gets to say what and who is good/best/brightest ?”

      You are sooo right, i can’t figiure out who is the best mechanic, plumber, MD, dentist, lawyer… You know what? Meritocracy is hard. Will you think for me, because “Meritocracy is utopian tyranny.”
      Striving for good grades at school is therefore: oppression.

      “Marxism is a kind of meritocracy,” of four legs good, two legs better. Socialism is not a meritocracy but a outcome-specific quota system based on w ponzi scheme. Those born with the Preferences to be non-white, non-JudeoChristian or traumatize to reject binary; are their elitists, their royalty that that likes to rampage and kill in hateful ways while accusing everyone else of Hate Crimes. There is no meritocracy here.

      “An unaswered question is what are the ethical starting points ?”

      Well, obviously you now mean Shariah. So many laws to fulfill. So many punishments. Freedom to leave? Dead, no.

      “One component is to resorct the historical and historical rights”
      To the code of the Honor among Thieves. Kufar are open season.

      “If these are denied (as Marx and Merit do), all rights and freedoms are destoyed.” The whole world will collapse and only the infidel will get to the moon.

      Those who murder in the Judgement of Unbelievers, while accusing the kufar of judging them.

      Having your own soul gets you to see what is good/best/brightest. The fear of Allah/The Collective/You Own Natural Life, is what blinds and make violent the slaves of Hertory Months, (Not a male spirit among them). Running from their own shadows.

      The answer to all your prayers:

      • You see the problem Vexi la Regis?

        “The “Vexilla Regis” is a Latin hymn in long metre by the Christian poet and saint Venantius Fortunatus, Bishop of Poitiers”

        “The Banners of the King issue forth,
        the mystery of the Cross does gleam,
        where the Creator of flesh, in the flesh,
        by the cross-bar is hung”

        Jesus wanted everyone to know the Gospel. The Christian wanted to worship the man. Well, if worshipping a decent human being as a Good Man got you the riches of the Vatican, how much more a Bad Man presented as Good? Permitted lying. Taqiyya for a Good Cause. Cheat, lie and kill for a blessing.

        Muhammad learned quickly about the Cult of Personality. He also knew lots of rule made people afraid to think for themselves. Congratulating themselves with pride if they are the most conformist.

        And we found your meritocracy. The dhimmis who like to hide as a way of life: Into the gang of bandits, into
        the collective or dressed as someone else.

        The Good News is to face your fears and be set free.

        “Blessed are you who are poor,
        for yours is the kingdom of God.”
        Remove your attachment of vanity to other people, believing you are much less than someone but far superior to others.

        “Blessed are you who hunger now,
        for you will be satisfied.”.
        That emptiness you have known all your life, that yearning will be finished.

        “Blessed are you who weep now,
        for you will laugh.”
        Your repentence will lead you to the truth that you were covering up with pride the pain of an abused childhood. Muslims abuse their children with guilt. Allah is Merciful and Merciless. When you face your demons, you are set free.

        “Blessed are you when people hate you,
        when they exclude you and insult you
        and reject your name as evil,
        because of the Son of Man.”
        They will hate you for being free. You will shine a light that burns and convicts them.

        These are the people who made the West. The Land of the Brave.

        This is why Islam, Communism and New Creations send their conforming hoards of Muslims, Socialists and LGBTQ+ Avengers onto them, these escapists from terror, flooding from Islamic hell holes, dropping the Berlin Wall and openning the toddler nurseries, . These whose only life is suck off the State and praise their ‘betters’, who clamor for more laws to dance to, and forget that they ever were once human to each other. Sharia, Human Rights and Don’t-Offend-Me are put in place for the Imam, Politician and Satan to rule in plain sight demanding total allegience.

        “The problem with meritocracy – who gets to say what and who is good/best/brightest ? ” You do. Not they do.

  2. 1 – Yes India is doing a rapid military expansion, there are several reasons for this but they all lead back to China.

    1: China is working hard to build a circle of military and naval bases that will cut India off from outside resources. India is trying to counter they attempt by China to isolate them from the rest of the world.

    2: China is pushing to take more land from India and several small states in the Himalayas, India wants to stop them from expanding further into Indian territory and doesn’t want the small Hindu nations in the mountains taken by China. They would also like to regain control of the land that China took from them in 1960s but until now the US and Western Europe along with Russia has put so much pressure on them that they have had wait. Now with North Korea about te develop the ability to mate nuclear warheads to missiles that can not only reach US territory but can (possibly) reach any portion of the US mainland they want to destroy. We all know that we are going to have to remove Kim and his regime if we want to lay our hands on his nuclear weapons, fissile material and stop future North Korean leaders from building nukes. This means the US and our allies who border the South China Sea want India to be a major threat on the Chinese border.

    3: Pakistan has been pushing India hard and the North Korea mess gives them an excuse to build up their military so they can hit Pakistan and if the hard liners get their way annex Pakistan into India. In at least one of the videos I have posted over the past week or so had some people saying that it is time to bring West India (Pakistan) back under Indian control. The nations mentioned above has stopped India from annexing Pakistan in the previous wars, now they think they can get permission to keep control of the Pakistani territory they can seize.

    India says they have the ability to seize the Pakistani nukes without going nuclear and if this is true they can a) increase the size of their nuclear arsenal and b) remove on of the nuclear threats that they live under.

    4: Xi is seizing total control of China, he wants to gain the same amount of power the Mao had and he is facing several internal problems, most of which can be lessened by a war (foreign adventure) with India. if China wins they will have new territory to move excess population into and they will have more women for their young men to chase. If they lose they will have reduced their excess male population. The down side to this is that India is a nuclear power and if pushed hard enough will resort to nukes, India also has several allies (of varying degrees of loyalty) that are in positions where they can do a lot of damage to China.

    Things China has to keep in mind

    1: The US is being forced to remove the North Korean threat. China has to decide if they want to get into a war with the US and our allies at the current moment. If they do they are facing a ground war with the US in Manchuria, a land war with India on the other side of the country and the possibility of Taiwan, Nam and other nations on their borders deciding to grab part of China while their main military forces are tied down fighting the US and India.

    2: What will Russia do? Will Russia side with China in a fight with the US or will Putin decide that he is in one war and can’t afford to fight another one that would stand a chance of going nuclear? My on opinion is that Putin will decide to set out the war until he sees which side is going to win and then come in on that side. seizing part of Manchuria and Mongolia. Remember Putin knows how badly Obama hurt our military and knows that if we are tied down in China he will have a fairly free hand in the Middle East. Our being tied down in China also makes Western Europe vulnerable Islamic conquest and he has been setting himself up as the protector of Christianity and can easily decide that protecting Europe from Islam is required. He will gain some land and a lot of influence in the way all of Europe is governed.

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