Armed teacher does school shooting, HAZMAT at the Pentagon: Links 1, fb. 28, 2018

For some years now, l have fantasized about starting a file of evidence of, what is to me a clear fact, that Canada is a communist country and increasingly so every day.

The preface is obvious. Voting has nothing to do with it. They voted in the Soviet Union also. Additional questions of when is a government program civilization and when is it communism, are, in this man’s opinion, fairly easy to sort out. Rome wasn’t communist. Lets start with what they had.

But the things which actually fit the Marxist, post-Marxist Fascist, and postmodernist agendas are of interest. Since I discussed this with a friend yesterday, several things have crossed this screen in just a few hours. Here is one just from today:

  1. Meetings in Vancouver to discuss the notion of not allowing people to have children till they have a licence. Which would of course, be granted by the state, and the criteria for what makes a person eligible for a ‘parenting licence, would also be determined by the state.

2. Hazmat incident near Pentagon: 11 people sick from ‘suspicious letter’ sent to military base

Eleven people became ill at a US military base in Arlington, Virginia, a short walk away from the Pentagon, after opening a suspicious letter. Three were taken to the hospital after a hazardous material situation was declared.

The Arlington Fire Department responded to a hazardous material call at Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall at 4:30 p.m. local time. Fire crews and hazmat units rushed to the scene. Three people were taken to the hospital and are currently in a stable condition, Arlington County Fire Department reported on Twitter.

3. ‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’: South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

White South African farmers will be removed from their land after a landslide vote in parliament.


The country’s constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation, following a motion brought by radical Marxist opposition leader Julius Malema.


It passed by 241 votes for to 83 against after a vote on Tuesday, and the policy was a key factor in new president Cyril Ramaphosa’s platform after he took over from Jacob Zuma in February.


Mr Malema said the time for ‘reconciliation is over’. ‘Now is the time for justice,’ News24 reported.

‘We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.’

(All other nations in the world, must immediately pass legislation to refuse to export food to South Africa to compensate for the domestic lack of it as a result of this decision. This is aside from the fact that before Europeans came to what is now South Africa, there was no farmers there. There was no agriculture and what passed for animal husbandry was not sustainable or would feed today’s populations.)

4. Not super clear on what happened here, but it appears for once a teacher school shooting took place. That is to say, the shooter was a teacher.

(Im not sure. Is this a man bites dog story?)

5. Interesting poster plastered all over Ottawa high school:

(From the sender)

“These are put all over the school about black history month. But this is clearly much more than just spreading awareness about black history month.”

I agree. This looks suspiciously like a political symbol attached very much to a Post Modern narrative.

6. Ahmed and his three wives.

Thank you all who sent in materials today!

A quick heads up, we have some minor computer problems at this end that will slow down my ability to do the things I do for a week or so till everything is back in proper order. But please do not let that stop you all from posting links for each other. And apologies in advance if and when i lose track of people who contributed even more than usual, as a couple of layers of complexity have been added to the process till its all back to normal.

Ill make sure that important videos still get to the translation team and set up for when we are back in top shape, but still should manage to get some of them done and posted.

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12 Replies to “Armed teacher does school shooting, HAZMAT at the Pentagon: Links 1, fb. 28, 2018”

      • I wonder if she fired the shot to try and block the arm the teachers movement?

        Take a moment to turn this around. If an anti-NRA educator felt it was necessary to draw down in class, imagine the constant dangers that all teachers currently face.

        Gotta use that psychological jujitsu at all times, especially when confronted with these “dog bites man” reversals. Media’s reliance on these sort of anomalous events to bolster their narrative must be turned against them. Every time they try to squall about a patently false construct, handcuff that event to objective reality and invite the neighbors (i.e., online community) to come around for a gander.

  1. #1: Someone named Moses forcefully trounced a taskmaster over the slaves and ungratefully abandoned his adoptive, royal family to hunker down with Midianites in the South; nevertheless, a leader named Jethro encouraged him to have kids with his daughter Zipporah. Jethro should have required a license!

    • Watching the videos in the link I’ve heard two reasons presented for a child licence: better parenting and reducing the population.

      In the West their governments have removed fathers and they have dramatically increased their populations.

      And you are going to let them issue a licence?

  2. 5- with few exceptions the raised fist is a militant, extreme, Marxist symbol. Children at this highschool will walk blithely past the wallpaper as notions of virtue and justice dance in their heads.

    Get ’em young and you get ’em forever I guess.

  3. 3 – Someone needs to get the whites out of South Africa, there is about to be a white genocide in that nation and it may spill over into the neighboring nations.

    Yeah rational people would refuse to sell food to South Africa, unfortunately there is not nation on earth were the rational people have enough power to prevent food being sold and given to South Africa. We are probably seeing the beginning of the food and water wars in Africa and the Middle East. These will drive more refugees into Europe, refugees that Europe is going to have to deny entry to if they want to survive as European nations.

    • We are probably seeing the beginning of the food and water wars in Africa and the Middle East.

      They’ve already begun, just at low-intensity conflict levels. You’ve been posting regularly about the Sino-Indian kerfuffle. Just look where the Brahmaputra River flows. Halt its waters and Bangladesh dies! This is one of Asia’s “big seven” waterways.

      Given Communist China’s control of Tibet (known as “Asia’s water tower”), Beijing has its hands on the taps for billions of those who live in the Southeast Asian Quadrant. As an example—in the basest form of realpolitik—if the Chicoms were truly beset by Islamic violence, they could simply inform the terrorists, “halt your attacks or all of Bangladesh will perish.”

      That’s a mere 170 million people who would be consigned to a most brutal death, all without launching a single nuclear weapon. The ecological damage would be catastrophic and, in many cases, permanent but the Islamic world would begin to discover that all of this jihadist nonsense has a definite downside.

      The upcoming Milan-2018 naval exercises will feature participation by sixteen different countries. This is a strong, water-based message being sent to Red China regarding its efforts at gaining regional hegemony.

      NOTE: The entire Brahmaputra River scenario ignores how it crosses Indian soil before entering Bangladesh. Unilateral watercourse diversion would drive a Sino-Indian nuclear war. Uuuuunnnlesss … India was equally flummoxed by constant terrorist attacks and agreed to build their own dam at the Bangladeshi border.

      This is an illustration of the strange bedfellows and fantastically cruel outcomes that constant exposure to jihadism can bring to Infidel minds.

      These will drive more refugees into Europe, refugees that Europe is going to have to deny entry to if they want to survive as European nations.

      See: How Water Scarcity Shapes the World’s Refugee Crisis

      Although reported from a Liberal (i.e., bleeding heart) perspective, the article details many of the “contact points” that will happen between refugees (authentic or imaginary) and water resources. This alone makes it worth reading so as to gain some sort of framework in this looming global conflict.

      And, it’s not just a matter, “that Europe is going to have to deny entry”, to these economic opportunists, they will need to actively deport all of those who have arrived during the last five years (at least)!

      Anything less, and Europe will drown in a sea of Nafri and Muslim parasites.

  4. The S A situation is an absurdity. Did not one single one of them observe the disaster in Zimbabwe? It is really clear to see what happened there. But yet, the communists in SA are going to try it again.
    This time there will be push back. Western nations unwilling to send in food aid. If this continues in 10 years, some say 5, SA will be unable to feed itself.
    I recently had a fairly wealthy friend take a “safari” to SA. I asked her why she was doing that and she said she wanted to see the birds and the butterflies and the big game. Well, God bless her that she contributed to their economy while white farmers are being murdered.
    Actually, if you look on the progressive side, it is probably best to visit now before the SHTF…
    I will NOT condone the US sending food aid to SA when push comes to shove. What I will condone is allowing white SA’s migrating to the US. I want them here, certainly more than some illiterate Nigerian.
    I’ll tell you though, way back, maybe 1990, we had a visiting person to our swim team in So
    Cal. We were a very strong swim team and we had a number of African Americans on the team. At a social this person asked me how I could stand to have a “black” on the swim team… Considering that we were having this discussion in Malibu I found it to be rather weird. But I guess it wasn’t from his perspective. I still think about that discussion because it seemed so strange to me. However, based on the white genocide going on in SA today, maybe it wasn’t so weird.

  5. That is to say, the shooter was a teacher.

    There’s a lot to be for teacher concealed carry. I can just see it now:

    “Da’qeesh, get your flunking disruptive @ss behind your desk before I pop a cap in it!”

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