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9 Replies to “Pat Condell: A good explanation of the trick played on us”

    • They are, the tide is turning but not quickly and it will take many decades before the world returns to the idea of individual rights, individual liberty and rational thought. We are living in a time when Science Fiction is becoming reality, unfortunately this includes the dystopian novels as well as those who celebrate freedom and the individual. The dystopian future novels usually showed science being driven underground by Christianity, well science and Christianity are both being driven underground by Marxism and Islam. While I don’t doubt that in the long run freedom is going to win but in the short and medium run it is going to be hard on those who love freedom

        • I agree, Sassy.

          Five or ten years is all that we have to turn back this tide of ideological filth. Any longer and there is the risk of entrenchment that makes these mindsets so very dangerous.


        • Agree, Sassy.
          Invaders are siring tardish brats off ethnic European women. Heavily promoted by state TV.

          Critical breeding age, there’ll be a sharp increase of baby “Mohs” in even 5 years.
          Prognosis = grim.

        • It won’t be decades before we fight against Islam but decades before we manage to get the vast majority to support individual rights.

  1. This is one of Condell’s best videos, ever.

    Note the high-density of memes and numerous juxtapositions of conflicting agendas. Additionally, Condell’s entire structure of a, “tyranny of feelings”, really hits the nail head.

    I refer you to Ann Barnhardt’s delightful rant about being “nice”:


    There are few better elaborations on Condell’s, “tyranny of feelings”.

    The various conflicts looming on Western Civilization’s event horizon which Condell illuminates in such convincing detail represents a laundry list of where fan-clogging events will most likely be found.

    If I were being paid to do this, nothing would please me more than going through Condell’s entire clip and parsing out all of his multitudinous points in specific order and in contrast to their counterparts. His eloquence and sly, dry, wry, wit make for some of the most dependable, satisfying, viewing on today’s Internet.

  2. Supplementary reading: writings of Aurel Kolnai, e.g. Political Memoirs, The Utopian Mind, etc. Some sources perversely characterize Kolnai as a leftist writer; this is incorrect, and may be based on the fact that he wrote the first critique of the Nazi movement, in his book “War Against the West”, as if only a leftist could be against the Nazis.

  3. In the book by J. P Donleavy: “The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B”, a pupil “Beefy” is hauled before the headmaster, for among many things, writing “I am the vast Masturbator”, on all the school blackboards. In his defense, Beefy, before the headmaster, trying to not get himself expelled, tells the tale of his father’s suicide; riddled with debt, his father told Beefy to put a shilling in the gas meter of the squalid flat, which is out on the landing. Beefy does this, and his father has locked the door and put his head in the gas oven. Which ended his life.
    The headmaster, opines, this is a sad tail indeed, but we can’t allow emotion to get in the way of justice, now can we. Where would we be if we allow emotion to get in the way of dispensing justice, boy?
    Beefy, perhaps sensing his doom, responds, Up to our necks in injustice, sir?
    precisely says the headmaster.

    It is many years since I read that book, but that passage (paraphrased very badly I assume), has always stuck.
    That’s where we are today, injustice riddled with emotion, different sentences for a good ethnic background, or a sad story.
    In short, up to our necks in injustice.

    That’s the humour of it.

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