Trudeau, fake news sinks to the 6th Bolgia, more: Links 1, Feb. 21, 2018

1. About that whole Russian, ‘pro-Trump’ thing

2. CNN wins media limbo contest. Hard to get lower than this.

3. Hate speech is a crime for me, not thee

4. Another day, another nearly banal Trudeau deception against the Canadian people:

5. Harvard Poli-Sci prof speaks to German politics.

This video basically shows how far to the left an Ivy League school like Harvard has become.

6. After Venezuela, Canada’s stock market…

Thank you, many of you, who sent in personal experiences, comments, News links and contributions to this work.

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9 Replies to “Trudeau, fake news sinks to the 6th Bolgia, more: Links 1, Feb. 21, 2018”

  1. Re-think (check your Privileges)
    Re-connect (to your Class)
    Re-imagine (what you’d do with this)
    Religion – what’s left is ass.

  2. #3 So this teacher training is why
    1) my son’s teacher tells the class that she and he would be the only people in the room allowed to ride in the front of the bus
    2) my other son comes home from school wonderinhg why there is only Hispanic and African American week, so In have to tell him about Irish American week, Jewish American week, etc.

    • I fully accept that criticism so long as you do not live in, or come from, a country that elected barrack Hussein Obama TWICE, or one that will elect Jeremy Corbyn.

      If you are from the V4, I humbly accept that criticism with deep shame.

      • Don’t forget we elected Bill Clinton twice. I pray this mess will prevent the Dems from electing anyone else for a long time.

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