Prof, historian, analyst of Islam, part I (watch to end)

Alexandre del Valle (born September 4, 1968[1]) is a French writer, professor, columnist, and political commentator. He is known primarily for his analysis of Islamic extremism, his criticism of Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman, Islamist-post-kemalist Turkey, and as a proponent of the PanWest paradigm (cooperation between the West and Russiaagainst radical islamism and of the Red-green-brown alliance).[2]
His domains of interest focus on Islamic extremism, new geopolitical threats, civilizational conflicts, and terrorism, as well as Mediterranean issues such as Turkey’s proposed accession to the European Union. Alexandre del Valle wrote on international relations and geopolitics of the Arab-Muslim world.[3]

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    We made this interview for free with our poor means and equipments.
    Would you please indicate our name and the source of our video on this article (1) and the others ?

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