Another analysis on the Channel4 interview of Dr. Peterson

The two topics that have had massive attention from our side of the wall, and nearly none from the other this past couple of weeks, is ‘The Memo’, and the Jordan Peterson interview on Channel4. Interestingly not nearly as much for the much more malicious and dishonest ambush of Dr. Peterson by CBC’s Wendy Mesley.

This analysis of the Channel4 interview however is entertaining and worthy right to the last frame. Great chores or cooking listening.

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  1. What a fantastic analysis this woman offers of The Interview! I ask who is this woman? Then I realize that such is the excruciating level of bullshit and sophistry in msm postmodern discourse that smart people rise to be heard. There will be more.

    • I think she is a Canadian lawyer who defends men against BS charges of sex related crimes. All her videos are this good. If its who I am thinking it is, she does one where she describes a man who’s girlfriend tried to kill him to take his stuff and be with someone else. Then, repeatedly called him from prison to try and manipulate her target into vouching for her in court.

      It was an amazing deconstruction of the way men are frequently abused by women using the tools that come naturally, but are not frowned on the way men’s tools are.

  2. This dust up on chan 4 causes me to think about my life decisions 25 years ago.
    I had a high powered job and in fact made more money than my husband. I also ran the household and felt the primary obligation to deal with the day to day circumstances of our sons.
    I guess, according to Kathy, this was unfair and she would argue where was my “do nothing” husband? Well, he was right in there pitching but was also building a career in a highly technical field and going to night school for his masters.
    Several things in our environment changed, not the least of which was the flooding of illegal immigration into our community. I found out that my oldest son was being used as an unpaid teacher’s aid, literally being pulled out of his class two afternoons a week to tutor a non English speaking peer in reading and, my youngest son was performing below ability and subject to punishment for his inattentiveness.
    You see, yes, I did work for a paycheck and I loved the money but never did I think that was my primary job. My primary job was to care for my children and my husband. That is what I signed up for and that is what I wanted to do. And so I quit my job, let the nanny go and went full time housewife and mother… We also moved diagonally across the country where the public schools had not been infected.
    I shan’t go on with my entire adult history but I will say that the wage gap thing is BS, pure and simple. The last job I had was being a salesperson/horticultural consultant at the largest garden center on Long Island and I loved it! The only reason I was qualified to do this is because I was a stay at home mom and joined a garden club. I attended numerous horticultural lectures and redesigned my entire property.
    A customer would come in with a thumb nail sketch and tell me they were building a deck and the contractor sent them over here to pick out landscaping. Oh man, I loved spending other people’s money! And I actually wondered how the plants were making out long after they left the center. This was a part time job and I was paid $15/hr. That was a far cry from what I was earning 20 years ago but it fit our lifestyle and I really liked doing it.
    My boys are grown and gone but when one of them bought a house he asked me to come down and help him with the landscape, which I did. I still love spending other people’s money! Ha!

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