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  1. “It’s been planned for a while…”

    Very well then. Let The Games Begin–or end for that matter. Awaken the giant and rue the day. And make no mistake. He is stirring. There must, however, be names taken. So many of the east European communists were let go after the wall fell. Practically all, in fact. Human nature being what it is, just look at what people who believe they can act with impunity will do if given the chance. This is the essence of the situation with the FBI and DOJ scandal. The truly Righteous act for their conscience, not their peers.

    Slowly now the giant moves. How harshly he acts remains to be seen, but most likely history will play out as it has according to national characters. Let this particular sentence reverberate on its own.

    But wait, there must be two giants, because there are two enemies on the offensive! The Redgreen (I must say I prefer this one-word form of spelling it because it steals just a modicum of poetic licence to illustrate the closeness of the two.) alliance must be met by real liberalism, and by real men. Yes men. The men who are absent when young women have bottles broken over their heads in dance clubs by cowardly tards who pick on weakerthans. The men who are absent in too many instances to mention, in fact, but we all get it.

    The Cathy Newmans will scream every slogan in the book once it begins. It’s all they have. Tyrannical politicians and public officials must be held to account. Righteous men will return to restore order to postmodern chaos.

    This is what it looks like at the very beginning–when real men begin to think again, and national characters stir from their slumber:


    • The West was heading to an even greater civilization. The most humane animal welfare, enlightened rationalization, and the highest moral conduct. Then we got: Sexscrewality, Socialism and Islam. Greed and envy. The most debased lives of abandoned child-rearing.

      Who let the dogs in?

      Those who fleece Captalism with Democracy. Using the mob and legislation to silence the individual.

      • Freud – partially after witnessing the slaughter of WW1 – theorized that humans have competing life/death instincts within them: a desire to create and an impulse to destruction (self-destruction, specifically). And perhaps so it goes with societies or civilizations. Also, perhaps societies (being simply agglomerations of individuals, whatever else they are) have a definite life cycle … and maybe that of the West is nearing its end from simple old age.

        • Given the incredible amount of crap Freud “theorized” about, I wouldn’t use him as some kind of definitive quote. Anyone can theorize, especially if they are incapable of applying the scientific method to try and prove it. Think about his opinions about dreams and what they meant. Garbage.

        • No the west isn’t coming to an end, the left is and civilization probably is but the west will be strong and in control for many more Centuries.

          • Few people seem to realize or, if they do realize, care about the gravity of the situation facing most Western nations with regard to our culture and values being imperiled. This worries me, to say the least. However, I respect your optimism and I pray that you are right that our civilization will rebound and strengthen once again.

            • Through out all of written history the Western people and nations don’t react to approaching threats until they are existential threats. To paraphrase Churchill the West can be trusted to do the right thing after they have tried everything else. He was talking about the US coming into WWII but this also applies to the entire west and the Islamic Invasion. The much predicted backlash has started, it will take time to grow into unified governmental action but it has started.

              To give you an example from WWII after the battle of Midway the Japanese never went on the offensive. This battle occurred in the middle of 1942, this fact didn’t become apparent to most people until late 44 early 45. The tide is turning slowly but turning, in another 2 or 3 years it will be apparent that 2018 was the turning point.

    • Very well then. Let The Games Begin–or end for that matter. Awaken the giant and rue the day

      Slowly now the giant moves. How harshly he acts remains to be seen, but most likely history will play out as it has according to national characters.

      By insisting that people ignore history and science the left has set the stage for a massive war, genetics plays a larger role in peoples actions then the left will admit and by ignoring the genetic portion of mass actions the left is making a real big mistake.

      They also ignore history, the cherry pick a few incidents and use them to beat the Europeans over the head with but ignore that at one poinkt Europe controlled 80 to 90% of the worlds population. Little England controlled over half of the worlds land mass. They gave up their Empires (for the most part peacefully) but they built their Empires with military force, this is the giant that the left is waking, the Europeans around the world are waking up and are about to prove why the rest of the world feared them for so long. The internal war is going to be a long hard nasty fight, the external war will be shorter as our worst external enemies (not Russia or China but the Islamic ones) discover that when we are involved in an internal struggle we swat the mosquitoes that are buzzing around instead of trusting to the insect repellent and ignoring them.

      Make no mistake when the shooting is over Europe will be under European control and the west will be free, civilization may (probably will) fall during the war but we will rebuild a new and better civilization.

    • Don’t leave us women out!
      I – the gentle sex – may not be in combat on the frontline, but I’m the sanctum sanctorum.

      Your son is in my belly, your daughter’s on my lap.
      Everything else is theoretical.
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  2. This demographic shift
    Towards slaves and knaves
    Serfing in shanty towns
    Hell-holes and graves.
    Remainder of spines
    Screw for escape
    Surrendering minds
    Skin-Identity make.

    • It scans!
      (Therefore permanently etched in a segment of my brain that must’ve belonged to a parrot in a previous incarnation. We’ll have to await the autopsy to be sure.)

      • … a segment of my brain that must’ve belonged to a parrot in a previous incarnation.

        If ever I own a parrot, the first line it learns will be:

        I can talk, can you fly?!?

        PS: An early neighbor of mine was an authority about parrots. She was suitably amazed to find that (in my temporary care) her military macaw—as in, a plumate possessor of a genuinely psittacine attitude—was contented, unstressed, and inhabiting a sparkling cage upon returning from her vacation.

        All of which reminds me very little of my aunt and uncle’s mynah bird, “Squawky” who—upon hearing the refrigerator door being opened—would loudly demand, “Where’s the gin?”

        For some truly astounding video, please watch Alex, the African gray. This one single animal—much like Koko the gorilla (click link to see Robin Williams being unmistakably happy)—forced the global scientific community to entirely revise its long-held (and totally inadequate) estimation of avian intelligence.

        • A macaw will pine piteously for an absent mate – extremely unusual that you achieved such rapport. Your neighbor must’ve been jealous.

          Birds demand a lot of attention. By the time they’re adopted by a human, they’re often so traumatized by early life captivity, they never recover trust. They’ll always live under a shadow of neuroticism.

          But if you’re patient and respectful, they can become the dearest of pets. They’ll bond with you for life, as loving and affectionate as a dog. (My brother was a dog physically, from the sheltie branch of the family.)

          Mynas and cockatoos can be ornery. If my mum’s myna got bored or lonesome, he’d imitate the telephone or the garbage disposal. Our parrot wasn’t a freaky genius like Alex, but he had an excellent ear for poetry. In the course of his 30 blessed years, he trained several clever parakeets.

  3. The SPLC is just as fantasy driven as the “patriot” movement. This is about little else but fundraising in the northeast and west coast. I am a Kentucky native. I have a cousin that has been active KKK for 40 years. He tells me that there are fewer than 500 active members left in the state. It is his pet bitch. Most of them are drunks over 40 who all hang out along the Ky. river. There are maybe 800 neo-nazi’s statewide. Mostly skinheads and jailbirds. No one takes them seriously . There are no active militia groups. None. There haven’t been any for over a decade. The SPLC seems to make this stuff up, the way that catholic charities do when they go around eastern Ky. looking for “poor hillbillies” to use in fundraising posters. There are some active terrorist groups in Ky. like ANTIFA , the ACP ,BLM and the Black Panther Party, Islamic Jihad, and the SJW’s but SPLC sees them as allies so…..And: BTW. The “refugees” who don’t work , don’t tend to stay in Ky. for long. We have poor welfare benefits. So they tend to go where there is better “free shit”.

    • Well said the KKK and the neo Nazi’s have been strawmen for the left for decades, the left hopes the can create real racist groups by oppressing everyone. in the name of fighting racism. So far they have failed but it they do succeed it won’t the the prison gang KKK and new Nazi’s that will lead them. Those losers won’t even be allowed around the new groups is the left succeeds in creating new groups.

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