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14 Replies to “CBC attempts the same kind of ‘gotcha’ assassination of Jordan Peterson as Channel4”

  1. Walking the social media plank with the ocean full of angry leftist sharks who really have no idea as to what he is saying but simply don’t like him for daring to say it. As he says he will make a mistake eventually and it is then that support should stand firmly behind him. The Pepe attempt was pretty woeful from her although I doubt that she was a happy about it as was her boss.

  2. the point of that whole interview was to hold up the frog picture..period!…all the words spoken were a waste of time….she got what was needed…people watching won’t listen,,,they see frog …are told it is racist…believe it…associate it with him….toast!….the mistake the likes of him have been making for years is to go on these fucking shows ….cbc cnn msnbc etc….you cannot win!!!! and he did not…she was smarter than brit girl….she used picture and was low key…..

    • I have to agree. And we’ve seen him a little sharper than this. I think he has to look at this interview and glean the lesson it luckily gave him without costing too much. He’s done his bit trying to sell the book and raise his profile. Now it’s time to be more strategic about who he speaks with. He’s got a big bullseye on him now.

  3. She like the rest of the left don’t want to talk to people on the right, anyone that doesn’t agree with them is labeled altright and declared evil. Once you declare some evil shunning them is the least of what the advocate.

    Yes one of these days he will make a mistake, then we will see who his true friends are.

  4. I feel like saying to the interviewer, Grown the eff up and stop talking about cartoons! It ‘might be seen as’ childish.
    By the way, what about Kermit singing ‘It’s not easy being green’, quite psychologically penetrating, I think.

    • Yeah, it’s just a cartoon. But – –
      Dr. Peterson knows better than anybody how the primitive brain processes icons. It’s material for his two-hour lecture. Symbols acquire meanings that aren’t rational.
      Kek’s become a weapon in the hands of the enemy.
      He’s got to be better prepared to parry.

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