Migrants attacking police in Germany, Vienna, Leftist doc. on Buddhism in Burma: Links 1, Jan. 26, 2018

  1. Katie Hopkins in South Africa: “I am not often afraid but…”

2. Sometimes people may ask or wonder what I mean by “professional Jew”. A term I think was coined by Ezra Levant, and very necessarily so.
It refers to someone who makes their living by identity politics and rents out their identity for whatever form of currency they find worth it. Cash of course, prestige, awards, recognition, gravitas or whatever they can get for pretending to represent the Jewish peoples while often as not, actually selling them out as he did at Ottawa City Hall a year or two ago when he shilled up the Muslim Brotherhood at a meeting organized by CAIR-CANADA, now NCCM.

He was a last minute addition as the meeting was presented as one about racism in Canada and it was pointed out that they had omitted getting anyone from thee Jewish community which actually has the highest incidents of hate crimes against it, and so of course, they got Bernie to go and speak about… Islamopobia if memory serves.

And here he is again:

3. One of our tireless volunteer translators, Anton, sent us the following text with a short phone video:

A mobile phone video has appeared on social media showing young Muslims attacking the German police in a Shopping Center in Jena.


Jena lies around 250 kms (150 miles) from Cottbus, where police are fighting to regain control of the city after the brutal death of a pensioner, attacks on white Germans by Muslim “youths” and face stabbings.


Germany’s domestic security is crumbling due to Angela Merkels illegal and unconstitutional no-border policy, which she announced unilaterally in 2015.


Since 2013, 3 million predominantly young Muslim men have entered the country, without proof of ID and often under multiple false names, accessing the welfare state with those false IDs.


The violence, rape and murder statistics have sky-rocketed. This year alone, the stabbings have accounted for the deaths of many German children in Schools and in shopping centers across the country.

A similar event also happened in the last two scores of hours in Vienna as well.

4. This film maker only shows a couple of things. he knows little to nothing about Buddhism but bases his presumptions on the Western “Hippie King” misinterpretation of the Dalai Lama and Buddhism overall. And the film apparently doesn’t show why this Buddhist leader is against Islam, probably because when the film maker found out why, he realized it wouldn’t suit his agenda. The agenda to show that the “real Buddhism” would never act in a way his fantasy Buddhism would act or speak. Exactly like Western leftist’s reasons for covering for Islam.

They are in fact, really just protecting their own fantasy of it and apparently at the highest cost that can be paid.


It appears that this Buddhist leader is sophisticated enough to make sure he is always filming people filming him so he can counter any attempt at deceptive editing. Something everyone should know by now. And which Tommy Robinson is a near master of.

The Trailer for the film, possibly giving new meaning to the term, “Trailer Trash”. Of course one should see the film before deciding. But film makers should also do the interviews and investigations and research before deciding.

5. Uighur group in Syria creates Palestinian sub-unit

Katibat al Ghuraba al Turkistan (KGT), a year-old Uighur jihadist group in Syria, has announced the creation of a Palestinian sub-unit within its organization. KGT’s new arm is designed to accommodate the Palestinians and other Arabs in its ranks.


KGT announced the creation of its Saraya Ghuraba Filistin, or the Strangers/Foreigners of Palestine Company, last night by publishing photos and creating its own separate Telegram channel for the sub-unit. The photos showed Palestinian members of KGT battling against regime forces in southern Aleppo near the town of Abu Dhuhur in Idlib province. Additionally, an audio recording by its leader, identified as Abu Muhammad al Filistini, a Sharia official in the larger KGT, was released.


Palestinians and other Arabs have been predominately featured in prior media released by KGT. In a video released last year, a message from KGT’s emir (leader) dubbed over in Uighur from Arabic indicated that he is likely not an ethnic Uighur himself. It is unclear how many Palestinians or other Arabs are within Saraya Ghuraba Filistin or KGT, which claims to be largely Uighur.

Thank you Sid Snot, Xanthippa, Yucki, M., Richard, EB., Gates of Vienna, MissPiggy, Wrath of Khan, and a wide variety of hard working and keenly observant readers and contributors to this site.

More to come in the next couple of weeks that should be quite revealing about how widespread the jihadist doctrines of Islam are taught within Canada.




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  1. The attacks on the police by the invaders will continue and grow in intensity, the Europeans who aren’t ready to arm themselves and fight back need to find some place that will let them move in. Push is coming to shove those who aren’t ready are going to pay a very nasty price for their lack of foresight.

  2. Are there no laws in Canada concerning ,false accusations,wasting police time ?this lack of action will only embolden others who wish to paint every white Christian man as a danger to the world (the world of islam that is)

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