“Why not just put an alarm on women’s pants? it works so well for cars” Links 1, January 24, 2018

1. Sweden: Feminist Mother Refuses to Report Afghan Refugee After He Sexually Abuses Her 12-Year-Old Daughter.

(Frankly there is a universe of understanding in this one story about the actual values of the left as opposed to anything you may hear them say)

A feminist mother in Sweden refused to report an Afghan refugee who was living in her house to authorities after he sexually abused her 12-year-old daughter.

The 45-year-old woman was working at a refugee center in Sölvesborg when she began having a sexual relationship with the refugee, who claimed to be 18-years-old.

When the migrant became an official refugee, he had to leave the center and so the woman allowed him to move into her family home.

Within a short period of time, the migrant began sexually abusing the woman’s 12-year-old daughter, kissing and hugging her before one incident in September 2017 when the Afghan put his hands inside the girl’s underwear and groped her vagina.

After the daughter told her mother what had happened, the 45-year-old refused to report the incident to authorities or even to ask the Afghan to leave the home, prompting the daughter to tell her father who then contacted the police.

During the subsequent trial, the woman explained that she did not take action against the refugee because she was “afraid that [he] would be sent back to Afghanistan.”

2. Feminist who wants to punch Peterson was a key voice supporting firing of James Damor – previously appeared on Channel 4 News herself

We’ve had an amazing response to our article debunking Cathy Newman’s spin on alleged Twitter threats, in which we showed fans of Newman had sent 30 times more violent and sexist abuse to Peterson than vice-versa. The article is already the most viewed article on this site with 84K views in two days and our work was the basis of an article by Paul Joseph Watson on Infowars.com. Further exposure came thanks to Milo Yiannopoulos who read out much of the article word for word on his new Youtube show and Jordan Peterson himself even kindly tweeted a link to our research. Finally, on Tuesday, James Delingpole wrote about our research in his third Breitbart article on the Peterson/Newman fiasco.


Such was the popularity of our initial piece, it would be rude not to produce a follow-up investigation and to detail the fall-out from our expose.

While many of the Tweets we highlighted are still visible, user RJonesUX’s “die in a fire” contribution has been removed. He’s also posted a number of apologetic tweets, yet still isn’t being entirely honest about the matter, stating “I deleted it about an hour after I posted it.” We know this statement to be untrue because the Tweet was posted on the 19th January 2018 at 10.07PM and we archived it over 48 hours later! He goes on to say “I don’t appear to be trying to wriggle out of it” and even claims to have deleted the content before reading our article. Now, we can’t disprove this second claim, but what’s being claimed is that he deleted a two-day old tweet after having second thoughts, and the fact that 100K+ people were reading it on that very same day was a sheer coincidence and had no bearing the decision…

3. US judge defends FGM in the USA

(In as much as Michigan is the USA. I would argue it is not.)

4. Canada hires … well watch it for yourselves. Its pretty damning and depressing at the same time.

5. Special school in Indonesia to ‘deradicalize’ children of muslim terrorists.

(I wonder if they modelled it after schools that deradicalize Buddhist or Christian or Jewish terrorist’s children.)


(Dr. Peterson says something in this clip in the exact context and manner that it really, really needed to be said. “There is more malevolence to it than that”. And this means the recognition of the tactical and strategic depth of the leftist, and perhaps even the Leftist-Islamic alliance, may be fully engaged in the process of analysis. This is cause for celebration.)

7. The newest fashion trend in Germany?

8. More on the reveal on the state of US institutions of state

Thank you Richard, Miss Piggy, M., Xanthippa, Perfect Child, NorseRadish, Johnny U., Wrath ofKhan, and a very large number of people helping us all inform each other of the absurd degree of corruption, deception and collapse of civilization taking place today across the West.


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  1. 1.

    45 year old Feminist
    Swedening Afgan
    Taharrushing (no means yes)
    Her daughter to Islam

    45 year old Socialist
    (Vagina believes luck)
    14 years, royal twist
    Reports it to the Cuck

    45 year Communist
    International span
    Cannot rape, nonconsequentialist
    For the Muslim Man

  2. 1 – This isn’t that surprising in the 1980s when the sanctuary movement started people were taking illegals into their homes and hiding them. I remember reading about one family that refused to report the rape of both of their children by the illegal (one male on female) and instead passed him off to other families one of whom at the same sad experience but this one called the cops.

  3. 6- For Dr. Peterson:

    I marched alone
    To the throne
    Forgotten and for gone
    An army just of one, I was
    Looking for the sun.
    I guess God invented mountains
    For foolish clowns like me
    And I was made for mountains
    And all the folly that is He
    And then as certain as comes day
    I marched into the sun
    Blinding all who witnessed
    My army of just one.

  4. When you have a knife or two at your throat, and a demand to remove the pants without triggering the alarm, I am betting rape is preferable to death. Just more feel good stupidity by the global socialists who are destroying Western Europe.

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